How to excite a girl with words? 300 dirty and dirty words

These words are not appropriate in every situation and not every girl. But there are times when girls favor such conversations and dirty words. How to have erotic, dirty and dirty conversations? Here’s a list of slutty and dirty words. Some words are good for erotic texting or hot messages. Other words are good to say in a girl’s ear when intimacy is expected or horrible. Girls love it when sweet words and compliments are whispered in your ear. More racy, vulgar, provocative and dirty words are also suitable. But they should be said at that moment when the girl is turned on and excited. Dirty words are given as an example, and you yourself can combine and use them depending on the situation. Erotic talk is good and makes sex better, and most importantly hotter. It’s too boring to talk in bed only about love, facial beauty and pathetic cold compliments. Girls like hotter, dirtier, dirtier and more vicious words. Girls are angels, but they are bad girls in bed. In the list, the words go in order of vulgarity, with the lighter ones at the beginning and the harder ones at the bottom.

How to excite a girl with words? List of dirty words 1. You’re like coffee: hot, invigorating, fragrant, sweet, and three times a day minimum. 2. Wanting you all the time. Am I a pervert or are you too hot? 3. I’ll do to you what I’ve dreamed of since the first time we met. 4. You have an angelic face, but a devilish and vicious body. 5. Are you aware that you are very sexy and hot? 6. I can’t wait to be alone and unclothed when we’re alone together. 7. Tonight you’ll be moaning my name. 8. I bought you some hot underwear. Try it on now. 9. Your boobs can’t take their eyes off my eyes.

10. You look like a dirty whore, and I want you. 11. Top or bottom? 12. Your dress is so hot it makes me want to pull it up and then punish you. 13. Do you like to admire the stars? Check out my telescope, and now you’ll see the stars. 14.Just don’t think about rough, hot and kinky sex. But if you’ve thought about it, what do you think of the idea? 15. Show me what you can do, baby. 16. Got my eye on a cool pose in the Kama Sutra. Get undressed quick, baby. 17. Tonight we’re gonna have sex in front of the mirror. 18. Do you sleep naked at night? In short, take off your dress. 19. I like it when you act like a little slut. 20. 20. If you keep looking this stunning, I’m not responsible for myself. 21. You’re about to get very wet and hot. 22. The dress on you looks great, and so do I on you. 23. I have a couple of crazy and dirty ideas for sex. So get ready. 24. Tonight our bodies will come together in a dance of passion and squirm with pleasure. 25. I love to control your movements when I can do whatever I want. 26. You have no idea what I’m about to do to you that’s dirty and vicious. 27. I love the smell of your hair and the curves of your vicious body. 28. I even have a watch standing, so get undressed quickly. 29. You’re a very hot hottie. I want to cover you with kisses from head to toe. 30. Today they’re going to punish you like the most vicious enemy. 31. I’m not coffee, but I’ll help you cheer up and sweat. 32. What awkward but vicious ideas do you have? 33. I’m going to ride you like an unbridled mare. 34. The depth of your cleavage prevents me from thinking about anything. Take off your dress at once. 35. Forced to arrest you for disobedience, so don’t move and I’ll undress you.

36. Your body is begging for sin. Hurry up and take off your pantyhose before you tear them. 37. What are you doing in five minutes? I have a dirty idea. 38. How do you feel about hickeys on different parts of your body? 39. When I see you, I want to immediately bend you over where I met you. 40. I want you gently, I want you rough, I want you hard. 41. Tonight I want to play with you. To be already without panties. 42. Let’s turn on the porn, and then repeat everything we see. 43. They’ll fuck you so hard, you’ll beg me for mercy. 44. Make you forget everything that you’ll forget even your name. 45. Close your eyes and open your mouth. Take it. 46. Show me how you caress yourself, baby. 47. On top or doggy-style? 48. I want to caress your neck, back, tummy, breasts. 49. Tonight I’ll have you on the hook in every sense of the word. 50. You look unprepared and raw. I’m going to have to grill you. 51. It’s awfully cold outside, but I’m going to warm you up in a very interesting way. 52. You’re impossible to resist. You can keep your stockings. 53. Let’s have sex on camera, shall we? 54. I’ll give you the best oral sex of your life. 55. Those clothes don’t suit you, and I’ll help you get rid of them. 56. I want you to look me in the eye when you suck. 57. I love exploring your hot body inch by inch. 58. It’s Sunday, which means walking around naked all day. 59. I’m great with my tongue, which I’m about to demonstrate to you. 60. Do you have any taboos about sex? Let’s break them all tonight. 61. You don’t want to sit on my lap. Just take your panties off first. 62. I’ll study your body centimeter by centimeter.

