How to dress a guy: 10 general tips

About how to dress a guy – we offer 10 tips from famous designers.

How do you dress a guy to look fashionable, attractive and at the same time – not funny?

The many tips that you will find in this article will help you in this matter.

Men usually have a complicated relationship with clothes.

Some people don’t worry at all about how things, colors and textures from their wardrobe fit together.

Thank you also for taking care of the cleanliness of your clothes.

Some go to extremes and experiment so boldly that they start to look ridiculous.

Some buy standard sweaters, jeans, T-shirts and shirts, looking depressing.

Well, how do you dress a guy to avoid the basic mistakes, to attract with your appearance admired looks, not mockery?

It’s very simple!

Guys in general are lucky – they do not have to follow fashion trends to dress in style, buy an abundance of things and spend a lot of money on accessories.

All they have to do is define their size, figure out what suits them and what doesn’t, learn to combine things and show a little fantasy.

Well, why don’t everyone dress up like this guy?

You have to admit, you don’t meet a really stylishly dressed guy very often.

Male representatives prefer to dress either in business suits (by the way, often disgusting sitting on them), or in jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, or worse – in creepy sweaters and pens, thanks again that the pens are not tucked into socks.

There are, however, still guys from informal movements, but those, to me, often overdo it with a desire to stand out from the crowd and begin to dress just ridiculous.

Of course, there are some very nice exceptions, like that guy I met a few years ago in the Kiev subway.

He was dressed so stylishly that I remember his image to this day.

It would seem a simple shirt, slightly narrowed pants and loafers, over his shoulder – a leather tablet bag.


he combined three colors in his clothes – brown, mustard and marsh green;

his bag and belt were the same colour and seemed terribly expensive;

the shirt was finely decorated – contrasting trimmings, wooden buttons, stylised shoulder straps.

I noticed I wasn’t the only one looking at this guy; many girls in the subway noticed his appearance.

I wanted to shout out to the other strong men in the same car: “Take an example, this is how a guy should dress!”.

Ten general tips on how to dress a guy…

Let’s start with some general advice on how to dress a guy:

Wear clothes of your own size.

Do you doubt what size you are?

Ask the salesman at the store.

Keep your clothes clean and in good condition.

You can dress in expensive clothes, but if they are stained or smell sweat, what’s the point?

On a good figure fits perfectly any thing, so do not grow a huge belly and feed yourself to elephant size.

Choose the clothes according to your figure.

Low guys do not fit baggy clothes, but by choosing trousers in several shades darker shirt, you can visually increase your height.

Full guys categorically should not dress in a horizontal stripe.

Wear long socks under the pants, so that you can not see the hairy legs when you sit down.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t walk around in the same clothes every day and drag your clothes to the holes.

Do not chase fashion trends, choose things that are out of fashion.

Guys who bet on classics always manage to dress in style.

Combine rich and calm colors in your clothes, do not turn into a solid gray or black spot.

Dress a guy better in quality clothes – they wear longer and look expensive.

No matter what you are dressed in, the main thing – to look confident, then others will believe in the stylishness of your image.

Any guy should dress according to his style and taste.

Naturally, in order to do this, you need to define your own style and shape your taste.

Let’s say you’re a fan of the classics, and work in the office puts its mark on the style of clothing.

Then your wardrobe should have..:

a few suits that sit perfectly on you;

a pair of shirts for suits and a few that you can wear on your own with pants and a fancy tie or scarf;

a jumper with a V-neck;

classic dark jeans;

a few universal pants;

a pair of polo and tennis t-shirts;

If you don’t have a dress code at work and are a fan of free urban style, it doesn’t mean you can climb everywhere in a tracksuit or wear the same jeans.

Any guy can dress in a more stylish way – you have a choice:

jeans in dark and light tones;

pants with patch pockets;

cotton and linen shirts;

regular t-shirts (pay attention to the quality of the fabric) and polo shirts;

sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, bumpers and so on;

People who have chosen sport as their profession usually want to emphasize it with clothing.

Coaches are allowed to dress in sports suits.

But, again, do not limit yourself to them: in any sports store you will find a huge selection of different clothes.

Any guy should dress appropriately.

The ability to dress according to event, place, profession and age is something that not all guys remember.

I understand that it’s not just a spiteful attitude to their appearance, but also the reluctance to spend a lot of money on clothes – “I’m not a girl.

That’s why the guy can come to the celebrations all in the same annoying jeans and ridiculous color T-shirt, and on an important date to dress up as an office clerk, and look very ridiculous in a suit borrowed from his older brother.

To avoid such problems, form your wardrobe correctly.

In addition to the things you wear every day, based on your style, taste, profession, etc., you should definitely have a wardrobe:

A good sports suit – for trips to the countryside, for example.

A pair of t-shirts that go well with it and with jeans.

A pair of jeans (if you prefer to wear daily trousers) – expensive and fit perfectly on your figure.

Exit suit (jacket and pants), better dark (not necessarily black) monochrome color.

Jacket should not be on you big or small, pants – too long or short.

Shirt and tie to this suit.

A few more tips on how to dress stylishly for young guys in the video:

A guy who wants to dress in style should not forget about shoes and accessories.

Most guys who want to dress in style for some reason ignore the power of accessories, so they forget that:

the belt has to harmonize with the shoes;

a tie clip and cufflinks can show your refined taste;

the watch must match the overall style of your clothes and be expensive;

a cross is not an ornament, so you don’t have to hang it on a thick zeppelin and show it to everyone;

the shape of your glasses (both conventional and sunglasses) should suit you;

scarves and daisies aren’t just informal or guys of unconventional sexual orientation;

headgear can be worn not only in winter (“because your head is freezing”), but at any time of year, creating stylish images.

A guy who wants to dress well should pay a lot of attention to his shoes – she should:

Be in good condition: stuffed, without holes and punched heels.

Expensive enough to wear well and look presentable.

Combine with your clothes in color and style.

You can’t wear shoes with a tracksuit or sneakers with classic pants.

Vietnamese shoes are beach shoes.

Winter shoes should not be rough if you are a follower of the classics (yes, I understand that the shoes on a thick sole is warmer, but we tolerate inconvenience for the sake of beauty) or spicy on a thin sole if all your pants are sports style.

If you still do not fully understand how to dress a guy, check out men’s magazines and websites to understand what to do and how to combine, take a few ideas from your favorite stars, go to the stylist, after all.