How to develop a sense of humor

To recognize the comic in the world around you, to react with fun to the jokes of others, to look to the future with optimism and with a smile to cope with all failures – all this you can do if you understand how to develop a sense of humor. We suggest you learn everything about the development of a sense of humor and wit: try to do simple exercises from this article, pass an interesting test, read books from the proposed list (Yes, and Yu.G. Tamberg too), watch funny videos and soon you will be able to write your first joke.

What is a sense of humor and can you develop it?

A sense of humor is a person’s ability to see things funny in stories, environments or situations. It allows you to quickly find common ground with other people, helps reduce arguments and has a positive effect on health.

Many people ask, “What is humour?”. I would say that it is an intellectual ability that allows you to find contradictions in the world around you, to notice the humorous aspects, to use the triggers of laughter. That is why a sense of humour is not something that is given or not given from birth and can be developed through simple but regular activities and exercises.

How to develop a sense of humor in yourself

You sit in front of a TV or computer screen and watch KVN, SearchlightPerisHilton, Laugh League or some other show. Have you ever laughed all the way down to your stomach and couldn’t stop? At times like this, you must have been asking yourself questions: “How can they make funny things up as they go along?”, “Oh, I couldn’t help learning to make funny jokes like that”, “Can you develop a sense of humour in yourself?”

I’m sure you definitely have acquaintances who are always fun, because they always tell jokes or some funny cases from life. None of them graduated from acting school, so you think: “You can only become a humorist from birth” or “What a simple joke, and everyone laughs to tears.

Maybe in your head a few times already appeared some joke, but you were afraid to just say it? At that time, someone else was making the joke you wanted. Yes, you didn’t dare to make a joke like Urgant or Paul Will, so you have to get rid of your fears, love yourself and just learn to joke in any situation.

Now, let’s look at the reasons why there’s no sense of humor:

You never intended to develop a sense of humor and wit. You wouldn’t be a good marketer, businessman, teacher or doctor if you hadn’t studied. That’s the way it is with humor. You want to learn how to joke? Exercise, exercise, exercise.

You’re a very smart man. Research has been done to determine that people with developed creative thinking are better jokers. Why is that? Because a joke is an unexpected combination of words, not a strict algorithm. But even a very smart person can develop a good sense of humor, the main thing – to train.

You’re sick. British psychologists have concluded that the loss of a sense of humour may be a signal of Alzheimer’s disease. Just do not rush to go to the doctor, try to pump your sense of humor first.

I would like to note another important truth: a person with a good sense of humor should not be funny or funny. The goal is to learn to see the positive in any situation, to reduce stress from the crazy pace of modern life and develop your own charisma.

Development of a sense of humor: what is the mysterious power that makes people laugh?

The answer to this question will help you understand how to develop a good sense of humor. It’s simple: people laugh in amazement. This reaction is predicted in advance by a good humorist, as he creates in his jokes first effect of waiting, and then gives something that did not expect to hear the audience.

Now you know about the mysterious power that makes people laugh until they cry. This force mentally leads the audience in one direction (magicians have a similar technique and it is called Misdirection), and then there is a surprise or a panchline (this stage in magicians is called disclosure).

The attentive listener has already imagined a certain picture in his imagination, but as a result he will learn about something he did not even imagine. Surprise or surprise makes you laugh.

You think magicians are talented from birth? No, they plan their trick in advance. They’re also a humorist. He doesn’t have the gift of a sense of humor from birth, he prepares his joke carefully. Both the magician and the humorist create in people’s imagination a certain plot that has a beginning, culmination and end.

Since you and I will only learn how to develop a sense of humor, we will use photos and examples to visualize certain paintings to make you understand how it works.

Here’s an example: Imagine a blind man walking with a guide dog.

Everyone imagines a normal blind person and a normal guide dog they’ve already seen on the street. Everything is going well.

A man walks into a bar and orders: “Rum and Coke, please, and a beer for my guide dog.” Everyone draws the same scene in their mind.

Then the bartender says, “Are you saying this poodle is your guide dog?” Surprise, huh? The audience will be laughing at that phrase, but there’s still a panchline waiting for them. That’s what magicians call a revelation. The blind man in perplexity says, “They gave me a poodle?”