63. I’ll find a better use for your lips. 64. You’re hot, sexy and vicious. 65. What excites you most about sex? 66. I have to rip your underwear off with my teeth. 67. I’ll fondle you until you start asking me to take you. 68. You’ve done too much wrong, so suck your pardon. 69. Go without your underwear today so you can expect sex all day long. 70. How do I take you today? Let me think about it.

71. Turn around, kneel down and bend your back lower. 72. Show me how much you want me. 73. Let’s watch porn together. Which one do you choose? 74. Your body gives me great sensations all over my body. 75. Shall we try to do it in a public place? 76. I’ll have to carry you in my arms tomorrow, because you won’t be able to walk. 77. I have a present for you. It’s a sex toy. 78. Let’s have some grown-up sex. 79. Moan louder, bitch. 80. Don’t get too tired tonight, cause you’re gonna need your strength tonight. 81. What’s your choice? Bed, couch, bath, table, floor, car, or nature? 82. I want to enter you very deeply. 83. I like to feel your lips on my penis. 84. I want to hear your rapid breathing and passionate moans. 85. Slow and gentle or rough and fast? 86. If you keep looking at me like that, I’m not responsible for myself. 87. I want to tie you up so that you’re completely at my mercy. 88. I love to hear your rapid breathing. 89. Foreplay or straight to the point? 90. I thought of you in the shower today. Twice. 91. Stand up against the wall and lean against it. Now I’m going to pull up your skirt. 92. How do you feel about oral sex? 93. Relax, and I’ll take care of the pleasure.

94. Imagine that I am a girl and you are a guy. Now let’s play. 95. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done? Let’s do something dirtier. 96. I think we need a third person. Vibrator! 97. Do you like it when I do this? 98. The dress code today is strict. Take off your panties, but you can leave the rest on. 99. Behave badly so I can legally spank you. 100. You inspire me to think the dirtiest thoughts possible. 101. Your dress is lovely, but it would look better on my bedroom floor.

102. What is your favorite pose? Stance. 103. I want you to let your fantasies run wild. 104. Your laughter turns me on more than your hot body. 105. You have cool tits that you just want to eat. 106. No time to explain. Get on your knees. 107. You’re not comfortable in those clothes. Let me undress you. 108. I’ll hold your hair and spank you. 109. Today my tongue will show you how much I’ve missed you. 110. Have you been offered obscenities today, or am I the first? 111. I’m curious to see what you have under that blouse and skirt. 112. Let’s try some sex toys. 113. I want whipped cream and you at the same time. 114. You’re a real sex bomb, and I have a fuse. 115. What color underwear are you wearing? 116. Where do I touch you to get you horny? 117. I like the look of you from behind. 118. Life is too short not to taste all the poses and sins. 119. I want to run my tongue over your gorgeous tits. 120. Dreaming of your warm mouth and tender tongue. 121. Sit on the table and spread your legs. 122. I want to cum on your sweet face. 123. Baby, you’re on fire and I’m your fire extinguisher. Puff. Blow. 124. Take your clothes off yourself, or I’ll rip them off with my teeth.

125. Today we’re going to try some BDSM. On your knees! 126. You’re all wet, bitch. 127. Name any point on your body and I’ll cover it with kisses. 128. I got a Chupa Chups for you girl. 129. I have a gift for you, but you’ll have to take your clothes off first. 130. What’s the sexiest part of your body? Show me. 131. You’re a beautiful witch I’m going to put on a stake right now. 132. Which hole do I have to fuck you in tonight?

