How to get a girl drunk to have sex with her?

It is already established in society that alcohol strongly contributes to the physical rapprochement between a guy and a girl. In most cases, you can’t do without alcohol in sex. A drunken bunny is not the mistress of her vagina, says the popular wisdom. Both partners become less uptight under alcohol, modesty leaves them and they want to enjoy physical contact. Even if in life you are shy and do not know how to approach a girl to get acquainted, alcohol is your best assistant in this, it can do everything for you if you give it full control over yourself.

This happens because there is less oxygen in the brain, oxygen starvation begins, the brain begins to be poorly understood and you become dumb. So dumb that you don’t need anything but the animal instinct to reproduce and enjoy yourself at that moment. In the morning the dead brain cells will leave your body, your body will begin to recover and the memories will come of how macho you were yesterday and what you are now without the help of alcohol.

In any case alcohol promotes acquaintance with continuation in bed and it’s great, without alcohol in the life of every man sex would be much less. Without it you would have to go on tedious dates, spend a lot of time and money on gifts and outings. And so, everything is much easier, went to a bar or club, got the girl drunk, who came to this place for the sake of it, said a few compliments, touched her, kissed her and called her home to continue a wonderful evening in the horizontal position. The girl, of course, may fall asleep if she drinks too much so control the level of alcohol in her blood, not with a breathalyzer of course, but by the way she controls her movements.

Drink the girl better with cocktails that include alcohol with a high degree. Champagne is also a good option, it gives a fast result, but it does not last long. Wine works on a girl for about 2 hours, but the effect is not immediate, be patient. Ideally vodka is best, but girls rarely drink it. To make it hard for a girl to refuse to drink much, use an important reason for her to drink, such as your birthday. The older the girl, the harder it is to get her drunk, she even under alcohol understands where things are going and if she gives you, she knew exactly where things were going.

At first, always ask what the girl likes to drink and buy it for her. Then start drinking alcohol with different degrees, for a quick intoxication. Do not get drunk on alcohol, or you will not succeed in bed, or forget to protect yourself.

Contribute to the removal of your girlfriend’s panties will be that tomorrow she has nowhere to go, she knows a lot of confidential information about you, you have not touched her many times, she is constantly smiling in communication with you.

With her underwear. A man should ask what kind of alcohol she likes. You can drink a martini, diluting it with orange, pomegranate, lemon or grapefruit juice. Girls drink Baileys liqueur, vermouth, whiskey and cola, tequila and lemon, gin and tonic. How do you get a girl drunk and have sex with her? On holidays and weekends it is even easier to get a girl drunk than on weekdays. You can treat her at a bar or at home, making cocktails yourself. In addition to alcohol you need a good mood – all girls love this. In a secluded or not so secluded place you can start kissing and seducing the girl.