How to drink alcohol without harm to health: useful tips

Healthy and successful people who know the brands of wine and other alcoholic beverages do not want to deny themselves the pleasure of drinking a good glass of alcohol. However, today most people are constantly asking themselves the question: how and what kind of alcohol to drink so as not to harm their health? The answer is in this article!

The secret’s really simple. In order not to cause much harm to your body, you need to observe the culture of alcohol consumption. And to do so, you just have to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Do not drink on an empty stomach

If you want to stop by the bar in the morning without breakfast, even your favorite drink will not bring you any pleasure. The thing is, alcohol gets into an empty stomach and is immediately absorbed into your blood. And you’ll get drunk much faster and stronger. And the result is loss of control and a severe hangover in the morning. In addition, the alcohol contained in alcohol, entering the stomach, irritates the intestinal fibers that are responsible for the absorption of nutrients. And it can cause a gastrointestinal disorder, which will follow some time after drinking.

The best option before drinking any alcoholic drink is a calorie lunch or dinner that contains fats and proteins. It can be a fish and vegetables or an omelette with some sort of side dish. Also, when drinking, do not forget to have a good snack on a nourishing meal: meat, seafood salad or a wholemeal bread sandwich. And you won’t have any problems.

But then again, we remind you: know the measure!

  1. Drink slowly

It is worth drinking not only slowly, but also alternating drinks with ordinary clean water. Alcohol has diuretic properties. It quickly dehydrates the body. That is why the next morning there are unpleasant sensations and dry mouth. And the water, having entered the body together with alcohol, allows to get rid of such sensations. You also need to make sure that you have a mineral in the morning. However, drinking water can not protect your liver and get rid of intoxication. It’ll just ease the hangover syndrome. So the question of how much alcohol you drink is always relevant, even if you use this precautionary method.

  1. Be interested in the literature on the effects of alcoholism

Nowadays, the problem of alcoholism is very acute. And in this regard, there is a sufficient amount of popular literature published, which describes in an accessible form the consequences of excessive use of strong alcoholic beverages. There is also plenty of information about the strain on the human brain, heart and liver. This reading may encourage you to reconsider some of your views about alcohol consumption. However, no one wants to intimidate you or forbid you to drink. You are your own boss. You just have to be sensible about this important issue.

  1. Stick to certain rules

If you develop certain rules of alcohol consumption for yourself and stick to them clearly, it will help not to break in any situation. Give yourself a lesson never to drink alone. It is known that avid alcoholics do not need company. They are perfectly able to drink themselves, without friends and even without a reason (although finding a reason for them is not a problem). And, of course, try not to drink for 2-3 consecutive days or more.

Protracted drinking will not give you pleasure, but only take away your strength and health. In addition, it will hit your pocket very hard. Many experts do not call for a strict restriction of strong drinks. They admit that 100 milliliters will not cause much harm to the body. However, they do warn you to know the measure. And where that measure is, everyone must determine for himself.

  1. Renounce the unknown drinks

The consequences after any unknown cocktails can be quite deplorable and unexpected. And to avoid severe poisoning, try to avoid unfamiliar fluids. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try anything new. In order to just assess the taste and strength of the drink, you should not forget about the amount of drunk. And if the evening is going to be long, it’s better to drink the known, usual alcohol.

  1. Don’t mix it up

At the party, stop at one alcoholic beverage. Champagne with vodka, rum with wine, vodka with coke is not what you need to have fun. These cocktails are the real health killers. They all contain huge amounts of calories. It’s also a blow to the cardiovascular system, liver and stomach. To minimize the damage, try to give preference to quality red and white wines. They are rich in antioxidants, contain only 120 calories per glass, and have a pleasant taste and smell. All this is worth stopping at them, not cheap cocktails or calorie blends.

  1. Give preference to low alcohol drinks

When choosing alcohol, you should pay attention to the label. It contains the most important information – the amount of ethyl alcohol it contains. The amount of ethyl alcohol should be minimal. In this case your body will be less affected by alcohol intoxication. At any party, you can slowly pull up a low-alcohol drink. And no one will ask you why you don’t drink anything.

  1. Develop your taste

Expensive alcoholic drinks are worth their money for a reason. High-quality aged whisky or a famous brand wine is always much better than cheap vodka or packaged wine from powder. Luxury drinks are not so harmful to your body, and especially to your liver. Determine the taste, find it among good and expensive drinks. It’s better to drink less, but stop at the quality product. This way you not only stay healthy, but also get the most out of your drink.

  1. Be picky about your choice of alcohol

Try not to consume drinks that contain gluten. It is a complex protein that is part of most cereal crops. It is almost insoluble in water. And since these drinks contain a lot of calories, it can lead to excess weight. Gluten-containing drinks include beer, which is produced from barley and malt, and wheat vodka.

It is therefore better to have a glass of red wine at a festive party with friends. It helps to assimilate fatty calorie foods as much as possible. In addition, red wine is rich in antioxidants, which is good for the body. Well, if you’re a strong drinker, prefer a glass of whiskey with ice, rum, tequila or gin. They don’t contain gluten. And under no circumstances should you drink alcoholic coca-cola, it’s got a lot of sugar in it.

  1. Don’t forget the vitamins

Excessive and frequent use of alcohol can cause vitamin deficiencies such as B and C. In this case, experts strongly recommend that after a vigorous party to replenish their stock. You should include fresh vegetables, berries and citrus fruits in your menu.

  1. Do not look for a reason to drink

Drinking people usually try to find a reason to drink. We ourselves become slaves in a situation where the head is dominated by one thought: “You can’t help but drink, you have to drink. However, when it comes to health, one should always try to separate cause from desire. To meet friends, spend an evening in a warm environment, it is not necessary to drink alcohol. On the other hand, you do not need an excuse to open a bottle of good expensive wine with someone close to you.

  1. Call a taxi

Even with minimal alcohol consumption, do not drive. Remember that this simple rule will help to save life and health not only for you, but also for people around you. Even if the breathalyzer you have does not show anything critical, take the rule to drink alcohol without a car. Call a taxi or a sober driver and everything will be fine. Remember that even the slightest dose of alcohol can have tragic consequences.

If you stick to these simple tips, you will keep not only healthy, but also healthy mind and good mood.