How to get revenge on your ex-wife for betrayal

Punishment on a domestic level

As you said before, you shouldn’t act in the heat of the moment. If you tear or ruin all of your beloved woman’s things, you can get any reaction in response, which you do not even count on.

And if the man stops doing his marital duty and won’t do anything even to his wife’s direct hints, it will make her think that her spouse has a mistress, and it will certainly make her agonize.

Another way is to limit the cheater’s expenses. If before you didn’t try to limit her spending and gave her complete freedom, now the money for household needs should be under strict control. This will make her think about her own behavior and what she loses in the case of a divorce and the breakup of a relationship with a generous and well earning man. Of course, this method is applicable only if the woman is financially dependent on her husband.

Families usually plan in advance to go on vacation or buy expensive things. You can postpone or completely cancel a trip to the resort or buy, for example, a new fur coat. This will be a significant blow to her ego. But note that in retaliation, she may start to have fun without her husband, and it will be very difficult to forbid this.

You can, in the end, stop communicating with the insidious adulteress. Declare a boycott, deprive them of joint evening tea discussions or walks before bedtime. If before that in the family everything was fine, and already there were certain rituals and traditions, then breaking these traditions is usually strongly knocked out and makes anyone very nervous. All psychologists unanimously agree that ignoring a loved one is a very effective method of punishment.

And it is not advised to cheat in response to a cheating spouse. Especially to care for her close friend or colleague at work. The reaction to such actions will be very ambiguous, even if the woman realizes her sin, she will not be able to forgive such demonstrative sex.

There is a simple way to destroy items directly related to your relationship:

Tear up wedding pictures or pictures from a honeymoon trip;

Break a beautiful and expensive set of dowry or some items of tableware that remind you of a pleasant experience;

Destroy her favorite purse or dress (although this is usually a way for sophisticated women to get revenge).

BUT performing all of these actions, it is necessary to make sure that the woman will not suspect who the true author of these destructions. Otherwise the consequences could be devastating.

And you can also have a conversation about adultery and the reaction to such actions of your friends. If you explain to your spouse in a veiled form, how you feel about such actions, it is possible that she will be ashamed of his sin and repent of it.

How to get revenge for treason. Ways

To understand how to get revenge on your wife for betrayal, conditionally divide the ways into:

Hidden – the spouse knows that she “gets” exactly for her affairs.

Open – she has no idea where and why a mountain of trouble is coming down on her.

Each category has its advantages and disadvantages, so only by carefully analyzing both, it will become clear which one is best suited in a particular situation.


Create a fake account on any social network with a picture of your wife and her personal information. It will make a good mess of your reputation and relationships with those around you. Note that posting a nude photo or phone number is contrary to moral and ethical standards, and is a risky venture, because in the case of exposure you may be prosecuted.

Register your beloved on a dating site, entering personal information that only your loved ones know about, and then ask what it all means? This way you can not only look at the cheater’s reaction, embarrass her, but also cause her to feel guilty about her bad deed. To the question of how the accuser himself got on the site and saw the ad, you can answer that the unmarried colleague recognized a familiar face and informed the mate of the “find”.

With the help of special programs (they are on the Internet), pester the unfaithful one with calls. This will not only prevent normal interaction with people, work and personal affairs, but will also be very annoying. As a result – emotional instability and even depression.

Sending a lot of e-mails (again, automatically, by means of a program) with huge files to your e-mail box. Firstly, it can put the mail out of order, and secondly, it will prevent you from receiving important information. It will take a lot of time and effort to clear your inbox of unwanted messages, which will cause both small and big troubles. It all depends on how often a person uses this method of communication.

“Accidentally” smashing or spilling tea on the gadget, missing the phone, or ruining a favorite thing is a great way to punish your wife for betraying you.

Avoid communication and, while around, show as much coldness and indifference as possible. This behavior will make you think that you have a mistress, and now you are mentally with her.

Perform your marital duty with obvious neglect and reluctance. This is very offensive to a woman, she will immediately start looking for the reason in her appearance, and as a “reward” get a couple of complexes.

Run a virus on the laptop or computer of your girlfriend. Such a prank will result in:

music that has been collected and sorted over the years will disappear;

videos, which can be movies or important work materials, will disappear;

images will be altered or deleted (in the first case it will be impossible to restore them);

documents will be affected (characters will be changed, unnecessary words will be inserted).


The most popular way that comes to mind in the first place is to change it yourself. Then it seems that everything is fair and just, as in the proverb “A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye”. If you want to increase the effect, it is better to cheat with a friend of his wife, so you do not just hurt in return, but also deprive your beloved dear man.

Disseminate gossip and unflattering rumors. This can be both the truth, long kept behind seven locks, and made-up stories that will compromise the cheater, force her to avoid communication with some people, refuse to attend various events, and in general feel unwell.

Cut back or cut off funding altogether. This will undermine the usual way of life, the cheater will lose her freedom of action and will not be able to afford what she allowed before.

Flirt in front of her eyes with others, pay compliments, admire the beauty, and even make gifts.

If the plan was to go on vacation or an interesting long-awaited trip somewhere, cancel it at the very last moment.

