How to deal with aggression?

Conflicts with others, a huge number of problems, negative news, rising prices, frustrated plans. All this pisses us off and causes just anger. We have the right to be angry, but it is not always good for us. Emotions are a bad counselor. Coolness will allow us to make better use of the situation and take everything from life. How to fight aggression, passion and anger in order to be a winner in life? Sober calculation and coolness are great things. But how difficult it is to remain calm in those moments when anger, irritation and aggression boil within us. I want to scream, say everything, start a fight, break the phone or even engage in a fight. But all this is the worst option available. Aggression within us does not allow us to calm down and make an informed decision. Staying calm is much easier to find the best way out of the situation. In disputes and conflicts, the one who managed to remain indifferent and calm always wins. In difficult situations, anger leads to reckless actions, which only worsens the situation.

Why does aggression appear? Often the cause of aggression is not so much external factors as internal ones. This is when even the smallest thing pisses off. When the most trifling trouble irritates to the impossible. When a petty verbal altercation stirs up to the very peak of aggression. It is not the world around, but the inner instability. In this case, you should fight not against external enemies, but against internal ones. Find the causes of problems and dissatisfaction. Why does aggression manifest itself? Tiredness, physical and emotional exhaustion Private life problems Undervalued self-esteem Uncertainty about the future Family conflicts Unstable financial situation Nervous disorders Lack of intimacy Health problems Domestic troubles Alcohol consumption and other harmful habits Constant anxiety Unable to implement plans How to fight aggression and reduce its level?

It is important to fight the causes, not the results. More rest, see a doctor, arrange a personal life, solve cases, get rid of bad habits, establish relationships with others. This strategy will eliminate annoying and frustrating factors from our lives. This will reduce the level of aggression, irritability and anger, as well as increase satisfaction with life. Will you be happier in this case? Of course. How to fight attacks of aggression? Go to a psychotherapist who will help you to find the causes of anger, as well as determine the methods of problem solving. Anger can be a symptom of some psychological illness, which requires immediate professional intervention. Determine what makes you angry and angry. And then get rid of the irritants and negative factors that turn you on. Why are you angry? It can be related to childhood problems and other turmoil.

How to fight against aggression? Exercises Aggression is not always internal, but often external. When someone comes out at work, pushes in a store or something extremely unpleasant happens in life. At this point you start to get angry, which can cause an outbreak of fierceness and irritation. It’s hard to control everything bad that happens in life. You can get excited, yell, fight or get angry. But it not only looks bad, but also very unpromising. In most cases, anger is not the best way out and is not the best option. Sometimes it is smarter to keep silent, to say something sensible, to draw conclusions or to take advantage of the situation differently. Coolness and stamina help in a situation where you need to act with a cold head, not with boiling emotions.

How to fight an attack of uncontrolled aggression?

1. Calming exercise “Count to ten” Most often it is recommended to use breathing exercises right at the place of conflict. Instead of anger and negative words, breathe deep into the air. Then slowly count to 10 and breathe out slowly. A slow breath and a calm exhalation will calm you down. Say it 5-10 times, depending on the strength of irritation. This will help to overcome the aggression.

2. Exercise to reduce the irritability “Meditation” Sometimes it is possible to be alone and calm down. Stay alone. It is possible to stand, sit, or even lie down. Straighten your back evenly and relax. Close your eyes and think about the good things. Breathe calmly and evenly. Spend some time in such solitude until you calm down and come to your senses.

3. Purification of the mind” exercise to clear up negative thoughts Take a comfortable position in a comfortable place. Apply one palm to the forehead and the other to the back of the head. This will increase blood flow and relieve tension. At the same time, breathe more calmly and deeply. The exercise will quickly clear of negative thoughts and calm down.

4. Stress relief exercise “Calm Breathing” Take a slow breath for 5 seconds and then hold your breath for 5 seconds. After that, take a long and deep breath. Wait 5 seconds and fill your lungs again with oxygen. Perform 10 cycles of breathing exercise. The exercise will help to overcome aggression and relieve accumulated stress.

5. Exercise “Change of nostrils” Remain in a comfortable position. Clamp the left nostril with your hand and breathe through the right nostril. Then breathe out the air through the left nostril, clutching the right nostril. Do it slowly. Then clamp the right nostril with your hand and breathe through the left nostril. Then breathe out the air through the right nostril, clutching the left nostril. Repeat by changing the nostrils several times. 5-10 approaches will remove the irritation and take away the anger. 6. Exercise “Warm up” Hurry up and twist your neck in different directions, stretching it. Lift shoulders up to the neck and then let go down. Say it again several times. Do a couple of swings forward and backward with your hands. Do a couple more exercises from the warm-up to your liking. A physical warm-up will get rid of some negative and remove the anger. How else to fight against aggression? Beat the pear, if you have one, or maybe an ordinary pillow. Go to the “Anger Room”, where it is allowed to crash, break and beat everything. Break an old plate. Scream into the pillow or into the void. Scream alone, expressing all the negativity. Write an angry letter, and then tear it to shreds. Cry. Say the word out to the person you love. Translate your negative energy into some productive action. You can do something else to distract you and reduce your emotions. Do your work, do the cleaning, start the postponed tasks, arrange a sports training, get out for a run, try yoga.

How to fight against internal aggression cardinally? Why are some people angry about anything, while others remain cold-blooded in any situation? It’s all about the character and upbringing of their stamina. It is necessary to change the way of life in order to slightly change your character and attitude to what is happening.

1. The sporting way of life helps to fight the attacks of anger. Go to the gym 3 times a week or train at home. If you are already working out, increase the load. This will allow you to lose negative energy for the benefit of yourself. Some help martial arts, crossfit, running, swimming, volleyball and other sports. Choose what you like and taste.

2. Full-value rest How to be more calm and happy? Find time for a full sleep and the necessary rest. Eat in a balanced way and switch to healthier food. A person who has slept and rested is difficult to give in to provocation. You will be calm even in the most difficult situation.

3. Raise your self-esteem Take care of your self-esteem. Often we feel anger in those moments when we are extremely insecure and do not love ourselves much. How do we fight aggression? Restore your self-esteem so that you do not get hurt. Love yourself. Respect yourself. When you feel strong and complete, you do not pay any attention to the exertions of others. Gossip, envy, criticism, anger? You do not care about it. You are an adult and established person who sees no point in wasting your energy on empty things.

4. Positive outlook on life Start changing your outlook on life. Where does aggression come from? From a depressing and pessimistic view of life. We take life too seriously. We too often wait for the negative.

Try to treat life a little differently. Smile widely, relax calmly, laugh carefree, have fun with your soul and rest. Cheerful and cheerful attitude always helps. Believe in a bright future and success. Believe in the best, then any trouble will cause not aggression and depression, but a smile. With a smile and optimistic attitude to life, things will always go better. How to fight against aggression and why is it important? Coolness, endurance and optimism are the qualities of successful and happy people. Do you want to be like this? Show coolness and calmness.