Laughing? Although I warned you that this was going to be a real panchline– you still laughed or at least smiled. The thing is, you just weren’t expecting that kind of panchline. It was a surprise for you, as well as for others. I want you to learn this lesson in the development of a sense of humor: surprise – is what makes anyone laugh to tears, even with the most simple jokes.

The factor of surprise is necessary when writing any joke, and its invention will help you understand how to develop a sense of humor. Now a small task for you: every time you laugh with something, even if it’s nothing. Ask yourself, “What made me laugh?” The answer will always be the same: “I didn’t expect him to respond like that” or “I didn’t expect such a development of history”.

So how do you come up with jokes for a girl, KVN or friends with unexpected development? You need to know for sure that the listeners are listening attentively to you and they have encountered similar situations in life. It is also important to make sure that the listeners understand all the phrases used. If you use complex and unfamiliar terms, you will destroy the effect of surprise and will not be able to make the audience laugh.

Let’s summarize:

How do you develop a sense of humor? Try to write your own jokes, let you not like them first.

How do you write a funny joke? Understand the mechanism that makes you laugh and turn on the surprise effect.

Now you understand that all humorists make jokes prepared and rehearsed in advance. I want to assure you that you can joke like this too, if you know some methods of misdirexen and panchline-effect of surprise.

You can read useful information in the article: Important condition for a successful joke: misdirection and brevity.

Of course, to develop a sense of humor in yourself without the help of a teacher is very difficult and long. I understand this very well, so I spend every month free webinars and help write jokes, invent unexpected punchlines, and just get rid of moping with laughter and analysis of jokes known comedians.

How to develop a sense of humor. Exercises

To have a good sense of humor and learn to joke, it is enough to do simple exercises every day.

Exercise 1.

Look at the photo, choose any letter from the alphabet and make a long sentence from words beginning with the selected letter. Try to use at least 10 words, including prepositions/unions for the same letter.

Now read the sentence. Try reading with different intonation or at different pace. Remember to smile as you develop a sense of humor and learn to look at familiar things from a new angle.

Exercise 2.

Use acting skills. No, you do not need to be a real actor, just use gestures, facial expressions and intonation when you tell funny stories or get into ridiculous situations.

For example, in the subway or trolleybus you step on your foot. Usually you’d say, “You stepped on my leg.” A man, of course, would apologize and clean his leg. But! That same situation could have been comically beaten. You should say, “You’re standing on my leg, let’s switch places.” After you switch places, you step on a man’s leg and smile. Such a joke will relieve the tense situation in a crowded public transport and show that you have a good sense of humor.

Exercise 3.

Come up with a new use of an ordinary object. This exercise helps to develop not only a sense of humor, but also the imagination.

So, let’s take the usual hammer.

Do you have any idea how it can be used other than for nailing? I’ll help you out a little bit and give you some examples:

A blonde girl takes a hammer like a phone receiver.

The gardener digs a hole for planting potatoes.

The musician uses it as a musical instrument.

The hammer can also be used, as a surprise to the rod, as a decoration on the neck, as a ruler or a toothpick (if the handle is a little more resistant).

Try to sit down and think of 15 options for each item. Let the first ones be not very funny, by the 10th you will have “boiling” brains, but the last ones will definitely be funny. Make a list of simple items and come up with new ways to use them.

Exercise 4.

Let’s try to generate jokes and develop a sense of humor and wit by using irony. Download funny pictures to your computer, such as a cat in a slipper or with a toothbrush. Try to find at least 15 photos with something out of the ordinary. After that, start signing for them. Try to take 2 or more to choose the funniest one afterwards.

Here’s a picture of a cat with a toothbrush for example.

What comes to mind? “Fresh breath makes it easier to understand…” or “Let him chew his Orbit without sugar.” Maybe you came up with something more genius.

Remember: everyone learns to joke in any situation, just some people do it better, and some people do it worse. The main thing to remember is that a sense of humor, if you develop it, gives everyone many advantages:

Helps to find a common language with people, get a job, make deals.

Allows you to develop memory (you have to remember comedy jokes and jokes).

Relieves stress and tension (yes, a sense of humor helps to get rid of depression).

If you do the exercises at least for a month, you can consolidate your skills and see that your sense of humor has improved significantly. Of course it is better to do the exercises with the teacher, so I invite you to the online course “Develop a sense of humor from scratch.

