How to drink less in the company?

When you tell people you’re not drinking, you challenge them. It’s much easier to pretend you’re drinking but not drinking. Or drink and drink a lot less than people around you. In the morning, few people will remember what’s going on except you. How much less to drink in company and at parties without anyone noticing? Life is such that the first part of it, we drink everything that burns. But as we get older, we start avoiding alcohol and intoxication. Being sober or almost sober in drunk company is pretty good.

There are methods and tricks of drunkards for big drunks. How to be more sober in a drunken company? How to drink less in the company? Why is it good not to drink in drunken company? Alcohol is bad for health and prevents you from being more productive in life. You won’t have a headache in the morning.

You won’t be ashamed of what happens when you’re drunk. It will be easier for you to get acquainted with girls when in front of drunken friends. You can control drunkenness and be a “sage” in the crowd of drunks. You’ll get to know other people much better by seeing them with your sober eyes. You can win a fight if it starts. How can you drink less in company? How not to drink in the drinking company?

Take activated charcoal or special pills before drinking to make alcohol take worse than you. That’s very helpful. Sit at the table next to those who drink less. Those who are humble and quiet. Who doesn’t like liquor? It’s less likely to get drunk than sitting down with some joker and a drunkard. Think of a reason why you don’t drink. It could be a car, and you should take everyone home later. If you can’t stop the chaos, lead it. Be on your own in the alcohol spill. That way you can pour more when you feel sorry for yourself. Be more cunning. Drink a little bit or half a drink. That way you’ll be a lot soberer than the people around you. Get yourself a girlfriend.

When you talk to her, people around you will get in less trouble and try to drink. Dance with a girl and hang out with her in the corner, but don’t drink. Pour yourself a gas-free mineral instead of vodka to trick others. Drink juice or a non-alcoholic cocktail. No one will know what you had if you play well. Take a good snack and eat more, but drink less. Go out more often to smoke, dance or do other things. Everybody will drink at the table, and you’ll stay out of sight.

Choke loudly with everyone to make it look like a drinker. But after that, put on a glass or die a little. Have intimate conversations with someone in the balcony or the kitchen. While everyone’s drinking, you can chat and avoid drinking. The loudest one screams, “Hold the thief!” The thief himself. Do the same on a drunk. Identify those who don’t drink by criticizing them. That way, you’ll discreetly stand aside. Play drunk.

Speak up, actively dance and have fun actively. Everyone will think that you’ve had enough, that you won’t try to get drunk. Go away in English. Never stay till the end of the party so you don’t get burned. Go out for five minutes for a smoke, a chat or a business, and then disappear with a pretty girlfriend. How can you drink less in company? How to drink less in company?

Improvise, use trickery and our advice.