How to fall in love with any girl?

The relationship between a man and a woman, perhaps, will always be a reason and a topic for discussion, this is exactly the life aspect that always raises dozens of questions, but sometimes answers can not be found even by the most “burned” and experienced experts in psychology.

The representatives of the fairer sex are very mysterious and amazing creatures, they have a great intuition and intuition, and it is not without reason that every woman is a little bit of a witch, most of them are not able to understand and unravel how not to try.

Although, of course, ladies are different, but in the soul are mainly those who have the very “zest”, the “mystery” that keeps an unhappy man in love from sleeping.

It is not easy to get attention, and even better – to be located in your own direction – it is possible to fight for months, to go on dates, but not to proceed to serious and trusting, in all senses, relationships.

Many men tried to write articles and books on how to seduce a girl, but, as it turned out, how much literature, how much experience do not pay attention, it is still quite difficult to achieve success, especially in some difficult cases. And what if you look at this question from the female side?

Any woman can tell you what a perfect date is for her and what things, features or actions can make her heart beat harder.

True, girls are changeable nature and all the tips that will be listed below are only recommendations for use, but not strict rules that can work in any situation.

Girls can be different

When a man sees a beauty he likes, he rarely thinks about what kind of person she is and what she might be interested in. Most often, the standard dating schemes, as if they were written by one writer: “Hello! How are you? Let’s get acquainted!”.

Honestly, such a bored version, most likely, is not something that will not interest the girl, it will completely take away all the desire to continue talking with you. Tip number once: act on the situation!

Try to start a conversation with the questions that she will accurately answer, and then try to get acquainted. For example, the meeting took place at the box office at the cinema – ask what is the nearest session and whether the hall in the cinema is good, if you can see that the lady willingly answers the questions, you can try to offer to visit the session together.

The effect of the first meeting will never be indelible, if you managed to start a conversation, then it is not necessary to fill it with questions, you should always get a dialogue, tell about yourself and your life, it is always important to be interested, to arouse interest, so that the desire to learn about the person as much as possible.

If you have met in a common company, it’s even easier: you don’t need introductory phrases and the difficulty of finding out where to start a conversation, because you can always start with friends who have introduced you or discuss such a successful case that provided such an opportunity.

There are men who from the first moments try to take incredible pressure and impudence, but remember, if a girl is really special, it will scare her away rather than attract attention. Confidence and relaxedness – yes, but unbridled hands and vulgar jokes – certainly not.

They are met by the clothes

Most girls try to look after themselves and their appearance, it is important for them to look good and it is important that the man who is next to her also look stylish and neat. If a girl did not want to get acquainted with the first seconds of the meeting, then most likely, she did not like the appearance of the guy, his hair or the style of his clothes.

True, dudes and frank ladies, who follow each of their hairs, also rarely cause a woman’s delight: it is important to look neat, watch the haircut and bristles, in time to take care of shoes and not forget to use toilet water moderately.

Sincerity and unconventionality

Remember, we said that all women are a little bit witch, well, insincere and “slippery” young people, any more or less experienced and impregnable young lady will understand in three accounts. If you really want to get her attention, and then move on to a close and very pleasant relationship, then genuine sincerity and honesty are important.

In general, there is even a whole list of character traits that must necessarily be present in an interesting, in terms of a woman, young man. These include: sincerity, self-confidence, masculinity, a good sense of humor, originality and, importantly, with a real man a girl should be safe and comfortable.

To seduce an impregnable girl, she should be surprised, she should never know what to expect from you in the next moment, in a good plan, of course. There are these types of men with whom it is cozy, calm and carefree, and everything seems to be good, but something is wrong. Oh, yes, they are just boring!

It is impossible to go to the same cafes, visit the same places, and discuss the same things day by day. A girl should always be kept in a state of emotional tension, she should feel a certain mystery and mystery of your meeting, and every date should open something new, another “America” in a man.

Such versatility and bright creativity will lift a man a few steps higher than all those with whom she has met and talked before.

It is important to remember that women always want romance, incredible actions and emotional outbursts, because the beautiful floor is arranged somewhat differently.

Especially for this purpose, there are even a few original examples of how to take care of a girl, so that even the most impregnable of them melt from male attention.

This includes romantic dates on the seashore with a bottle of champagne and pleasant music, a meeting on the roof of the house, where you can meet the sunset and talk about the most soulful topics or a meeting of dawn in a beautiful place.

There are many options, and no matter how banal and simple they may seem to guys, they always impress and tilt the beautiful floor.

The master art of compliments: they should not fall constantly and certainly not groundlessly. Girls are always pleased when they emphasize her beauty, but even more important, when a man is able to notice her inner world, focus on her interests and beliefs, compliments should not only concern her appearance, but also her values, actions, views on life.

A woman is always fascinated by those who are able to arouse her curiosity, to create the impression that you have known her for more than a decade, she should be comfortable and good, for a girl emotional and spiritual closeness can play a decisive role.

Some more important secrets:

If you really want to seduce a girl, then try to arrange everything beautifully and in the right place, do not exert strong pressure, if a girl even refuses to kiss, then what can we talk about next.

Not always “no” really means denial.

Inspiration is fascinating, if a man emotionally and enthusiastically perceives everything that is associated with you, then all the enthusiasm, over time, will still switch to her.

Do not forget about your physical form: no matter how you twist it, and ladies can be very demanding, especially impregnable.