What kind of books to read to develop your sense of humor

Many jokes are based on the game of words, so the more vocabulary you have, the easier it is to come up with funny. I recommend that you read as much as possible! No, not jokes and publicity in social networks, but books. If you don’t like reading, then an audiobook will be your assistant.

I offer you a list of literature that traces subtle humor:

“12 chairs.” Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov;

“Three in a boat, not counting the dogs.” Jerome Cap Jerome;

“The Golden Calf.” Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov;

“Miracles in the sieve.” Arkady Averchenko;

“Suitcase” by Sergei Dovlatov;

“Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” N.V. Gogol;

“Dog Heart”, “Fatal Eggs” N.V. Bulgakov.

These are just some of the works of great writers who had a unique sense of humor and wit. When reading books or listening to audio books, pay attention to the images, charisma of heroes, building sentences, humor and satire. To supplement your vocabulary, you can also read Donald Trump’s book The Art of Making Deals. I hope you have understood that reading helps to improve memory, develop imagination, wit, develop a sense of humour and replenish vocabulary.

Yuri Tamberg: How to develop a sense of humor

Separately, I want to talk about Yuri Tamberg’s book “How to develop a sense of humor.” In it you will find useful tips about what to laugh at and when not to. The author gave many examples of jokes, tests, anecdotes that will help you pump up your sense of humor, look at the world with a positive attitude and cheer up.

Who is Y. Tamberg and why many people want to buy his audiobooks or read online? Yuri Tamberg is a member of the TRIZ team. Many people know him as the author of methodological manuals and books. At the moment he conducts TRIZ school in Novgorod with specialization: pedagogy, TRIZ for engineers, business and management. In addition to the book “How to develop a sense of humor”, Tamberg wrote books:

“Development of Child’s Intellect”;

“Intellectual games in an intelligent company”;

“Development of creative thinking in a child”.

If you liked the book by Y. Tamberg “How to develop a sense of humor,” then read the other books of this author. Remember that reading any literature adds to your vocabulary, which means that you will be much easier to write funny jokes.

Humor test.

Some laugh from a funny joke, some laugh while watching a comedy or KVN, and some laugh for no reason. Do you have a sense of humor or it’s absent and needs to be developed? Take a simple test and find out!

Answer the following questions and calculate the points:

Do you hold back laughter?

Yes – 0

No – 3.

Do you get irritated when you stand in line?

Yes -0.

No -3.

Do you find common ground with the children?

Yes -3.

No -0.

Do you often have moping/depression?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Do you like to fantasize and can you imagine yourself in a situation that you have not been in?

Yes – 3 points.

No – 0 points.

Does your mood depend on what you see?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Do you get annoyed a lot?

Yes – 0.

No -3.

Do you like the nice words about you?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Will you tell a friend that he has “flat” jokes?

Yes, 0.

No – 3.

Are you trying to attract attention in a new company?

Yes – 3.

No -0.

You like risk?

Yes – 3.

No – 0.

Can you answer the sarcasm?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Are you a company man?

Yes – 3.

No – 0.

Do you condemn psychics?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Do you like to shout?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Do you experience any excitement when watching a football match?

Yes – 3.

No – 0.

Do you like to tell jokes?

Yes – 3.

No – 0.

Will you make a comment to the girl/boy about her appearance?

Yes, 0.

No – 3.

The goal justifies the means?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Would you be upset if they told you that you have no sense of humor?

Yes – 0.

No – 3.

Now count your glasses and see if you have a good sense of humor or if it is worth improving.


0 to 15 points. A smile on your face is rare, but it’s fixable. Yes, you’re too serious and rarely laugh for nothing. But if you do exercises, read books and come to my webinars, you will quickly develop a sense of humor in yourself.

18 to 27 points. A sense of humor is not a hallmark of your character, but at the same time, you can make funny jokes in some situations. Do not take everything that happens in the world too seriously, then many problems will leave you forever.

30 to 48 points. Your motto in life is to give people joy, enthusiasm and positive emotions. You can easily feel the edge when humor is appropriate and when it is not. Even during serious difficulties you look at the world with optimism, and it helps you a lot in life. Of course, do not stop practicing to improve your sense of humor.

