How to eat well during work hours? Practical tips and tips and tricks

Spending more than 9 hours at work, the body gets tired and needs to replenish the lost energy. At this stage, it is important to establish a proper diet, then the body will respond with good health and high performance. Properly planned menu and varied diet will satisfy gastronomic needs and allow to work with double energy.

It’s counted!

It takes exactly 20 minutes for a person to be full. Carefully chewed during this time, the food gives the stomach a signal of satiety. The feeling of fullness stays with a person for a long time.

Nutrition in off-duty work situations

Around-the-clock duty, business trips, evening shifts, irregular working hours exhaust the body and make it seek satiety. Regardless of the type of work, a person eats at any time of the day.

British nutritionists established!

Employees who work at night are 2 times more likely to be obese than those who go to work during the day. The slowing of the metabolism in the “sleeping body” leads to the appearance of folds all over the body, which is not the best way to affect the figure.

With a shift mode lunch at work should be full and comprehensive, as a snack you can take yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, vegetables, dried fruits. At night, limit yourself to one hot meal and a small snack (kefir, green tea, raw fruit). From meals at work it is better to choose lean fish, cereals, steamed, stewed or baked vegetables.

That’s right!

On average, a person remembers to eat 90 times a day and as many times he makes a gastronomic decision.

What to feed a workaholic?

If you give yourself to work with 100% dedication that leaves no time for a snack, you are going overboard. Extreme stress overwork your body and turn a healthy person into a sick “chronic.

Stressful work has become a habit? Then add cereals, meat, and broccoli to your diet. These products quickly restore the lost balance, get rid of the exhausted state.

How to prepare a work lunch for a workaholic:

Plan a menu (if possible, sketch out a list of dishes for the week);

Take food periodically (take a break for not more than 4 hours);

to follow water regime (to drink not less than 1 l per workday to nourish lymph and brain);

include snacks (it is good if it will be natural products like dried apricots, nuts, fruit, marshmallows).

It is not bad to add to your diet vitamins, mineral supplements, dietary supplements with levocarnitine, juices and morsels. They quickly restore the energy balance and give strength for further work.

How to Eat at Work: Dietician’s Recommendations

Regardless of whether you work 24 hours or part-time, it is important to provide yourself with proper nutrition. It is important to allocate personal time wisely, so that there is enough time for lunch and rest. If it is not very convenient to bring containers from home, embarrassed colleagues sitting next to you or it is not accepted in your office, then there are convenient and proven ways to eat.

Recommendations, tip-tips from a nutritionist:

refuse aromatic dishes (a strong smell is unlikely to suit the office environment);

dine in a designated room, canteen or kitchen;

Take your time when eating (the digestive system will slow down and stress you out);

Focus on the dish, eliminate distractions. Choose at work dishes that bring maximum benefit to a tired body: salads, light snacks, sauces, vegetable side dishes. Do not overload the stomach with heavy food, which makes you sleepy.

Order food for work with delivery – diversify your meals and enjoy new dishes every day!