Constantly remind of the adultery. This strongly presses on the psyche and forces to remain in a depressed and depressed state.

Give up intimacy for a while (if you live together), and express displeasure at any tactile contact in every possible way.

Leave. This is probably one of the cruelest and strongest methods of punishing a wife for cheating. You can endure and endure anything, but leaving is the end, which entails tears, worries, and remorse.

Methods of revenge are various, and each person has the right to decide how to act, but you should always ask yourself: “Is it worth doing? What are the consequences? How to look into the eyes of not only your beloved, but also those around you who will be involved in the family proceedings?” If the answer comes quickly, then it’s just a matter of making up your mind. If there are doubts, it is necessary to think a hundred times before taking any action.

How women were punished for adultery in different countries

Each country has its own mentality, laws and orders, for disobedience to which people in ancient times had to pay very dearly. It is interesting to know how women were punished for treason different peoples of the world:

Denmark. Adultery was punishable by death, while for murder one only had to pay a fine.

Mongolia. Not just killing an infidel, but also chopping her in half.

Kievan Rus. Thrown out of the house. Women in Russia had more rights than in Europe, so the punishment did not look so terrible.

Tonkin Kingdom. She cheated with a man – now with an elephant. This led to imminent death.

Siam. Same intercourse with an elephant, but the woman was placed in a special contraption that allowed her to survive.

Britain. Beaten to death with a lash.

Africa. Both the adulteress and her lover were brought to the highest mountain and thrown down.

Afghanistan. In Eastern countries fidelity was always especially honored, but if the man was reprimanded by society, the woman was stoned to death. Today it could be a flogging in public view or imprisonment for up to 10 years.

Gauls. They would dip a betrayed woman in the mud and drag her across the city in this form, in full view of all.

Goths. The husband could dispose of his wife’s life himself and kill her.

Canada. The aborigines knew how to take cruel revenge on their wives for treason – they would cut the head off and scalp them.

Roman Empire. A sinner was sold to all comers. The action usually took place in the marketplace.

Diarbekir. All family members had to stab an infidel with a dagger at least once.

The savages of the Guax-Toliam tribe. They killed the unfortunate and then ate her.

China. A woman smeared with lard was thrown to be eaten by dogs.

In some European countries, the husband was allowed to choose how to punish his wife for adultery, so it happened that when a woman got fed up, she was killed, declaring to all that it was revenge for the betrayal.

The question, “How and whether to punish a cheating wife at all?” is difficult to answer unequivocally. Someone will not be able to live peacefully, knowing that the offender did not pay for what he did, and someone will blame himself that under the influence of emotions caused the beloved harm. All situations are different, treason can be overnight, and can last for years, so you need to act, relying on your own feelings, consider carefully: to execute or pardon, and at the same time to always stay human!

How to get back at your wife

Probably all relationships are built for the sake of a happy marriage, and marriage is built for a happy family. And the real test for a man is to find a faithful and loving woman who can be taken as a wife without remorse. After all, only true love and a loyal man by your side can make our lives brighter and happier.

But, unfortunately, not always women share this optimistic attitude. Their feelings quickly fade, and the time of arguments and scandals begins. And sometimes women are found to be unfaithful to their husbands.

Infidelity is one of the worst situations that can come down on a man. Many believe that it’s all the wife’s fault, her mother and father, and all that follows. Others shut themselves away and start looking for the cause in their inferiority or selfishness. But in this article, let’s talk about something that visits men’s minds, namely revenge.

How to exact revenge on your wife

All church publications advise forgiving your wife and finding peace and tranquility, so to speak, letting go of resentment and anger along with the person who caused it to you. However, not everyone can do this, or accept the fact of adultery. You can both divorce and live in a “balanced” environment. But you definitely should not retaliate against your wife.

The main rule is not to hurt yourself, both psychologically and physically. So forget about hitting your wife. Don’t say things to her that she can use against you. It is not uncommon for a wife to file a report with law enforcement after a beating and get all the property. And the husband was sent to places not so distant.

If you have children, do not let them know the reason for your quarrels, as well as see other actions. All children, although they complain about the misunderstanding of their parents, but they consider them a role model. So if you want to be a good father, take it as given and try to resolve the situation in a peaceful and conflict-free way.

Forgiveness or separation

Now for the hardest part. Forgive and accept, or end the relationship. Statistically, infidelity within the first 3-5 years of marriage is recurring. This means that there is a severe misunderstanding of the very meaning of marriage by your wife. Most likely she is not yet emotionally ready for a long-term relationship. Therefore, the decision seems rather obvious.

Also in the midlife crisis is not uncommon to find new ways to “breathe life into you. One of them is adultery. However, in this case, it is of a short-term nature. If a man can accept it, the marriage continues and only strengthens over time.

In other cases, psychologists cannot give exact advice. However, factors are taken for analysis such as: the reason for the marriage, the duration of the marriage, the presence of children, the presence of joint property, the existence of a prenuptial agreement, the existence of a strong bond (in this case, considered: joint business or situations where spouses work in the same company) and public opinion. Taken together, they give an idea of whether the marriage is good for you or if it should end. You need to approach the issue from a pragmatic point of view, as emotions in this situation will not tell the truth.

