How to entertain yourself while at home?

Circumstances are such that you are left at home all alone, and it seems to you that the day is completely lost? Oh, how wrong you are! In fact, there are many interesting ways to entertain yourself and have a great time!

Put aside sad thoughts about the prospect of spending time in boring, dull loneliness – change your perception! You have a whole day (or evening) to rest, improve, and enjoy the silence. In this article, we will give you some helpful tips!


Usually, when we are alone, we are overcome by a variety of thoughts about our own personality, about what is happening in life, about whether we are going the right way, and so on. It is in the moments when we are left alone with ourselves that what was previously hidden becomes obvious. Therefore, we suggest that you take a diary and a pen, turn on the music (or in silence) and write down all your thoughts and ideas. Share with the paper your feelings that you cannot express, words that you cannot pronounce, fantasies that you cannot yet realize. Be honest, because it’s like talking to yourself that helps you grow. Write until you get bored, and then reread everything and think carefully.

By the way, reading is another great option for spending time alone.


If you do not want to plunge into yourself and think about the vital at all – distract yourself! And the best way to distract yourself is to play computer games. Pick a new game that interests you, or play an old nostalgic one. Whichever game you choose, it will add variety to a boring day. You can also have a great time with friends online when there is no way to leave the house. Immerse yourself in an interesting virtual world!

We recommend playing: “The walking dead”, “The Wolf Among Us”, “Mass Effect”.


Music promotes positive mood and inspiration. It transforms us and makes us happier, helping to tune in a certain way. Try learning a song on a musical instrument (if you have one), or use your voice and try to master the vocals. In addition, if you do not want to be creative, you can simply turn on your favorite band loudly and dance to it, or lie on the couch and dream about something intimate.

Want to discover some new music? Read our article.


Change is always for the better! Bored and lonely? Rearrange the room. First, think about how it will be more convenient and comfortable to arrange the pieces of furniture, what accessories to use, where to hang pictures, and so on. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to make drastic changes to the interior: if you do not want something completely unusual.

Feel like a child: build a fortress of pillows and blankets, hang it inside a garland, put a laptop with your favorite movie, take your pet (if you have one) and hide from the whole world in a cozy den.


Cooking is an amazing, creative process that brightens up loneliness. Find a dish on the Internet that you want to cook (it is better if it is something new that you have never done before) and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cooking. Put yourself up with invigorating music, or a TV show that will be included in the background, and give yourself joy and benefit.


Drawing, creating collages, photo session, or a manicure made by yourself. Show your imagination! At home you can do countless hobbies, the main thing is desire. Feel free to experiment: find an old solid color curtain and use it as a backdrop for your photo shoot. Use the camera’s self-timer function and pose! Then you can master the art of photo manipulation (which will increase your level of development). Or take the brushes and start [painting]. Even if it seems to you that you do not know how to do this at all – be brave. The main thing is that you like it, that it brings joy!

Finally, get yourself a warm bath, place scented candles everywhere, and just relax. Relax, let go of all worries.