How to eat avocados: tips for choosing and cooking

Avocado’s been in Ukrainian cuisine for quite some time. This fruit is completely unusual in our area, so there are a lot of questions. For example: is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? How to choose the right avocado? How to eat it correctly and what can you cook from it, what recipes exist? In the material you will find answers to all these questions.

Is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? Disputes on this issue have been going on for a long time! From the point of view of avocado biology, it is possible to refer to fruits. Because the fruit grows on a tree, and inside it there is a big hard bone.

But the amount of sugar inside the pulp is more typical of vegetables than fruit. However, regardless of the amount of sugar in the avocado, it is considered a fruit. Despite the fact that the taste of the fruit suggests otherwise!

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Avocado is a fruit that tastes like a vegetable

And the taste of avocado has something to surprise you with! Its delicate consistency resembles butter, and aftertaste resembles even pine nuts. In avocado there is no usual sweetness, which is inherent in other fruits. But this is his advantage! Neutral flavour fits well with different foods.

Most often people use exotic fruit as a vegetable. It is added to salads, which are dressed with salty and sour sauces. There are fewer recipes for sweet avocado dessert, but they exist.

How to choose an avocado? The fruit looks like a spherical or elongated (pear-shaped) shape from 5 to 20 centimeters in length. The ripe fruits are covered with a thin, dark green, slightly rough skin.

To choose the right product, it is necessary not to look at the color of the skin, but to determine the elasticity of the fruit. How do I check this? Just take the avocado in the palm of your hand and gently squeeze your fingers: if you feel resistance, the fruit is ripe. If the dent is quickly levelled – the fruit is ripe, if it remains – the fruit has already swung and may be rotten.

If the avocado is very firm, it’s better not to take it, because then you won’t feel any taste. But the avocado can be ripe at home, but it takes a few days to do so. Put it in a plastic bag and leave it in a dark place for two or three days, but always check not to miss the moment when the ripe avocado begins to spoil.

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The avocado can ripen at home

If there are brown spots or dents on the skin, this fruit is rotten. Avocado cannot be stored at home for long, because it spoils quickly enough. But if you stick to certain rules, this process can be slowed down. So, keep the fruit at a temperature not exceeding ten degrees.

If you are not going to use it at once, wrap the fruit in paper and put it in the fridge, in the vegetable compartment. There it can last up to fourteen days. If the avocado is already cut, it can only be stored for two or three days, before that you need to water it with lemon juice to avoid darkening the pulp, and then wrap it in foodstuff film.

This fruit can be frozen, cleaned, bone removed and slightly watered with lemon juice. In this case, the avocado retains all its unique qualities and is suitable for cooking various dishes.

How to clean avocado correctly? Take the fruit and be sure to wash the skin. Wipe the avocado and get ready for cutting. Use a sharp knife to cut the flesh around the fetus (better cut along). When you come across a hard seed, do not try to cut it.

When you have cut through the circle, grab both halves and turn the palms slightly, the pulp is easy to separate from the bone. Gently remove the bone from the half, take the tea spoon and simply remove the pulp from the peel.

Choose only ripe avocado fruits

How is it right to eat an avocado? Prescriptions of dishes. There is no definite answer to this question. From the point of view of preservation of useful substances – an avocado should be eaten raw and without addition of sauces and seasonings. From the point of view of improving taste characteristics – it is better to eat avocado in combination with tomatoes, seafood, soft cheeses, that is, it is more tasty to eat avocado in salad than just for nothing.

It is definitely forbidden to eat avocado peel – no. But when preparing dishes, it is still recommended to clean the avocado. The exception may be the case when you plan to stuff half of the avocado. Then you should take the flesh out of the fetus and leave the rind intact. But in this case, it is up to you whether or not to eat it.

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How is it right to eat an avocado?

An avocado bone is not eaten or used for cooking as a seasoning. But it can be planted, a full-fledged tree with fruits is unlikely to grow, but a beautiful and miniature tree is quite possible.

What can you make of avocado? Avocado flesh is harmoniously combined with meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Ways of processing the product are different: in the kitchens of different countries avocado fry, cook, bake, stew or eat raw.

Ripe and overripe fruits are used to make sauces, pastes, pastes, and pastes, and raw it can be added to smoothies and salads. Thanks to the fat content and texture of the pulp, avocado makes delicious desserts.

Avocado guacamole is a simple sauce served with corn cakes and vegetables. You can prepare its classic variation without a recipe: stretch the avocado pulp with lime juice, salt, pepper and it’s ready. Adding garlic and onions to avocado paste will make the taste of the dish brighter and more intense.

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Guacamole of avocado

Pasta with avocado – by adding a variety of dried spices to the neutral taste of avocado, you can make a great addition to the toast. This avocado sandwich paste can be absolutely homogeneous or with pieces. Use this paste as an avocado toast, you can put cheese or red fish on top.

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Toast with avocado pasta

Avocado smoothie is a drink made of avocado and banana that will charge you with vigour and energy for the whole day. Whisk the avocado and banana in a blend and then add a classic yogurt without any additives.

The avocado smoothies

Avocado desserts – they make candy, baked goods and even ice cream with this fruit. Cooking ice cream with this fruit is very simple – mix ripe avocado with juice and lime or lemon zest. Add honey and kill thoroughly in a blender. Put it in shape and wait until the mixture completely freezes. Instead of honey, you can add a variety of fruits and berries. It will be delicious with banana and strawberries.

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Avocado ice cream

Avocado is used to make various pudding, brownies, truffles and other chocolate desserts. Avocado makes them less caloric. This fruit contains a lot of useful fats and thanks to its delicate texture it can easily replace butter in baked goods.

Chocolate truffles only need avocado, cocoa and some vegetable milk. Chocolate mousse is also cooked according to a similar recipe – just more avocado and less cocoa.

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Cheesecake from the avocado

In addition to chocolate desserts, this fruit is also used in vegan cheesecakes. In addition to the fruit itself, the recipe also includes various nuts. They need to be soaked in water and then broken down into a homogenous mass. This is the “cheese” basis for the pie. Often they use just avocado puree with various applications, which is thickened with gelatin or agar-agar.

Salads with avocado – thanks to the neutral taste of avocado is perfectly combined with many products, giving the salads a very special flavor. It is often combined with seafood, cheese, fruits, especially citrus fruits, chicken, crab sticks, sea fish, vegetables, olives, etc. You can add this fruit to your favorite salads, the best dressing will be lemon juice, which will give an acid and keep the saturated color of avocado.