How to find your path, vocation and purpose in life?

Life is too short to do something you don’t love, to sleep with a girl you don’t love and to do something you don’t have a soul for. Everyone wants to find his destiny in life, to realize the opportunities and to realize his innermost dreams. In our youth, we chose a place of study, work, in life, almost at random. We were advised by friends, parents, or had a destiny. But often we made a wrong choice, the results of which we reaped after 10 years or more. If you are unhappy, then you definitely go the wrong place where you want and deserve. You can get great results and become happy only when you have found your true path. But it is not so easy.

How do you find your way, vocation and destination in life?

1. Draw a dream life What should your life look like according to your dreams? Make a list of 20-30 points with the key points. What do you want to do, how to live and what to do? This list includes all desires: material, physical, psychological, spiritual. This is the initial outline of your dream life.

2. Make a list of things that you are not attracted to at all What do you sure you do not want to do, how to look and what to surround yourself with? This could be your life today, where you have an unloved and low-paid job, a gray life and no other half. This is something you definitely don’t want to have in a year or two, if you have it now. It is time to get out of the pit!

3. Find the most important points Choose from a list of 8-10 most important things and mark them with a separate marker. What are your dreams? How achievable and truly desirable are your dreams? Are they yours, not just a pattern wish to have a lot of money?

4. Make plans Now start analyzing and making plans for your future life. How do you reach these 10 most important points and what do you need to do for it? How do you spend your free time? What do you have to do today, tomorrow? Make a plan for the coming months and even years.

5. Take at least one step every day Your actions bring you closer to your dreams and goals, or maybe they only alienate that time? All your actions go to the plus or minus of dreams. When you know clearly what you want, there are opportunities. Every day make at least one step forward. This is a minimum program. But it is better to make two or three. You don’t want to die before you become happy, do you? When you find your way, you have no further doubts. Everything becomes clear, easy and understandable. Life is filled with meaning, and a smile appears on your face. It always turns out easier on your “own” way, and you are like floating. Life is short to not find your way, your calling and destination.