In today’s digital world, many dream of having online earnings and, as the most appropriate option, consider making money on online games. We will consider the options for such earnings and give a brief overview. I am sure that the possibility of such a way to replenish your budget or permanent earnings on it will pleasantly surprise you!


Salary on deception

In a game like work.

Internet blogging, streaming and YouTubeers


Economic games

Earn by providing services

So what’s best for you?

The benefits of such an earning are obvious:

you determine the time and volume of work (games) for yourself;

you don’t need to spend time and money to get to your place of work (for big cities, and especially for Moscow, where it takes on average 3-4 hours to get there and back, it’s a very topical issue);

it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do at the rest of the time;

there are convenient payment systems for money withdrawal;

for many, it is a powerful potential for self-esteem and self-development;

and most importantly, a hobby for a particular game theme is a favorite pastime.

We offer an overview of possible options for online earning.

Earning on deception

All online games have a large number of participants, as well as in real life has a social component (a variety of communities) – guilds, factions, etc.

On the first place in the volume of easily earned money, I would bring out the earnings that players do on other participants in online games. This could be both exploitation of labor, and deception, on which such individuals earn large sums of money. Through the fraud in the game the initiator can earn from 30 thousand to a million, or even more.

For example, the most top game now ArcheAge (MMORPG). With high-end modern graphics.

In this game, a person (guildmaster) creates a guild, ie the union of people under one tag (name). Having collected a sufficient number of participants the guildmaster can set a contribution in a certain amount, motivating it by the fact that at the expense of the general treasury he will buy for the Guild members the necessary game items in the future, as well as build the necessary infrastructure for the game. The General Treasury shall make a contribution in a certain amount of game currency.

MMORPG – English Massivelymultiplayeronlinerole-playinggame, MMORPG – computer game that combines the genre of role-playing games with the genre of mass online games.

At first, it can perform its obligations quite well, but with the increase in the treasury will try to delay the purchase of various items, citing the lack of sufficient amount, despite the possibility. Only occasionally he will buy his Sogildians game items and build infrastructure in the game, so as not to lose a stable income, while bringing the game currency in real money through the game currency exchanges. The most famous site through which the game currency is deduced is Fanpei. Each game has its own currency exchange rate. For example, at the moment in the game ArcheAge game currency rate: 1 gold = 73 kopecks. Thus deriving a million gold, for example, he receives 730 thousand rubles. Due to this treasury, the guildmaster will have a stable monthly income. Summing up the above, we can conclude that this way to earn the game only guildmasters. Those who are part of his guild or faction, usually with the participation in the game almost nothing gets.

In the game, like at work

But there are also those who don’t waste their time. For example, when a person creates several accounts and sits on these accounts during the day and earns game currency for himself. This is quite a time-consuming process, which takes ALL the time (except sleep), but allows you to have a stable income from 30 thousand and more on the processes of Kraft and pharmacy.

Kraft – a game slang, the creation of game items using the resources extracted from the game.

Pharm – game slang, killing monsters from which wallets with a small amount of game currency or game items that can be sold for game currency fall out.

Game objects can be sold for the game currency

There are players who in games put their farms and harvest from them, for example, to create items of clothing that can be sold, you need to grow flax; to create weapons, you need to mine ore in the mines, etc.

There are also online shooters (from the English word Shoot – shot, games – shooters), which have players who are good at playing or using cheats and thus earn on the burst accounts.

Cheats – a third-party software that allows you to turn the game in your own direction, for example, you do not shoot, and the program shoots for you.

Burst – pumping the account, the rise in level for other players.

On low ranks and ranks the level rise can cost from 50 to 150 rubles. At higher levels and ranks, this service may cost from 1.5 thousand rubles or more per level. Also in these games are people who, if the game has free access, create free accounts and sell them for 30-50 rubles to people who want to play with cheats. Such a way as creating and selling accounts are mainly used by schoolchildren, as they have a lot of free time, and they do not know how to make money in the game any other way. The player spends a lot of time, but basically gets “kopecks”. It turns out about this – the performer does for the customer 100 accounts, performs all these actions and transmits the input data to the customer. He sells each account, for example, 100 rubles, and you, as a performer, pays 1,500 rubles and teaches you a clean 8,500 rubles without making any efforts. He will just put them on the account market, that’s all. At the customer it will take no more than 1 hour. This is one of the schemes for earning money from labour exploitation.

Internet blogging, streaming and YouTube

YouTube channels and streaming are very popular, which in principle is almost the same. The only difference is that on YouTube channels, in addition to the strips are posted more videos in the record, and on the strips broadcast is always online. In clips on online games people show how well they can play, bugs, mistakes, various gags, etc.

On the stream of favorite players viewers who want to help them, throw money in a purse or on the player’s card a variety of amounts. On the site YouTube monetization is also possible for channels with a large number of subscribers, this feature is provided to users of the site developers. Through which the channel with, for example, 500,000 subscribers a year will receive about 600 dollars. In addition, YouTube gets the opportunity to insert ads in their videos. Depending on how much he can insert ads, which will choose an advertiser, will hide his income. The income of this kind can vary from 50 to 200 thousand. Channels on YouTube also generate income.


