How to find a girlfriend

Today, I’m going to give advice on how to find the girl of my dreams.

This is a frequently asked and beaten question: “How do I find my own girlfriend?” There are hundreds of articles about it, and it’s still relevant.

One of the most common complexes of insecure men – the stereotype that a beautiful girl – not his field of berries. Hence the further delusions at the sight of every beautiful woman you meet.

We come up with excuses: “She has a boyfriend, she is in a hurry, not today, there is no point in approaching, I will seem a jerk, not my level. It’s funny, man, it’s so funny, it’s sad.

Tips for finding a girlfriend:

Get out of the house.

Get high from being alone.


Bad luck hardens.

Don’t look for excuses.

Get high from the process.

Be yourself.

Remember the look.

Learn to flirt.

Be proactive.

Go on a date.

Rule #1. Get out of the house.

Remember once and for all – sitting with a bowl of chips and a bottle of beer in front of your computer monitor, you’ll never find a girl! At least not one that would.

Hardly a slender, elegant, lushly chested and hollow dream girl walks through apartments and knocks on the door to loser housewives. Unless she’s a postman, of course.

What do we do? Go outside. Yeah, yeah, right now. So you don’t get sick of meeting her, I suggest you look at the 10 mistakes men make. And if you don’t know how to get to know her on the street, then read this article and you’ll see right away.

Rule #2. Learn to get high from being alone.

Just because you’re alone right now doesn’t mean you have to beat the cock on yourself.

Do you have to dress nice and good, or how will she notice you? Be self-sufficient, self-confident, your state of loneliness should not oppress you, or you will become pathetic.

For others to be good with you, let yourself be good to begin with.

Rule number 3. Practice.

If you want to find yourself a good, beautiful girl, one of your main goals is to communicate with a large number of women.

You must constantly practice and hone your communication skills. You have to do it regularly, not once a month, otherwise it will not make any difference.

Rule number 4. Bad luck hardens.

Most men are basically afraid to approach a girl and start a conversation. That’s the banal reason – the fear of being rejected.

And although it doesn’t hurt and the sky won’t collapse, the fear still remains.

So come up, talk, get the phone number. It doesn’t matter if you get a rejection or consent. Say it again as many times as it takes to get rid of the fear. You get stronger every time.

Rule number 5. Stop looking for excuses.

All these phrases like “She’s very pretty, she’s probably got hundreds of people like me”, “She’s definitely got a boyfriend already”, “She’s not gonna fall for me”, “I guess I’m not her type”, “This isn’t a good time to talk, she’s busy with something” – that’s total crap.

Stop looking for excuses for your fear and fail. Forget it. Just remember that you saw a girl you liked. Do it right now. Just go!

Rule #6. Kifuyu from the process.

You don’t have to take it too seriously. It’s just a search for a girl, not a global catastrophe of all humanity.

If you take the whole process with ease, there’s a better chance you’ll succeed. After all, seduction is a pleasure. From beginning to end.

Rule number seven. Be yourself.

You don’t have to try to please a girl to lose yourself completely.

If she’s a vegetarian, you don’t have to say you’re a vegetarian either. If she tells you stupid and unfunny jokes, you don’t have to pretend you’re having fun. If she’s talking complete nonsense, don’t be afraid to tell her.

Don’t try to be something you’re not just to please her. After all, women are always attracted to men who have their own opinions and principles.

Rule number eight. Your appearance.

If you think that only men judge women first by their appearance, you’re deeply wrong.

Girls pay attention to your figure, your hands, your shoes, your hairstyle, your dress style. For them, this first impression is as important as it is for us.

So you have to be well-groomed, you have to watch yourself, you have to go to the gym, you have to keep in shape.

Pay attention to your clothes. Be stylish and choose the things that suit you. It’ll give you even more confidence, which means you’ll be attractive in her eyes.

Rule number nine. Learn to flirt.

Add a little flirting to your relationship with every girl. If that doesn’t happen, she’ll throw you in the frendson right away.

Don’t be afraid of touching. Socially acceptable touch. The more you touch her, the better. Watch her reaction and draw conclusions whether she likes it or not.

Rule #10. Be proactive.

If you took her phone number, don’t be afraid to call the next day.

Believe me, if she didn’t want to see you again, she wouldn’t give you the number.

When you ask her out, offer her two or three verified options instead of asking what she’d be interested in doing. You’re the man and it’s up to you.

Rule number 11. Go on a date.

In other words, don’t be stupid! If you liked her, make an appointment and then another one.

Surprise her, meet her, or walk her home. Take matters into your own hands and drive the whole process. Asking a date is best by phone, not a social networking message.

And get ready to pay the first date, because it’ll tell your potential girlfriend a lot about you.

If you still think it’s hard, you can attend my training sessions that have already helped a lot of guys find one.

And lastly, I’ll give you some more tips to help you find the one.

You should have your own life. You shouldn’t be completely obsessed with it and your relationship.

Think about why you’re still alone. Just really analyze your behavior, your looks, all the joints and maybe you’ll find the reasons.

Talk to a lot of girls. When you’re in women’s company, try to have a conversation with absolutely everyone. But only focus on the one you like the most.