How to get a girl drunk and have sex with her?

Let’s put moral principles aside and remember that 90% of the first sex between a man and a girl happens under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol pushes each other, helps a couple to relax, removes sanctimonious barriers, removes complexes and underwear. It is alcohol that has brought more couples together than all the pickup or feminine seduction courses combined. Many men complain that they don’t get girls and have very little sex in their lives. Girls complain that men are not interested in them enough. The fact is that sex brings people together better than the proverbial candy-boquet period and other nonsense. The modern world, despite the abundance of sex, has not freed us from intimate complexes. Many men and women want to have sex, but they are stopped by the sanctimonious rules of society. Having sex after a short acquaintance is considered wrong and lewd. Everyone wants to hear that they are unavailable and right, and there is a lot of complexes and cockroaches in each couple.

Attention! Remember Diana Shurygina. This method is not suitable for those cases where a strange girl is drunk at a hangout in order to rape her emotionless body with a crowd. All this should end up in court and jail. It’s not worthy of a man. But if you’re already dating a girl and just need a little excuse to jump into bed, that’s a good idea. In that case, the man must take on the role of seducer and co-stayer at the same time. The girl may have wanted sex for a long time and only needs a little push in the right direction. This is better than 1,000 pick-up methods. Alcohol will get you into the same bed very quickly.

How do you get a girl drunk and have sex with her? A girl will not drink vodka, because she is trying to look like a true lady, and it is not tasty for the weaker sex. But a girl will easily agree to drink a little more noble alcohol. Champagne, fortified wine, and even better cocktails are suitable for this. All girls love these fun and beautiful drinks, which have an interesting name and a pleasant taste. When a cocktail tastes good, girls drink a lot and it gets them intoxicated quickly. To keep a girl drinking, offer toast and make more jokes.

The cocktail “Northern Lights” is good for getting a girl drunk. Vodka is mixed with champagne in the ratio of 1 to 3. Ice cubes are thrown in. If desired, you can add lemon juice and a little sugar (honey) to the cocktail. Magic bubbles of champagne, mixed with degrees of vodka, will quickly take away the girl’s complexes along with her underwear. The man should ask what kind of alcohol the girl likes. You can drink martini, diluting it with orange, pomegranate, lemon or grapefruit juice. Girls drink Baileys liqueur, vermouth, whiskey and cola, tequila and lemon, gin and tonic. How do you get a girl drunk and have sex with her? On holidays and weekends it is even easier to get a girl drunk than on weekdays. You can treat her at a bar or at home, making cocktails yourself. In addition to alcohol you need a good mood – all girls love this. In a secluded or not so secluded place the girl can start kissing and seducing.