How to get out of your comfort zone: tips for living and business

Experts, coaches and just successful people constantly say that real life begins outside the comfort zone. But getting out there is scary and not always easy. We’ve gathered the best advice on how to overcome these internal boundaries and start living the way you dream…

Exiting the comfort zone is difficult, but it’s definitely worth it. Especially if you’re a novice businessman or just thinking about starting a business. This “journey” may be the most interesting and important thing in your life. At the end of the journey you will receive a worthy reward – the fulfillment of desires, success in work and other affairs.

Before you are 8 tips that are suitable for daily use in any area of life.

  1. Determine where to begin

The first step is to figure out what’s in your green zone and what’s not. And what’s outside of it will really help you in your life. Admit that it’s high time you started to do something to succeed, but you don’t hesitate. To better visualize this stage, try the following exercise: draw a normal circle (this is your comfort zone), and then write down everything you’re afraid of.

  1. Set the first goals

Looking at the circle from the previous point, set goals to help dispel fears. For example, you’re afraid to make new acquaintances. It is important to understand why you are afraid: whether you are shy about your appearance, your voice, or whether you are not sure that you will be interesting to people. Once you’ve determined the reason, start working with it. For example, learn to speak as confidently as possible and get to know each other more and more through “I don’t want to” until it becomes familiar.

  1. Be honest with yourself

Don’t make excuses if you can’t get to the point just because you’re afraid. Don’t tell me you don’t have the time or the external circumstances are impeding you. When you are honest with yourself and face fear openly, it is much easier to overcome it.

  1. Change your surroundings and habits

Often internal changes are caused by external changes, even if it is a minor shift in the house or a new breakfast menu. Start changing the environment around, first with the little things, and then move on to more serious changes. Follow the routes you’ve avoided before. Throw away things you haven’t used in a long time, replace them with new, beautiful and practical things that will please you.

Find a general cleaning or even a repair. Find some interesting recipes, try some flavour combinations you’re not used to. Change your image or pursue a hobby you’ve been putting off for a long time. There are many ways to change your life. Just choose something that will really please you, not cause rejection and discomfort.

  1. Take pleasure in your journey to your goal

The comfort zone is so valuable that it is always clear what to expect. When you go beyond its borders, that feeling is lost. But in addition to unpleasant emotions, interesting discoveries and new impressions are waiting outside the usual framework. So do not think about your anxieties, focus on the pleasant emotions. Enjoy the very process of overcoming yourself, not too fixated on the end result.

  1. Rejoice in the new

A long stay in the comfort zone is fraught with the fact that novelty disappears from life and you stop experiencing the pleasant excitement of anticipation of something unknown. When you start walking towards your goal, new, unusual things will happen around you – try to enjoy it sincerely instead of panicking.

  1. Surround yourself with the right people

The environment has a very strong influence on our worldview and habits. It is therefore important to surround ourselves with people who will inspire new accomplishments and changes. Find role models in your field from which you can learn something new, and try to learn from them not only in work, but also in other ways. Notice how people who are not limited by comfort zone, think, say, make decisions. Imitating their habits, you will soon, imperceptibly yourself, free yourself from old stereotypes. Besides, these people can bring a lot of bright impressions into your life. For example, offer such a friend to organize your leisure time, and you’d be surprised how much you have missed before.

  1. More often than not

Start saying “yes” to things you’ve avoided before: meetings, projects, challenges. Even if you are scared at first, still agree, this is the easiest and fastest way to expand your safe boundaries. Of course, you shouldn’t act against yourself either. But we are sure that you occasionally get opportunities that seem tempting, but because of doubt you miss them. It’s time for a change.

Often people continue to remain in the shadow of fear, sincerely believing that it is much more comfortable and safer. They go to unloved work, communicate with unpleasant people, spend days in a boring routine and never risk to change anything. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change circumstances or other people. But you can change your attitude towards them.

Exit from the comfort zone begins with a reassessment of views on all events in life and the environment. When you understand the essence and usefulness of the destruction of their usual framework, you will begin to move faster to dreams and goals. You only need to take one small step.