HOW TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I WANT. A question that will change your life forever…

One of the best questions you can ask yourself and dramatically change your whole life is, “What do I really want?”.

While conducting a coaching telescoping class in one of our most popular online training programs, I received a request from one of the participants for help in setting goals and setting priorities.

I only ask her one question: “What do you really want?” The answer is awesome: “I don’t think any of the participants in this training program know what they really want.

The Exciting Life GameTM has been successfully working in the Russian-speaking area since 2009. Since then, thousands of people from more than 70 countries on six continents have participated in it. I noticed that about one in two participants at the beginning of the Game do not know what they want. But at the same time, one in two participants knows exactly what they want: happiness, health and wealth.

We all have dreams. But many do not allow themselves to really dream, think and voice what they really want, limiting themselves to the barriers that they have created for themselves.

Dreaming about something big, we tend to stop ourselves immediately and find reasons why it is impossible to realize. That’s why we push our dreams away in every possible way or throw them away at all.

Rest assured, a person who tells you about his big goal, it is easy to name a number of reasons why he will not be able to realize it.

But if we remove something important from our lives, something secondary comes to this place immediately. Hence the dissatisfaction with your life.

“What do you want?” – is one of the best exercises you can do to guarantee a change in your life.

With this simple exercise, I know what I really want to do.

In 2006, I read Jack Canfield’s book “Rules.” On every page of the book, the author kind of asked me, “Stake, what do you really want?”

That’s the question that started my career as a coach, coach and motivational speaker.

“How well do you know what you really want in your life?” – That’s the question I’m addressing you with right now.

It’s the question that starts the creation of a new amazing life.

It’s important to understand that you don’t need to know right now how you’re going to get to what you want. First, “upload” to your brain a picture of what you want to create in your life.

You will be surprised, but sooner or later, if it is important to you, your brain will make sure that everything you have planned in your life happens.

I suggest you do a simple exercise.

For the next 30 days daily, write down the answers to the question “What do I want?” on a piece of paper for 15 minutes.

You must not limit yourself. Your brain has limitless potential, and it can do everything you can imagine.

I know it can be difficult. You’ll struggle internally, trying to find excuses for why you can’t make a wish come true. But your flow of desires must not be interrupted by doubt. Just write without paying attention to them. This is the main condition of the exercise.

If you are a person who has difficulty in giving yourself the will to dream, for you there is another form of this exercise – do it with your partner.

Ask your friend or someone close to you, sitting next to you or remotely on the phone, to ask you again and again a single question “What do you want?” for 20 minutes, addressing you by name, and writing down your answers, which you will give with your eyes closed (it is easier to concentrate and hear yourself).

I have met so many people whose lives have changed dramatically since they allowed themselves to create their own outstanding future.

In order to create their future, they must first see it. And in order to see it, you have to let yourself dream about it.

And I want you to remember and understand that there is nothing in this world that can prevent you from creating a Masterpiece of your own life.

It doesn’t matter how old you are now, what education you have, what social or family status you have. It’s just your story that led you to the moment here and now. And from that moment on, your new story begins!

It is up to you to decide which goals to set, what to dream about and what challenges to challenge yourself.

Remember, you have a high-powered computer – your brain, which is able to achieve amazing things, making the impossible possible!