How to dress to be successful

It is unclear why there are so many unkemptly dressed people at work?

After all, now there are a large number of democratic brands, office style guides, stylists and fashion magazines and it would be more logical to look better than in the Soviet era deficit…

There are several ways to look confident and presentable regardless of your profession:

  1. Take care of yourself. Every morning wash your face, brush your teeth and tidy your hair. Avoid wearing things that are stained, especially on days when you have important appointments.

Avoid nudity. Bare breasts, abdomen, and thighs are not appropriate in the office.

  1. Buy clothes that are appropriate for your age. You don’t want a 30-year-old girl to dress like a teenager or, worse yet, get into the image of a little girl.

Men’s business style

The most common and recognized clothing of businessmen is the suit. It is the businessman’s calling card. After all, neatness and neatness in clothing are often associated with organization in work, with the ability to value his and others’ time.

A discreet suit is considered a good tone in everyday communication. The most common colors are dark blue, dark gray. The suit should be comfortable. It is better to look unfashionable but good than fashionable and bad.

Cheap shoes are a false economy. Never neglect the basics: good shoes are the foundation of your closet.

A business suit is not worn without a tie. Choose not too bright ties without flashy patterns.

Have two handkerchiefs with you. One, the “working” one, is in your pants pocket. The other, always perfectly clean, is in the inside pocket of your jacket.