How to find out if a girl likes you

Women’s psychology and behaviour are unpredictable and mysterious. It is not always that easy to solve feelings and check their authenticity. How to understand that a girl likes you if she does not talk about it directly?

The main signs of sympathy

Finding out that a girl likes you is easy enough if you follow her behavior.

She’ll keep an eye on you, but look away if you look at her. Some girls prefer to flirt and look straight in the eye, without losing sight of the timid look.

If she likes you, the girl will go over the straps and twist them on her finger, throw hair on one shoulder, bare neck, shake the hair.

Bolder girls make it clear that they like you by biting your lips or slightly smiling when you meet with your eyes. More timid girls make it clear that they like you by looking down and blushing when you look down.

As far as body language is concerned, it is possible to find out if a girl likes you by gestures and gait. She tries to take the most relaxed and beautiful pose when talking, deliberately walks beautifully near you, sits flat, laughs loudly and gesticulates if she is not talking to you to attract attention.

Sympathy of a strange girl

Understand that a girl at school, university or at work likes you more easily than a girl you don’t even know likes or dislikes you. It’s stupid enough to approach and get acquainted at once, because it may turn out that you are not her type, and the effort was in vain.

In addition to the above signs that the familiar girl likes you, there are a few more nuances in the event that she is unfamiliar.

For example, sitting at the next table in a restaurant, she plays with her jewelry, glass, smiles a little, meeting her eyes.

Another signal that the girl likes you is, for example, a blouse sliding off her shoulder, a beautiful and relaxed posture, a gait if she walks past you.

She can also be flirtatious with the other person if the woman likes you. A sign that a girl likes you can be a loud conversation and laughter as a way to attract attention.

The signal from a strange girl may be more specific. She may ask to look at her table while she is away, talk to you first, ask for a smoke. Only a stupid man can miss this chance without understanding the signals.

On communication in a social network

How do you know if women like a guy by correspondence? After all, today social networks are becoming almost the main way to find new acquaintances.

Like a girl can often go to your page, follow the news posted on it, actively comment and coquettish in the comments. Perhaps she will subscribe to the same publicity and post the same news, hinting at the similarity of interests.

She will be on your side in the discussions and can ask for help in the messages if she likes your company. To like it, it is enough to respond to her request and not to ignore these signs.

Sympathy after a few visits

Of course, if a guy has been dating a girl for a long time, he doesn’t have a question: “Does she like me or not? But if there were only a couple of innocent meetings, it can be difficult for the guys to understand whether they like them or not.

You will understand that there is really a sympathy for the fact that she is always ready to communicate and rarely disappears from sight. She will be happy to talk on the phone or Skype, answer the message. She also reports on her plans, for example, that on Saturday she will go with her relatives to the country house or with a friend in a cafe.

If she likes everything about you, she’ll tell a lot about herself, meet her friends and try to look amazing on every date.

The girl will ask for your advice and opinions on any issue, carefully listen to him and thank him – such a woman’s tactics should not be neglected, subconsciously the woman wants to be weaker than a man and ask for his help.

She will also want you to share what you know, tell her about your life and yourself. She won’t be indignant if you invite her to a cafe that the place is cheap, the wine is not good and the atmosphere is terrible. She’ll be interested in everything with you.

Body language

Body language is an important part of sympathy psychology. Sympathy is manifested in the fact that she sincerely wants to like and start communicating. If she sits sideways, it indicates readiness for dialogue. If she sits in an open position, at ease and calmly, it is a sign of sympathy.

A sign that you are not indifferent to her may be visiting the same places that you visit, changing your habits, appearance, wardrobe, hair, makeup.

In addition, her pupils may dilate, her cheeks may blush, her eyelashes may shake slightly and her eyes may sink embarrassingly. It can also avoid direct eye contact.

Often girls avoid those who are cute to them, show demonstrative indifference, leave the conversation and are completely removed. It also indicates feelings, but something prevents her from showing them.

Subconsciously, a woman may seek touch. It’s easy to touch your shoulder, touch your thigh, as if to accidentally collide in the corridor, grabbing your hand, enthusiastically telling something.

