How to determine the percentage of fat in the body?

Many people do not know how to determine the percentage of fat in the body and what are the norms of the percentage of fat in the body. Our country ranks 4th in the ranking of the “fattest” countries. According to the National Center for Healthy Nutrition Research, 54% of men in Russia have problems with excess weight, and 15% are obese. Among women, the situation is even sadder – 59% and 28.5%, respectively. And every year the number of obese people in Russia is increasing.

Overweight has a bad effect on health and leads to rapid fatigue. It causes heart disease – hypertension and hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. Being overweight quickly leads to diabetes, liver damage, spinal curvature, and joint problems.

To avoid these diseases, you need to fight obesity. This article will tell you how to calculate your body mass index and how to determine your body fat percentage.

How do I calculate my body mass index?

What percentage of body fat should I have?

How do I measure my body fat percentage?

Measuring your body fat percentage with an online calculator

Measuring your body fat percentage using the Lyle MacDonald formula

Measuring your body fat percentage by waist to hip ratio

Waist and Hip Ratio

Measuring your body fat percentage on a specialized scale

Reducing your body fat percentage to zero is not possible – it is fraught with serious problems. Excessive thinness is dangerous: it leads to skin problems, heart problems, prolapse of the kidneys and infertility in women. Hurry up to gain weight if your fat percentage is very low, and don’t forget that normal fat is useful and necessary for the body to function properly:

Fat contains stores of energy

fat maintains body temperature.

Protects your internal organs from shocks and injuries.

As we age, the amount of fat increases and the amount of muscle decreases. Therefore, everyone needs to know how to count their fat percentage and control their weight. By losing fat correctly (losing mostly fat), you can avoid many problems: weakness, shortness of breath, fatigue, lowered immunity, hair loss, anemia, etc.

How do you calculate your BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of obesity. Body mass index is the ratio of a person’s height to his weight.

To calculate your BMI:

Measure your height and convert it to meters.

Square that number. Suppose your height is 180 centimeters or 1.8 meters, which squared is 1.8*1.8 = 3.24.

Divide your weight by this result. For example, if you weigh 90 kg, your height equals 180 cm. Accordingly BMI = 90: (1.8 × 1.8) = 27.7.

The resulting number is your BMI.

There are six groups according to BMI:

low weight – up to 18

normal weight – from 18 to 25

Overweight (obese) – 25 to 30

1st degree obesity – from 30 to 35

2nd degree obesity – 35 to 40

For third-degree obesity 40 or more

What percentage of body fat should be in my body?

Body fat percentage is determined by weight, height and age, and also depends on gender. In turn, the type of physique depends largely on the hereditary predisposition to fullness, suffered or chronic diseases, the rate of metabolism. As we age, the percentage of fat in the body increases. The fat content in women is slightly higher than in men. This is due to the production of the hormone estrogen, which affects the metabolism of fat.

The table shows the ideal fat content. Each person is different, so your numbers are likely to be different from those shown below.

Age under 30 30 – 50 50 and over

Women 13 – 18% 15 – 23% 16 – 25%

Men 6 – 14% 11 – 17% 12 – 19%

Nutritionists believe that the normal percentage of fat is up to 31% in women and 25% in men. If your fat index is much higher, consider diet and the gym. Even with a predisposition to fullness, you can lose weight if you change your habits: give up alcohol and smoking, even intermittent smoking, watch your diet, and exercise. The sooner you pay attention to your health, the better quality of life you will provide for yourself.

How do I measure the percentage of fat in my body?

There are different methods of measuring body fat, from guesswork to electroimpedance testing. Choose the appropriate method:

Measuring your body fat percentage with an online calculator

There are many calculators online for calculating body fat percentage. We recommend this fat percentage calculator. It has an outdated design, but it is one of the most accurate online calculators. In the top left corner of the calculator itself, on the right detailed instructions.

Enter your information (height, weight, lifestyle) in the appropriate boxes and click “Calculate!” The resulting value will approximate your body fat content. The online calculator takes average values from existing databases, so this method has a margin of error.

Measuring the percentage of fat using the Lyle MacDonald formula

To measure body fat, you need to calculate your body mass index using the formula: Weight/Height2 , where weight is body weight in kg and height is height in meters.

For example: weight – 85 kg, height – 180 cm. According to the formula, the body mass index is 85/1.8*1.8 = 26.2. Now compare your data with these figures:

at BMI = 13-20 there’s 13.5-24% body fat

at BMI = 21-30 about 25.5-39% fat

At BMI = 31-40 about 40.5-54% body fat.

As you can see, this method requires additional calculations and is not very accurate.

Measuring Body Fat Percentage by Waist to Hip Ratio

A simple and quick method. Take a tape measure and use it to measure your waist circumference and hip circumference. Divide the waist circumference by the hip circumference – the result should not exceed 0.8.

For example, the waist circumference is 60 cm, the hip circumference is 90 cm. Next: 60/90 = 0,67. This value is less than 0.8, so everything is fine. If your result is greater than 0.8, adjust your diet.

Measuring the percentage of fat by calipometry

Calipometry is a method of measuring the skin fold on the abdomen. The measurement is made with a special device – a caliper, but you can also use a caliper or an ordinary ruler.

It is a simple and accurate method, the error of measurement is only 3-4%. Stand up straight, take the caliper (or ruler) in your right hand. Pinch the skin and fat with the fingers of your left hand under your right nipple at the level of your navel. Measure the thickness of the resulting crease and compare the data with the tables below:

Measuring your body fat percentage on a special scale

Many modern models of scales determine the percentage of fat in the body. The scales provide weak electrical impulses and measure the transit time of the electrical signal. Basically, a fat percentage scale measures the electrical conductivity of our tissues: muscle conducts the current perfectly, but fat is characterized by low electrical conductivity. The electrodes are mounted right in the scale. By standing barefoot on the scale, you can find out your body mass index and fat percentage.

Also to calculate the percentage of fat in the body will help a special device, which works on the same principle, but through the hands. The device is taken in the hands stretched in front of you, an electrical impulse is passed through them, and the device counts the time of the signal passing through the tissues.

Caution: Electroimpedance scales and devices are contraindicated for pregnant women and people with a pacemaker. Always consult your doctor before using such scales!