How to deal with conflicting personalities?

Surely you have met people who are always trying to find out about the relationship, to pick on something or just to provoke conflict. And no matter how hard you try to establish a relationship, to find an approach to this person, all the same you find yourself in conflict situations. And of course, it’s not about the situation itself, but about the person. In psychology, there is a concept of “conflict personality” – these are people who purposely initiate quarrels, get involved in other people’s conflicts. They come up with different strategies and psychologically put pressure on the opponent. But despite this, the conflicters always act according to the same scheme. In conflicts, such a person will act in the following ways:

Intimidate and threaten,

provoke emotion,

suppress and insult,

to press on the weaknesses of the opponent,

create tension and exaggerate their own merits.

Conflict personalities will never give in, compromise or negotiate. Their goal is to win first, to subdue their opponent. Conflicted people will use every opportunity to do this, from psychological pressure, predicting actions to belittlement of a person’s dignity. These are people with inflated self-esteem, egoists who see their behavior as a demonstration of strength and leadership.

Classification of conflict personality types:

Demonstrative type. This is a personality who likes to be in the center of attention, perceives only respectful treatment, is not rational in many actions. Is always the initiator of quarrels, but feels guilty about himself.

Rigid Type. Hot-tempered and resentful people, do not like criticism, are suspicious of everything. Always fight for the truth, do not know how to adapt and think flexibly.

Uncontrollable type. Impulsive and abrupt person who often acts unpredictably. Does not perceive their failures and blunders, blames everyone except him/herself.

The hyper-precise type. Meticulous and pedantic person, partly a perfectionist. Demanding in work and in life. Often, because of this is irritated, does not know how to control his emotions.

Conflict personalities live by quarrels and settling of disputes, they do not know other ways to achieve success. It is important for them to fight with someone all the time. If they are the first to reconcile, it is most likely a strategic move.

How do you build relationships with conflicted people?

Ignore any tricks and provocations, keep your distance from the person.

Put the conflicted person in difficult conditions, so that the achievement of victory through arguments seemed to him unbearable.

If conflict does arise, move the dispute to two opponents.

Show the conflicted person that no one is belittling his dignity. Calmly explain to him the subject of the argument.