If she asks for help with something, jokes, says that she is cold or hungry – it is an attempt to pay attention to herself. Don’t miss these moments – offer to come in for a snack or offer her your jacket and get along on her own.

Features of temperament

Not everyone is ready to show their sympathy. There are shy and melancholic individuals who, on the contrary, are afraid of their feelings. In this case, everything will be quite the opposite. She will not be caught in the eye, impose, start conversations. Often such a person also has a lot of complexes.

Considering itself unworthy of attention, comparing with girls who are popular with the opposite sex, she will avoid even the shortest meetings, turn away and even run away.

To establish communication with such a person is easiest in private or on a social network, when no one looks at her and does not condemn, does not mock, as it seems to her.

Girls with a more open character, on the contrary, try to attract attention, speak loudly, laugh, make friends with friends of a person who liked it. It is possible that she herself can approach and make an acquaintance, not considering it something shameful and wrong.

Another model of behavior is indifference. Such women pretend not to notice the young man, respond only by friendship and do not give any hope for a relationship. They are waiting for their affection to be achieved, but it is too difficult to recognize it, because spending months on a person who may not even tolerate your presence is stupid.

A group of friends

The easiest thing to notice about the company is sympathy. A girl may be shyly interested in your common friends about your person, or ask to meet you and it will not oblige anyone – because you are in the same society and have the right to know each other at least out of courtesy.

If you are talking about employees, the situation is similar. Whatever your hierarchy, you will always know each other. Then she can ask for help or company at lunch, complimenting your work or appearance as a friend.


Solving another person’s emotions and feelings is not an easy task. On the other hand, if a person really shows interest, it is difficult to ignore him or her and you should not doubt it – you can always find a reason for communication and friendship, and then get to know each other better. If all these signs aren’t enough, you might want to talk directly and find out about your relationship.

When a girl is in love, she tries to find out if the guy likes her in every possible way. Every day, she watches him or her every day to discover the secret.

Being in a state of uncertainty and uncertainty for a long time is depressing and depressing enough. This leads to a change of mood, sadness and detachment.

But do not despair, there are many ways to understand that the guy likes you. It is enough to choose the most effective way and get the desired result.

  1. Look at the body language

1.1 Watch her position. If a girl likes you, she will try to face you. If the girl turns to you openly, she is ready to communicate with you. If a girl has a “closed position”, for example, her arms or legs are crossed, she is likely to be embarrassed or worried about you, but maybe she just gives you a sign that she is not interested in communicating.

If a girl sits with her foot down, pay attention to her feet. If they are directed in your direction, she probably likes you, and she would like to get to know you better.

1.2 Pay attention to eye contact. If a girl likes you, she’ll probably look at you for a few seconds or look away as soon as you look at her. Each of these options is a sign that you are interesting to this girl. If a girl quickly takes her eyes off, it often means she’s worried or just not ready to reveal her feelings to you, but you can still be pretty to her.

If a girl likes you, her pupils will dilate when communicating with you, although it is hard to see.

If you have looked at a girl and noticed that she is looking at you, maybe she likes you.

1.3 Pay attention to the context. Interpretation of body language depends on the context. For example, if you talk to a girl together, her touching your hand for a few seconds can be perceived as flirting. However, if she just slaps you on the shoulder to attract your attention and tell you that your friend is looking for you, you can hardly say she’s flirting, she’s just trying to help.

If you’re talking about something lively, a girl may look at you without breaking eye contact, but that doesn’t always mean she likes you. Maybe it’s just her reaction to the conversation. However, if a girl maintains eye contact for a long time without talking to you if she looks at you but turns away as soon as you look at her, she’s probably interested in you.

1.4 Note whether she is trying to touch or get closer to you. If a girl likes you, she will try to touch you because it’s a way to flirt, albeit very obvious. Thus, the girl draws conclusions about how you react. For example, she can take your hand when you say something funny, “accidentally” touch your shoulder or hand, gently put your hand on your knee.

Not all girls feel comfortable touching a guy. In that case, don’t take it all for granted and think she doesn’t like you because she hasn’t tried to touch you. Maybe she’s just nervous. If you like a girl, don’t hesitate, try to break the physical barrier between you and see how she reacts.

