How to drink whiskey

Soft or full-bodied, fruity or smoky, aged – whiskey will not leave anyone indifferent.

The multifaceted flavor of strong alcohol can be appreciated only with proper tasting. This drink requires a thoughtful attitude and does not tolerate rush.

For your information! The perfect time for a whiskey tasting is in the evening. Connoisseurs of whisky unanimously agree that it likes half a world, silence and an unhurried conversation.

Whiskey serving temperature

Whiskey should never be chilled before serving. This common mistake results in a loss of richness of flavor and aroma. The optimal serving temperature for a whiskey is 18-23 °С. It is also not a good idea to keep whiskey in a fridge.

Process of whiskey tasting

It is common to slowly sip and savor whiskey. It is drunk in small sips, keeping it in your mouth for a few seconds to enhance the aftertaste.

You should know! Alcohol should never be poured to the brim. The optimal level is a third of the glass.

Follow these rules to savor the aroma and flavor to their fullest. The Scots, being true connoisseurs, derived a whole sequence of how to drink whisky and they called it the 5S rule:

Sight, look, color, and consistency.

Smell – catch the many nuances of flavor.

Swish – Take a small sip and roll the drink around in your mouth.

Swallow – feel the long, warm aftertaste.

Splash – add a drop of water and feel the taste take on new colors. This action can be done at will.

Traditionally, whiskey is not diluted when consumed. Tasting different varieties requires a fresh perception, so you can drink a little mineral water without gas between servings.

How you drink whisky is up to you. Enjoy this noble beverage in the cosy atmosphere of Osteria Amici restaurant, and our sommelier will help you to make the right choice.