133. I feel that underwear is superfluous in our communication. 134. Whenever I see a babe, my heart beats against my fly. 135. Now we’re going to play pistils and stamens. 136. I want to see you caressing yourself. 137. Whoever comes first does the dishes all week. 138. Don’t talk until I let you scream. 139. I found a better use for your lips. 140. Peach, peach I’m a carrot, docking begins. 141. Your body drives me crazy I want to fuck it right away. 142. There is no sweeter sound in the world than your moans in bed. 143. I’ll shove your own panties in your mouth and then punish you in all your holes. 144. Make yourself comfortable, I’ll take care of everything. 145. Your vicious body looks gorgeous on the sheets. 146. I have a question, but doesn’t your answer itch? 147. Time to nail this juicy and slutty babe. 148. I want to hear some vicious words from you. 149. You’re a very hot, sexy and vicious babe. 150. How do you feel about threesomes? Me, you and a vibrator. 151. Show me what touches turn you on. 152. Take my dick and show me everything you can do with it. 153. I want you to cum. 154. Tonight I will fulfill your three dirtiest desires. 155. Climb up and ride me.

156. I saw an interesting video, and now I want to repeat it with you. 157. You are very beautiful, and such gorgeous babes should be multiplied. 158. I’m so hungry right now, for you. 159. Your legs, thighs, breasts and ass are about to be put to right use. 160. I’m going to nail you in a corner and then I’m going to squeeze you so hard you’ll cry. 161. You like to feel me inside. 162. Thongs, lace panties or nothing? I don’t know, it’s so delicious. 163. My head is full of dirty and dirty desires because of you. 164. Let even the neighbors hear and go out for a smoke after we have sex. 165. We have a weekend of sex where we’ll do everything naked and rarely get out of bed. 166. You like sex in the car. That’s not a question. 167. You have such soft and pleasant skin. 168. Your breasts are the best thing in my mouth. 169. You’re a pussy cat and I’m going to fuck you.

170. Most of all I like to make you laugh and orgasm. But it’s no laughing matter now, take your clothes off. 171. Do you miss my penis? 172. I’m going to fuck you like a soulless rubber doll. 173. Let’s do it right here. 174. Get down on your knees and take it in your mouth. 175. When you dominate, it takes my breath away. 176. What do you think of when you caress yourself? 177. Let’s take a shower and go for another run. 178. You have a very appetizing ass that’s about to be punished. 179. I’m gonna finish in your mouth, bitch. 180. I’m gonna grill you like this until you beg for mercy. 181. My penis is all you need. 182. I’ll do anything you ask. But you’ll be better off if you beg on your knees. 183. I’m going to kick your ass right now.

184. You are sweeter than candy and more exciting than the sea. Now I’m going to taste you. 185. Do you like to feel me inside? 186. Relax and swallow. 187. Your hole is so tight and nice. 188. I’m gonna put my buddy on you. 189. I want to enter you very deeply. 190. You’re already wet and ready for anything vulgar. 191. I’m going to fuck you. 192. Humiliate me. 193. Your thighs are about to bleed. 194. You’re going to squeal and squirm like a whore tonight. 195. Do you use adult toys? I have an idea. 196. I can’t get enough of your body. 197. Suck it, bitch, louder. 198. I like it when you squeeze me inside. 199. I’ll take you in every room of this house. 200. You are very indecent looking, which means I will be indecent.

201. Squeeze out all my balls. 202. I’m going to punish you today, my bad girl. 203. I’m going to have you spinning like a propeller. 204. I can see that you feel good, and your feet are all wet. 205. Which orifice do you want? 206. You’re a slut who should keep quiet. 207. I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll cry during sex. 208. Tonight you’re my prisoner, so it’s no use resisting. But you’re going to love it. 209. You don’t have geisha in your blood? It’s in your blood to be a whore. 210. Do you like bad and dirty words? Suck fast and deep, slut. 211. You’re a beautiful goddess, but I’ll have you like the last girl. 212. I’m gonna eat you rough, dirty, dirty tonight. 213. I’m an adult and I don’t play with dolls. But I will play with you, my doll. 214. I’ll taste your pussy. 215. Your dumpling is about to get punished. 216. Your body is so slippery and hot, you need to be roasted maturely.