She may find other ways to touch you. For example, it’s playful to hit you on the arm. This “friendly” gesture can be a disguised attempt to touch you and get closer, but without your friends noticing.

1.5 Note whether it hugs you “by accident” a lot. This is especially important if she only hugs you. A hug is a friendly, affectionate way of getting closer to a person and touching them without showing off your flirting skills. If you like a girl, hug her back, but if you don’t want her to be wrong about you, politely refuse her.

1.6 Note if she is copying your movements. If a girl is constantly imitating you (for example, if you fix your hair, and after a few seconds notice that she’s fixing it too), she’s probably subconsciously copying your movements. This may indicate that she likes you.

1.7 Notice if she’s rubbing her hair. If she playsfully twirls a strand of hair on her finger or just often fixes her hair, she’s probably flirting.

1.8 Watch for signs of anxiety or anxiety. If a girl feels sympathy for you, she will touch your lips, collarbone and neck to draw your attention to these areas of the body. She can even put lipstick on your lipstick in your presence.

1.9 Pay attention to whether she smiles at you. This can be her signal to you that she feels comfortable and cozy in your presence. If a girl likes you, she will laugh at your jokes (no matter how funny they are).

  1. Pay attention to other signs of flirting

2.1 Know how to respond to compliments. If a girl gives you a compliment, she probably really likes you. This is probably just a way to make you feel welcome.

For example, she might say something like, “You have beautiful eyes” or “Do you look so sporty – do you do something?

2.2 Observe the reactions of her friends. If you see that many of her friends often look at you and smile or giggle, she’s probably told them about you, and they’re now “aware” of her feelings. Sometimes friends of this girl even dare to come over and tell you that she likes you.

When she talks to friends and you walk by or approach her, they stop talking right away. If this is the case, it is likely that the conversation was about you.

2.3 Pay attention to her style. If a girl likes you, she will try to impress you with her appearance. She may start wearing slightly open or tight clothes and lipstick to catch your eye.

Each girl has her own style, so not all girls will dress the way they like to impress someone they like. However, if you notice that the girl you like is dressed more beautifully in your presence than usual, she may want to impress you.

2.4 Try to playfully tease her. If a girl likes you, she can jokingly tease you about something you do or say. For example, teasing is laughing at a joke that wasn’t so funny, joking at your clothes, or something you’re investing in.

2.5 Note if she is looking for a reason to talk to you. She may have added you as friends on a social networking site, talked to you every day after class, or written to you out of the blue. These are all signs that the girl is interested in you and wants to get to know you better.

Of course, this does not mean that she likes you for sure. If a girl wants to be your friend, she will also look for a way to start a conversation with you. But if a girl talks to you often and is flirtatious (judging by her body language), she tells you compliments, she’s probably trying to show you her sympathy.

2.6 Pay attention to her attempts to find out about your relationship. If the girl likes you, she will want to know if you are free to see if you are worth flirting with. She may ask you directly if you have a girlfriend or maybe use a more subtle approach.

She can tease you jokingly, for example, she can say, “I bet you’ve watched this movie with your girlfriend! If you like her, use this opportunity and flirt back! For example, you could say, “I don’t have a girlfriend, but I really want to watch this movie… Do you want to go to the movies with me on Friday night?

2.7 Note if she is often a victim. If a girl likes you, she will try to face you in a vulnerable position to understand to experience your feelings. For example, if you are outdoors and the girl you like exclaims: “I’m freezing”, so it’s a subtle hint that she wants you to give her your sweater. It’s a very nice and thoughtful gesture, especially if you want to show a girl that you like her.

Sometimes a girl can pretend she’s not doing her job, like when she tells you she doesn’t understand her homework. This is your chance to offer her help. Keep in mind that she probably does this on purpose to see how you react, hoping that you will take care of her.

When you offer your help and she does not like you, but someone in the company with you, she may be offended or upset that you offered to help her first. In that case, at least you will know how she feels and will be able to move on.

2.8 Check her interest in you by asking her for help. If she is always there when you need help, she probably likes you. But don’t think she’s in love with you right away, just because she helped you out once. Ask her for something small sometime, like if she has a gum or a pen, and look at her reaction. If she’s always trying to help you and shows all the signs of sympathy, she’s probably in love with you.

