How to find a new good job?

Sooner or later you grow out of the work you are in now. You can’t go on with something that doesn’t suit you or prevents you from moving on. Psychologists recommend that you change your job every 5-7 years, or even more often. How to find a new and most importantly a good job? Hate all your life work, be unhappy, receive little, but stay in the same place? Doubtful decision, which only makes you unhappy and more and more sad. If you are not satisfied with your current job, it is not a reason to spend your whole life on it. Sometimes there comes a time for change, when you can’t stand it anymore.

How to find a new and good job?

1. Define your desires and goals Define your list of interests and what you usually dream about at night. What do you like most and what would you like to do in the future? You don’t have to do what you’ve done all your life before. Maybe it’s time for a radical change? Try yourself in a new place and a new quality?

2. Choose a direction and specialty Analyze the industry and activity where you plan to work. This may be the field of information technology, automated systems and other promising areas. What specialties do you find attractive?

3. Calculate the money available Identify the amount of money and your financial cushion that is available. How much you spend per month, how much it will take to find a job, and how much you can freely find a new job without worrying about financial problems. This will prevent you from throwing yourself at the first option you get, which is rarely the best. Look for a job actively, but calmly and without panic.

4. Write down the criteria for the new job you are looking for How to find a new job? What is the company’s field of activity, the level of required salary, possible prospects, office location, responsibilities and type of work. Write down the criteria for a new job as if you were choosing a new phone according to its characteristics. These criteria will give you a clear idea of what the job should look like.

5. Think about your development and pump the right skills When you are looking for a new job, you will surely need knowledge, experience and skills. Update and make your existing knowledge more relevant. Take up self-education: draw knowledge, read the right books, go to courses, try online learning, improve your knowledge, get a new specialty.

6. Find a part-time job while looking for a job A small amount of money can allow you to last much longer, if it will cover at least part of the costs. Find yourself a part-time job and preferably a remote one. This could be a copywriter, designer, marketer, self-optimizer, online teacher, manager, retoucher, outsourced consultant. Take on any interesting work.

7. Look for a job actively Place an actual resume on all known job sites. Tell your friends that you are looking for a job. Respond to interesting vacancies, but do not bother in case of refusal. Define the requirements for modern workers and what you need to pull up. This may be English language skills or a larger knowledge luggage. Take it as advice to become more demanded and professional.

8. Immerse yourself in the selected duration While searching for a new job, immerse yourself in the selected duration. This will allow you to prepare a little and pump up your knowledge. Treat the search as if it were a new job. Get up early in the morning, look for vacancies, do self-education.

9. Prepare yourself for interviews Learn more about the companies or skills that are required. After 5 interviews, if you could not get a job, identify your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Read more about how to get the job interviews right and how to behave. Practice in front of the mirror, or better, record a video. You will be able to assess from the outside more open-mindedly. Learn to sell yourself at interviews as effectively as possible.

10. Think about the future, not the past Do not think about what was better in the past job. Do not think about the dark past, but about a brighter future. This will motivate as well as support you in times of temporary unemployment and job search. How will you work in a new place, what will you do and how will you feel? Think about what will happen in the future.

Left without a job or want to quit? How do you find a good new job? Do not push it, but move on. There would be a neck, and there would always be a clamp. Leave with an unloved and hated job before it’s too late. Wait all your life for a pension or find a better job? The choice is obvious. You have one life to endure too long. At your new job you will be happy, not like now.