51 to 60 points. You have a 100% sense of humor, but sometimes it can play a bad joke on you. You can’t always be understood by your friends and acquaintances, because there’s time to joke, and there’s time to be serious. Do you want to learn how to manage your emotions? Sign up for webinars from our ComedySchool humor school.

Did you enjoy the test? Feel free to share your results in comments. Remember that a good sense of humor can be developed, and I am ready to help you in this!

Advice to parents: how to develop a sense of humor in a child

Dear parents, today you just need to develop a sense of humor in children from an early age. Statistics show that in the 21st century, the rate of growth of depression in children has increased to 21% per year, and already about 4% of children in preschool age use antidepressants. Don’t you want your child to be diagnosed with “clinical depression”? Teach him or her to look at the world positively, to accept many things as a joke and smile more often.

What will help develop a sense of humor in children?

Create a relaxed atmosphere in the family, sometimes joking at each other.

Read humorous stories to your child if they can’t read themselves yet.

Laugh if the child made a joke or said something inappropriate.

Protect children from evil humor and obscene jokes.

Teach the child to laugh at his shortcomings and mistakes.

Give it to an online school of humour.

Remember that a person with a good sense of humor is more successful in life, so your task is to teach your child an amazing ability to joke and wit.

Why is it important to develop a man’s sense of humor

A man without a sense of humor is not a man. Are you offended? If so, you have no sense of humor. I recommend that boys and men develop a good sense of humor, as it depends:

your attractiveness;

your success in life;

your mood;

your position in society;

your social circle.

Funny videos, shows and movies will help you develop your humorous abilities. Yes, watch KVN, SearchlightPerisHilton, Laugh Comedy, don’t forget about my Youtube Comedy School channel and free webinars. Don’t forget to explore your sense of humor: what’s fun, what was funny, what situations lift your spirits. This way you will understand the nature of humor and learn how to write your jokes from scratch.

How to develop a girl’s good sense of humor

How would you characterize yourself: am I fun and cheerful or am I sad and depressed? Of course, you want to classify yourself as the first type of girl, so you have to learn how to develop a sense of humor. This is a unique ability that helps to easily endure resentment, get rid of the complex, shyness and fear of being in the spotlight.

I suggest 5 simple steps to help you understand what a sense of humor is and whether you have it in just a week or a month:

Step 1. Keep a mood calendar. If you notice that there are more grey days than colored days, start watching funny videos about people and animals or humorous shows.

Step 2: Learn to laugh at your shortcomings. Record your faults (see and wear glasses badly, overweight, have crooked teeth, etc.). Now think about how you can laugh at these flaws.

Step 3. Laugh more. A person with a good sense of humor is not a comedian who makes people laugh all the time. Your goal is to learn to laugh from life situations and look at everything from a positive perspective.

Step 4. Learn a few jokes by heart. For example: I sleep like a dead person. I’ve even been chalked out a few times.

Step 5. Read books, listen to audio books for free. It was noticed that educated people have a better sense of humor, so it is important for you to replenish your vocabulary and develop memory.

Of course, I am willing to help girls and women develop their sense of humor through practical exercises. Sign up for a free webinar and stay up to date with the latest news from Comedy School.

Quotes on sense of humor

Want to develop speech and learn to speak beautifully and with humor? Then be inspired by famous people’s quotes about sense of humor:

“Humor is her way of conquering pain. I’ve met people like that before. Usually some emotional trauma is buried in their past, which they disguise with humor or sarcasm. It helps to distract them.” Charles Martin.

“Imagination is given to man to comfort him in what he does not have, and sense of humor to comfort him in what he has.” О. Sync by honeybunny

“…there are things in life that only I laugh at.” Françoise Sagan.

“Self-irony and humor are very important to relieve aggression. A person without a sense of humor is dangerous to others”. S. Yenikolopov.

“Women have become too witty. Nothing prevents love as much as a woman’s sense of humor and a man’s lack of it”. О. Wilde

“If you want to make a man laugh at your jokes, tell him he has a sense of humor.” Herbert Proknow.

I want to assure you that once you can develop a sense of humor, you can become a more successful and positive person. In the theme of humor, as in others, there are two sides: theory and practice. It is impossible to learn to write jokes without knowing the theory of what they consist of.