Don’t get carried away with these checks or ask for help with something difficult, she may think you’re lazy or that you’re taking advantage of her kindness, you might even become less interesting to her. So don’t overdo it, you don’t want her to be disappointed in you if you’re really interesting to her.

2.9 Note how she behaves in the presence of others. If a girl flirts with you, it does not necessarily mean that she likes you. Maybe she just likes to flirt with guys, or she doesn’t even notice she’s flirting. The best way to understand that she’s really flirting with you, not because it’s her way of behaving is to see how she behaves around other guys.

If she doesn’t behave the way she does with you, for example, by maintaining eye contact with you longer than with others, or by teasing you in a playful way, she probably likes you.

  1. Be more straightforward

3.1 Smile at her. A natural, sincere, carefree smile is the best way to show a girl how you feel about her. Besides, this way you seem to her to be an optimistic happy person, and since happiness is a contagious phenomenon, positive emotions will be associated with you. If she smiles back at you, be sure she feels great with you.

3.2 Start a conversation with her. This is a great way to understand how interesting you are to her. During the conversation, try to see if she is making any hints or paying attention to you, or if she is trying to talk to you in a romantic way. In addition, she can show her sympathy, often nodding you and repeating some of your phrases.

To start a conversation, ask her questions that cannot be answered in one word. For example, about classes, about work, about pop culture. It could be something quite simple, like “what do you think of this group?” or “how was your day?

Don’t get upset if the girl you like isn’t trying to start a conversation with you. If she likes you, she may be very shy and nervous when she talks to you. Even if she seems like the most confident girl you know, she may have had some bad experiences in the past, or she’s not ready to talk to you yet, but she’ll probably be happy to talk to you first.

If you are already in a friendly relationship, it is quite easy to start a conversation. In this case, the most effective way to understand what she likes about you is to look at your body language to see if she treats you differently from other friends.

3.3 Be careful. If you like a girl, do your best to remember any details she has mentioned. Listen carefully to what she says to keep this in mind in the future.

For example, if she told you about her favorite band, try to “remember” one of the band’s songs at your next conversation. She’ll be surprised that you’ve noticed this! Even if she doesn’t have romantic feelings for you, she may start to look at you when she realizes how carefully you treat her.

In addition, personal conversations are a great way to appreciate body language, so watch out for her actions and pay attention to light “accidental” touching.

3.4 Give the girl a hint that you like her. But only if you are sure of your sympathy and think that she likes you too. This is a simple step, which may seem difficult, but if you are interested in a girl, and you are almost sure that it is mutual, the easiest way – to ask her out on a date with confidence that she will agree.

You can let her know how you feel by saying something like, “I really like being friends with you, but I’d like to be more than friends.

Don’t tell her how you feel if you just want to know if she likes you. It will be very hurtful and cruel, and it will undermine her trust.

3.5 Ask the girl out on a date. If you like the girl, but are not sure if it is mutual, feel the atmosphere by saying: “I hear it’s a very good movie, do you want to watch it with me? Your tone should be normal. If she agrees, be sure she is interested in you. If she refuses, change the subject.

3.6 Respond to her behaviour. Give up if you feel she doesn’t like you at all, try to make a coquettish joke if you think your sympathies are mutual.

If the girl you like doesn’t respond to your romantic behaviour, even though you thought she liked you too, don’t take it personally. A good lasting romantic relationship is based on mutual interest. Besides, there are a lot of girls in the world who can be good for you.

3.7 Don’t get too involved in the analysis. Trying to find out if a girl likes you can cost you a lot of effort and energy. Excessive attempts to analyse her behaviour can lead to you starting to get her involved, but not to meet her, but just to check her out.

Instead of wasting time thinking about whether she likes you or not, use this time and energy to spend time with her and her friends. Just make sure you give her a clear hint (for example, with the help of flirting), otherwise you may stay in the “front zone” forever.


If a girl asks you to do something with her or with another couple, it may be a sign that she wants to hint at something more than friendship.

A girl may like you and you may not see any of the above signs. The best way to clarify the situation is to try to spend more time with her and see what kind of relationship you are developing.