How to go on living

How to live with it? The main push factor is: the desire to rehabilitate yourself in your own eyes. It lies in the fact that you need to focus on proving to yourself that you are a successful person, and it is not your fault. So give yourself time to work, give yourself to your children, make them feel good about themselves, but don’t go overboard. Give yourself time to cool down and realize the whole situation. And only then make the really important decisions.

But if you do choose the path of revenge, you’re the one who knows all of your wife’s weaknesses. And you can push them harder than anyone else. Everything is in your hands, you are the creator of your own destiny.

Revenge for adultery: sweetness or bitterness?

– Realizing revenge for adultery – a way out of the situation, or more cornering yourself? – How do you get revenge on your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend for cheating? That is, by applying a mirror trick in response to cheating, we will never get the same feeling from our abuser.

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Rules and methods of revenge for cheating on your wife

Unfortunately, not all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are faithful to their husbands or boyfriends.

However, we must remember that if the “husband” – is a definite concept, the “boyfriend”, a lover, a friend, a boyfriend, a roommate – is extensible. One can imagine a situation where a man considers himself a woman’s boyfriend, but she does not consider him hers.

However, in the situation of a legal marriage, everything is more unambiguous. But it does not follow that in a legalized couple, the man has a right to retaliation.

Nobody cancelled the criminal and administrative code. And if you are taking revenge, you should try not to cause serious damage to your partner. The nature of the revenge depends on whether the husband wants: the wife knew that he is aware of her adultery and is trying to punish her, or the wife thought that he did not suspect anything, and her troubles are not related to him.

How to get back at your ex-wife

A woman is the keeper of the hearth, the wise mother, the faithful spouse. Such associations are common among people of all faiths and nationalities.

Probably, therefore, the cheating wife is perceived much more acutely than the cheating husband – a conqueror by nature.

Psychologists name several reasons why the fair sex begins to look for happiness outside of marriage. We propose to analyze the most typical situations and their consequences.

Being with another man, the woman is trying to restore lost confidence in his charm, hoping to find harmony, which she lacks in family life. The man has taken advantage of that.

Sarah: Izya why aren’t you sleeping?

The girl has complexes about: clothes (not cool enough), makeup (doesn’t fit or can’t use it), figure (skinny legs, sharp knees, etc.

etc.), facial acne, and so on. Method Two “Self-Advertisement.” Girls-girlfriends are also desirable. The fourth way.

How to revenge and punish your wife for treason and betrayal – psychologist tips (video)

How to punish your wife for treason simply and effectively?

This can be done both by violent and non-violent methods. It is worth remembering that when punishing you need to choose such forms, so that there are no additional problems for either party.

Punishing, it is worth remembering a few important points that affect the accuracy and morality of revenge: How to get revenge on your wife for treason and betrayal – we offer psychologist’s advice for this case.

The choice of punishment girlfriend depends on many factors, but if you love your spouse, you will try to solve the issue less painfully and forgive her if possible.

How to get back at your wife for cheating?

As for forgiveness, we recommend reading the materials already available, with which you will be able to make the final verdict of your relationship, in which, for whatever reason, a third person has entered.

We recommend reading ⇓ All these aspects will be an excellent reason to “elbow out” your ex-spouse. Moreover, you will get so involved in this game that you will not only get back at her, but also find a woman who will appreciate you.

How do you get back at your husband for cheating or teach an unfaithful spouse a lesson?

Cheating on your spouse has a devastating effect on your other half in almost every individual case.

What to do if your spouse cheated on you?

How to get back at your husband or wife for cheating?

At first glance, it may seem that in recent times, there is a tendency in society to “free morals”, non-binding sexual relations, and sex is seen simply as a pleasure. In fact, however, the situation is somewhat different. The family as a unit of society has existed for many thousands of years, and during this time the moral obligations to the spouses have not changed much.

5 Severe Male Revenge! How to get revenge on an ex for cheating

Statistically, 83% of inhuman reprisals against exes are carried out by women. However, among the remaining 17% there is also something curious!

Michigan millionaire Allan bought the property across the street from his ex-wife’s house with the sole purpose of decorating the terrace with an unusual sculptural composition.

Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzgerald made his unfaithful girlfriend a parting gift in the form of a “fantasy-style” tattoo on her entire back.

Liam McGarry from the UK broke into his vegetarian ex-lover’s house at night, all wrapped up in raw meat, and spit chewed steak all over her.

The 20-year-old New Yorker dug up the grave of his girlfriend’s beloved chinchilla and posted photos of the abuse on Instagram.

…For those who want to get us off the couch: ShitExpress – delivery of select excrement in a gift box around the world for only $16.35.

How to get back at your husband for betrayal: punishment for adultery

In families where spouses have made a commitment to be faithful to each other, discovered infidelity will be punished. As unfortunate as it may be, if a woman has cheated, statistically speaking, it will happen again. The reason for this is that a woman’s betrayal is most often caused by objective conditions that are not easily changed.

Perhaps the spouse at the time of marriage was not mentally ready to make a commitment to another person and is now trying with all her might to make up for lost freedom.