How to find yourself a beautiful and interesting girl, if you yourself are uninteresting and ugly?

The reason for the “you’re not interesting and ugly” statement can be because of your low self-esteem. On the one hand. On the other hand, who is “pretty and interesting girl”? By what criteria do you define it? What kind of girl do you understand as “beautiful and interesting”?

The fact is that all our criteria and grades like yours – “uninteresting and ugly”, “beautiful and interesting” – these are just our grades. This is what we have learned to evaluate in this way, and there are no other objective evaluations.

That’s why:

Beautiful and interesting girl – who is she? Make the most detailed portrait of her as a real person. What does she look like when she is not feeling well? How does she behave? What and how does she tell herself? What kind of person could be with her to make her feel good with him? How could she treat you? Your friends and family? What does she like and what is important to her in life? What does she like to do? How does she make a living? What does she strive for and what does she want to be at 60?

There are no uninteresting and ugly people – there are only our grades, which means we can change them. By changing her grades, we can change them ourselves. What is the interest of other people in other people? 🙂 What kind of interesting person would you like to be? How can you become interesting to another person? Imagine that you are the one who was chosen by that “beautiful and interesting girl”… What kind of person are you?

The answers you give yourself to these questions will help you determine what steps you need to take to change what you think and feel. It will give you the impulse to do new things, to change yourself, to change your life.

A man does not have to be beautiful – he has to be brave. A woman with him must be not only “interesting”, but also calm and reliable.

They must love and respect each other. They must have common goals in life.

Of course, the relationship issues go far beyond this post, so if you really decide to change your life, write.

It works with self-influence and suggestion. He compelled himself or he was compelled to be boring. He believes he’s boring. He tells you that he’s boring. He’s probably saying it in a boring voice. He’s in a hypnotic trance of his boredom and he makes an unconscious hypnotic suggestion to you. And you, even if you liked him at first, begin to find features of boredom in him… 🙂 And you start to believe it’s boring. And you already really think he’s really boring.

Maybe you’d think differently if he told you the same thing, but somehow, cheerfully and something like, “baby, I’m the most boring person… “let’s think of a quick way to get boring together, because it’s not really boring yet…”

It’s all about what we believe in. Cartes said a man can’t do anything but believe. Our faith, our beliefs form our reality. That’s what everything is based on. And love, in particular.

For example, a girl wants to meet some cool guy. She creates his image and gives him qualities she thinks he should have. Then she meets someone who she thinks is similar to the image that has formed in her head. Maybe her friends told her, “This is the one you’ve been looking for.” And it’s a hypnotic suggestion.

And that’s it. We’re starting to produce the appropriate hormones. Critical factor remainders are being shut down. A sense of freedom, euphoria and other components, including physiology. As a result, for some time, the girl feels on top of the world. She is in love and happy!

Then the hormonal background gradually returns to its usual level, and with it comes back the ability to think critically. Then she begins to see what she has closed her eyes to before…

In general, it’s such a team of hodgepodge of joys and sorrows. Maybe you had something like that, maybe not. Maybe your friends were saying something like that. It doesn’t matter, because it happens so often and it’s not good or bad. It’s okay. It’s life. That’s how we do things.

But there’s a little secret. If you try to fit a living person into your virtual images and ideals, most often the result will be disappointment and parting.

Or you can meet a person and start to find something in him that you might like… then… Then, based on this, begin to rebuild the ideal image in your head to make it more consistent with reality. Then start doing things that can make you closer to each other. And then…

Anyway, it’s like dancing when you two try to do it better for each other. Then there’s boredom and beauty.

It’s not boring to meet you! 🙂