217. I am the client, and you are the prostitute. Do whatever I tell you to do. 218. Your tits are very hot and lustful. 219. Let me lick your pussy. 220. You have the right to remain silent, but not your virginity. 221. Let’s rub our dicks together. 222. Ask me to spank your ass with a belt. 223. Let’s do some role-playing. I’m your boss and you’re your employee. 224. Tonight I’ll tear you apart in bed. 225. I want to nibble your neck and your hot body until you float. 226. You’re a small and horny whore. 227. Ready to spend all night between your legs. 228. Your buns give me a hard-on. 229. Ask me to slap your cheeks with my penis. 230. I’ll fuck you like no one’s ever punished you before. 231. Do you like bananas? Here’s one for good behavior. 232. You ain’t leaving here till your feet are shaking. 233. Spread your beautiful legs, baby. 234. You’ll get it in your thighs and in your mouth. 235. You like it hot and dirty? You’re my favorite slutty bitch. 236. I’m gonna cum all over you. 237. Do you want to feel a real high? Take off your panties and bend over.

240. Taste this lollipop. 239. I’ll have to occupy all your holes, since you’re so insatiable. 240. There’s no one hotter in the world than you naked. 241. I’m ready to pay you as much as the most expensive prostitute. 242. You like that? How about this? 243. I’ll put it between your thighs, since you’re already sweating. 244. Your ass is like a nut I’m about to crack. 245. I’m gonna crack your cheeks with a club. 246. I love the hair on your pussy. 247. You have such a dirty body, it’s about to get ripped.

248. I am completely yours, and therefore ready to fulfill all your desires. 249. Now, beautiful, I’ll fuck you in all your holes. 250. Take my penis and get to work. 251. Your hole is all wet and oozing. 252. Your pussy is sticking out so you obviously want sex. 253. I want to grab your thighs and tear your body apart with passion. 254. Your legs look great on my shoulders. 255. Let me squeeze you, since you’re such a horny wench. 256. What’s your most disliked and unloved position? Get in it. You’re going to love it now. 257. Let’s have sex so even the neighbors can hear. 258. You’re about to taste my body. 259. You’re a cheap pelt who must do the deed in silence. 260. Squeeze your tits, and I’ll come in between them. 261. Bend over and take off your panties. I’ll spank you and fry you at the same time. 262. I will take you like a rapist, despite all your objections and tears. 263. Now suck you like a vacuum cleaner. 264. Show me your pussy, I’ll eat it tonight. 265. They’ll spin you on their rod. 266. I love your big/fine tits. 267. Will have you all day long until you beg for mercy on your knees. 268. Get on me quick, baby.

269. Now I’m going to tear something inside of you. 270. Tell me the best way to grill you, slut. 271. Turn your back to me and ask me to come inside you. 272. You piss me off, I’m gonna punish you so bad. 273. Come on, squeal like the last girl in the village. 274. Don’t tell me you ain’t like that. You’re a whore who wants a stick. 275. Tonight you are my gift with which I can do whatever I want. 276. Get in bed quick, I’m going to fuck you.

277. You’re so hot and sexy, you make me want to fuck you. 278. Get down on your knees. Now beg to come inside you. 279. I love the smell of your pussy. 280. I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll lose your virginity a second time. 281. I like your tight clothes, we can hardly even undress. 282. My horniness will kill me. Take your clothes off immediately. 283. I want to be inside you right now and right here. There’s no way around it. 284. You have a very beautiful camel’s foot. 285. Filthy lassie, spread your legs. 286. Your holes are about to expand to the point of impossibility. 287. Don’t stop, keep sucking. 288. Move your ass, baby. 289. Take that, bitch. Get some of that. 290. I’m a cop, you’re a criminal. You want to go free? 291. Come on, hop on the stallion and let’s ride. 292. Do you like to feel my thrusts in your body? 293. Squeal like you’re being raped. 294. I’m turned on by your juicy, luscious and hot body.

295. I love cuddling and having sex with such a hot babe. 296. Your place as a hottie is not in the kitchen, but exclusively in bed. 297. You’re ripe for hard sex, so get it. 298. Show me how wet and hot you are. 299. I love how you grab the sheets during sex. 300. A body as gorgeous as yours deserves the best sex. 301. You’re a beautiful and hot doll who belongs in my bed. Sometimes the words seem rude, ridiculous, vulgar. But that’s when you read them. If you say them during foreplay or intimacy, it’s different. Naughty words spoken in your ear cause a sea of goosebumps on a woman’s body. A hooker always wakes up in the morning as a whore, and a beloved woman always wakes up as a beloved woman. Even if the night was the last whore. Use slutty, dirty and vicious words to make your sex life brighter.