How to dress well for a man

You can deny it for a long time, but it’s silly to argue with the fact that men don’t dress well. You just have to look at men or guys on the street to confirm this fact. Even with many stores with democratic prices, men manage to look drab, dull and unattractive. How to dress well a man to take everything from life and girls?

Why do men dress differently but equally poorly on the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev or Nur-Sultan? Why do male representatives dress badly, regardless of the city? The fact is that men are less bothered by the fact of appearance, unlike women.

The content of the article

Men’s wardrobe problems

Invest money in accessories

Watch your clothes

Don’t avoid colors in your wardrobe

Upgrade your wardrobe and buy branded items

Spend money on shoes

Buy good underwear

Watch your appearance

Stick to the classics

Study yourself and break the rules

Men’s wardrobe problems

Usually men prefer to choose their clothes depending on comfort, wallet, place of work or subculture. Someone tries to look good and spends money on it, but continues to look bad or ridiculous. Others look just untidy, and third men do not care about their wardrobe at all when they all turn into a gray mass. Young guys are guided by the subculture to which they belong. Working people, or rather older men, are guided by corporate etiquette, or they choose something more familiar or comfortable. For some reason, men forgot that they were always greeted by their clothes, and the first impression cannot be left a second time. This will help you achieve more in your career, business, friendships and personal life. How can a man dress well and become more attractive?

Invest in accessories Often men ignore the fact that they are judged by their accessories, and cheap things spoil the whole impression. It is important to have accessories that are practical, classic and not cheap. It’s not even about the poncey, but the fact that expensive things have always been valued. Quality and expensive accessories are just necessary to complete a man’s image. Buy a watch, wallet, belt, bracelet or jewelry, but don’t skimp. These are durable items that will adorn you for years.

Watch your clothes

How can a man dress well? Men can buy nice clothes, but they don’t take good care of them, which makes them look worse. Unkempt clothes, bad ironing, untimely cleaning, infrequent washing, and dirty shoes. Take care of your closet to look good, because without this, even the best clothes will look lousy and untidy.

Don’t avoid colors in your closet

It is common for men to choose a clothing color close to gray or blue, and a light or other low-bright color top. Men are unreasonably afraid of brighter colors, as if there is something wrong with them. Don’t be afraid to add some bright hues to your closet. It can be one piece of clothing that will make it stand out from the gray crowd and have some sort of distinction. It can be a tie, a bowtie, a shirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors to find your new and favorite.

Update your closet and buy brand name items How up-to-date is your closet, or did your mom still buy you clothes? If a lot of your clothes are more than three to five years old, it’s worth considering. Don’t be afraid to go shopping for more current clothes that are on trend. Update your closet by throwing out everything you haven’t tried on in 100 years. Try to buy brand name items, focusing on quality, not quantity.

Spending money on shoes

Even in the movie “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears,” the importance of shoes and their cleanliness can be seen. The point of dressing well for a man is to wear something ridiculous on his feet? Quality shoes are the gold standard for men. Let it be sneakers or shoes, but good, quality and clean. Spend money on shoes so you don’t have one shoe for all occasions.

Buy good underwear

Style and fashion are not just about what others see. Good underwear is just as important, because you act the way you feel. It’s not even about brands as much as it is about comfort, quality and convenience. That’s why girls like to buy good underwear, which should be taken by men.

Take care of your appearance

If you want to look good, it is not enough to dress nicely, because there are no less important things. What about your hair, facial hair, grooming and body composition? Regular haircuts, shaving, and other delights of grooming have long been the norm for men. Do not forget about the gym, because a sporty body can adorn ordinary clothes, and even an expensive suit will not be able to hide the belly and flabby body.

Stick to the classics

Avoid bold styles if you’re not ready to wear them. Always bet on timeless classics that are unchanged over the years, but are no less good. Choose clothes that are versatile, quality and good.

Examine yourself and break the rules

You could list a thousand style rules for men, but that’s not the most important thing. How to dress well for a man, but not to have the opposite effect? Whatever you choose, it’s important to feel comfortable in it. A man’s confidence and beauty comes from within. Be a style icon to yourself. After all, whoever tries less to please others is more likely to like us. Know when to stick to the dress code and when to break it. Don’t get hung up on the rules, but act on your own. Enjoy the freedom to make mistakes but feel like yourself.