And finally, the cyber athletes. These are people who spend ALL their time on one particular game, participate in tournaments and championships around the world. One of the world’s top teams, consisting of citizens of Ukraine and Russia Natus Vincere (Na’VI) in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in April 2018 won 150 thousand dollars, taking 3rd place in the tournament in China (the team consists of 5 people). In 2020, Natus Vincere(Na’VI) lost to NRG Esports in a playoff match at the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 CS:GO and left the competition. The meeting ended with a score of 0:2 – 12:16 on Dust2 and 17:19 on Mirage. Only team captain Danila (nickname – Zeus) Teslenko took 5th-8th place and earned $35,000.

According to the website, the Natus Vincere(Na’VI) team has earned $3,150,782 in prizes since it was founded in 2012. For example, the Danish Astralis team, which took 1st place at the above-mentioned tournament in Berlin, earned $500,000. According to the same website this team was founded in 2016 and has already earned $6.207.062 on the prize money.

To grow to a professional level is very difficult, but possible. It is very difficult for a simple beginner to get into professional teams. To get into a team you need to start from small tournaments, gradually rising in the table of PRO players (professional players). And in fact, it is very difficult and unlikely to reach this level. Only a few can reach the professional level.

Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can also include Dota 2 and BLOCKPOST. According to these games, like many others, the world championships are also held.

Economic Games

Well, what can we say about the so-called browser-based economic games? It’s basically a financial pyramid. You invest money in development and you get monthly interest. Only it’s paid out of the funds of the newly arrived players. True, in this gaming segment there are games that have proven to exist for many years and payments on some sites can be from 2 to 40%.

Of these games are the most reliable:

Taxi money

Rich birds


Golden Tea


Money Gnomes

In all the games there is a rather complicated scheme of money withdrawal, but if you are looking for possible earnings, I found interesting options for you.

In addition to the game currency, there are points of payment.

Cash Points – is the game currency, determines the ability to withdraw money from online games.

Most often you can earn points and withdraw money only when you invite new players (referrals), and they invest money in the game (making purchases) – keep this in mind. But there are other ways to get money into the game account. For example, in the game taxi money plus referrals need to constantly monitor the action (occur approximately once a month), which gives additional bonuses. You need to have a certain mathematical mindset and then the game will give you an additional bonus – will be your training on business self-development.

Despite the negative feedback about this game, it is essentially one of the few that allows you to start playing without investing money, while the rest will have to invest in the purchase of characters or equipment. Of course, with this option to go to work and withdraw it from the game site will take a very long time. It is easier to start earning by investing minimal money in the purchase of cars. The amount of earnings in this game (meaning the money derived from the payment system) is initially small. For example, sitting all day in the game on the car 4 level you can at best get only 120 rubles. But developing you will be able to earn from 500 to 800 rubles a day.

Taxi money is a game for pumping business skills. Taxi money in 2019 continues its long existence not only at the expense of newcomers, but also at the expense of external sources of income, one of which is a large amount of contextual advertising, for viewing which the game currency drips to the accounts of players. If you decide to earn on TAXI, be sure to study the advice of an experienced player.

Rich-Birds is the most popular farm in 2020 with a time-tested withdrawal of money. It has been on the Internet since 2014. In this game you buy birds, save eggs in the warehouse, sell them and get profit from it. Birds have different prices and, of course, bring different profits to their owner – from 20 to 65% bonuses for the same game period. Money here is withdrawn for Cash_Point_points, which can bring you referrals. Birds can be bought with profits. Gradually they become hundreds, or even thousands, they carry a lot of eggs, income in six months will be good, up to 2 thousand game rubles a day. But keep in mind that it will be necessary to solve the problem of withdrawal of money through payment points or to master complex schemes of profit and withdrawal of money from the invested funds without referrals. One such example you can look at the link below.

Buy a bird and make a profit. Remember, to start earning faster – you need to invest a little, at least 1,000 rubles, and then you will have a chance to get from 5 rubles per day to 5 rubles per hour. To pass this scheme until you get a net profit, you need to be patient. Well, if you connect to the game your friends, who will become referrals, then this process is accelerated.

Money-Gnome – manage the dwarves, collect the ore, get the money.

There are game projects that pay without restrictions on the withdrawal and without investment, but the profit on them is 1 ruble for 2-3 days and from the invested 1.000r. get to return only 800. It turns out to be quite unprofitable business. So be careful when you choose a game to make money. And you can earn in a browser game can be from 100 to 800 rubles a day, and this is the maximum – 24,000 rubles a month.

Earn by providing services

In the game world you can become a mentor, helping novice players. In some games for this can have a plus % to experience, attack and defense. Find students can be in the game forum and it will also be quite real, but low-profile earnings and only for experienced players.

What is best for you?

In video games are played every year more and more people, and it makes the game industry incredibly profitable for developers and promising area of entertainment. In conclusion, we say that the gaming industry is growing and expanding every year, gaining recognition even of the older, more conservative generation. How do you feel about such games? If they were a hundred percent deception, they would not be so famous and they are unlikely to play so massively. Well, it’s up to you to decide how to make money in online games!

How to make money in online games – it’s up to you!