How to find work during a coronavirus pandemic. Recruiter Tips

“If you’re out of work now, look for a new one! And the sooner the better,” – There’s still quite a lot of work to do and quite a lot of vacancies, but in 2-3 months everything will be much more complicated, especially given the summer period”.

Recruiter noted that in the current situation with the epidemic, despite the importance of quickly find a new job, the vacancy should be chosen wisely. “Look for a job as quickly as possible, but not in the “oops, this is not good for me” option, but go to the first appropriate one. Not the first job you get, the first matching job, that’s important.”

Added that due to the self-isolation mode, the format of interviews has not changed, all portals, HR employees, career consultants are online as before. Interviews are also held online.

“The only thing is that everything has become a little bit longer. This is due to the fact that all HR-companies’ employees are busy transferring people to the “remote location”, and this is not a fast process, and many companies are not ready for it,”.

The weekdays from March 30 to April 3 are officially declared off. Employees of continuously operating organizations continue to work remotely.

March 29, restrictions on movement in the city were introduced. You can leave the apartment only in cases of emergency medical assistance and other direct threat to life and health, travel to work (if necessary).

You can also leave your home to shop in a shop or pharmacy. Pets are allowed to walk no more than 100 meters away from their homes.