If a girl is very shy, it may be difficult for her to start a conversation with you personally. But, perhaps, she dares to talk to you online. If you communicate quietly online, but in life she is embarrassed when she sees you, most likely, she likes you, but it is difficult for her to show it to you personally. So, try to test her: smile at her and ask her some simple general questions, such as how her day went.

If you like a girl, don’t flirt with others. If she sees you hugging another girl or flirting with others, she’ll think you treat her like everyone else and stop trying to get your attention.

If a girl looks restrained and avoids you, you don’t have to give up right away because you may well be wrong. Instead, relax a little and give her time and privacy. You may be of interest to her, but she may feel uncomfortable in public. In this case, you should probably be more sensitive in expressing your sympathies.

If a girl tries to avoid communicating with you in any way, for example, trying to avoid talking to you, even if you’re in the company, it’s very likely that she’s guessing your sympathies, but she doesn’t feel anything for you. There’s also the possibility that she’s just reacting in this way to your overly straightforward hints. In that case, it is worth perceiving her silence and ignoring it as a signal that it is time for you to step back and leave her alone. You can try flirting with her again after a couple of weeks. If she still reacts negatively, it is better to stop trying.

Society is a very specific social education, with many rules, restrictions, and rituals. We have to behave in a certain way in one situation, in another….

And as for interpersonal relations, there is also a lot of personal peculiarities of each person. Some are modest in nature, some are open, and some are bold in one situation, but timid and scared in another. We often hide our true feelings behind the masks of politeness, coldness and indifference.

Hence the questions about how to understand whether a man likes you, whether he is in love with you …

Love game is like driving a car: women prefer to detour; men try to cut the corner.

How do you know if a girl likes you?

You doubt her sympathy and are in a waiting position. But you can wait for years until she marries someone braver! Below we will present the signs by which you can determine if she likes you. Of course, they are not a panacea, as each girl is individual and behaves differently:

A smile. Note how she smiles at you – the smile should be warm and sincere, her eyes glowing. Pay attention to the way she behaves with others, maybe she smiles like that even to her girlfriends.

Correspondence. If you communicate with her via text message or social media, she tries to answer as quickly as possible. Believe me, if a girl is not interested in a boyfriend, she won’t try to answer right away and maybe postpone it for a few hours or even days. Plays a role and what exactly your correspondence about. If she asks you to do something instead of her at work or school, she just uses you. But if she asks how you are doing and is interested in your mood, you have every chance of success.

Talk about anything. If you really like her, she will find a lot of topics to talk to you about, even if you have little in common. But if a girl doesn’t like a guy, she will be silent and withdrawn.

She does not ignore you. When you try to talk to her or call her on her mobile, she does not ignore you. If you were unpleasant to her or if she was completely indifferent to you, she would hardly answer your call or try to start a conversation.

Sharing your interests. If you offered to go to a football bar to watch a match or jump off a bridge, and she didn’t refuse – she likes you 100%! Girls are capable of a real feat for the sake of the guy they like, especially in the early stages of the relationship.

Jealousy . Check her out – with her, start communicating with another girl, follow her reaction. If she is jealous, you can ask her out on a date – for sure she likes you. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise everything will turn into a scandal.

She watches your life. The girl who likes you, will remember all the important dates for you and congratulate you on the holidays. She will hardly do it for the sake of the person she does not care about.

She is not ashamed of you. She may want to introduce you to friends or go out. If she didn’t like the guy, she certainly wouldn’t want to show up and waste her precious time with him.

Words of support and compliments. She praised your new sweater and said you looked great in it. Or just comforted you when you were in a bad mood. Most likely, you are really nice to her and she likes you.

Common myths

There are some erroneous cliches about how to recognize a girl’s sympathy. Despite the fact that they are very popular, in fact, this behavior of a girl does not say anything:

She is playing with her hair while talking to you. In fact, it has nothing to do with whether you’re cute or not. She just likes to play with her hair.

She touches her neck – also a meaningless gesture.

She laughs at your jokes. Maybe they’re really funny or just out of courtesy.

Now you know by what signs to understand whether a girl likes you or not. If you doubt it, ask her out on a date and everything will become clear at once.

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