How to get rid of helicopters after alcohol?

Alcoholic helicopters, which come to us after or during a drunkenness, are sometimes more terrible than battle. Every person in life has encountered them, but not everyone left in one piece. How do you fight against an unpleasant alcoholic effect called “helicopter”, which brings so many problems and difficulties? How to get rid of helicopters? Alcoholic helicopters, what are they? This effect is an informal name for brain dysfunction, after a significant alcohol consumption. Arriving helicopters indicate that a too high dose of alcohol has been taken, and that the balanced work of the body is beginning to malfunction. Drunkenness can be called a form of self-harm when you try to restore body functionality in the morning. A helicopter indicates that a person has received an average or heavy degree of alcohol intoxication. Do not forget to save the article in order to reread it at a difficult moment.

An alcoholic helicopter is a cerebellar disorder when the correct information from sight and touch stops coming in. It starts to feel dizzy, and the cortex of the brain receives incorrect data, causing a feeling of dizziness. The eyes involuntarily oscillate with high frequency. This continuous eye oscillation is scientifically called “nystagmus. This is how the legendary effect of drinking is formed, called “helicopters” among the people. This toxic effect depends on many factors: age, sex, experience, weight, health, fatigue, type of alcohol. Some people can drink a lot, while others notice helicopters flying through a few drinks. As a result, alcoholic helicopters cause nausea and vomiting in a drinker. This is a protective reaction of the body that helps to get rid of excess alcohol in an emergency.

How to prevent the appearance of helicopters during drunkenness?

You do not consider the option of “not drinking at all”, although it is a great, reasonable and adult thought. Preventing the appearance of helicopters will be easier than the subsequent fight against them. When deciding to participate in an alcoholic cake, it is important to take precautions that allow you to drink more slowly. What to do so that there are no helicopters against alcohol?

1. Prepare yourself before drinking

Before a party, do not get too drunk, as some people think. It is enough to drink one glass of vodka to start the liver work. The liver will already start producing splitting alcohol enzymes when you come to the party. Also prepare the stomach for a drink. To do this, take 3-4 tablets of activated carbon. This will be a good idea against the arrival of helicopters, but does not guarantee their absence.

2. Induce vomiting when you feel very bad

How to get rid of helicopters quickly?One of the most effective and popular ways to get rid of intoxication is to induce vomiting.Use your fingers to induce nausea and vomiting.After getting rid of the remaining alcohol in the stomach, it will be a little easier.This method cleanses the body of excess alcohol.After vomiting, helicopters usually leave fairly quickly.

3. Drink alcohol wisely

Do not mix alcohol with each other so that the helicopters do not arrive early. Choose one drink and drink it until the end of the party, then you can expect fewer surprises. Do not play the coolest alcoholic by drinking the coolest cocktail from the biggest glass. Skip the glasses or drink half of it. Don’t forget to go out for some air to refresh your head and miss numerous toasts. But don’t smoke in the fresh air, just concentrate a little. Drink regular water to dilute the alcohol in your stomach. When drinking alcohol, keep an eye on the line when the point of no return begins, and alcoholic helicopters take off for you.

How to get rid of helicopters? You fought for a long time against the appearance of helicopters and avoided intoxication, but the alcoholic snake won? The worst happened, and you felt the helicopter. The very first wish was to go to bed to somehow calm down the rotary-wing machine in your head. How to fall asleep without helicopters? This is a bad idea, especially for helicopters. Sleeping prolongs the process of alcohol withdrawal from the body by about 2-3 times. This disproves the belief of most people that the best way to sober up is to go to sleep. With flying helicopters, it is better to stay awake for a while so that the toxins are removed more quickly. When the choppers are gone, you can go to bed. How to fight against alcoholic helicopters?

5. Find a foothold when you catch helicopters

Open your eyes, not keep them closed, causing even bigger helicopters. Now look for a reliable bridgehead. Getting rid of helicopters can help to find a reliable foothold. Put your feet on the floor and your hands on a hard surface: a table, a wall, a closet. You can sit on the bed, put your elbows on your knees, and put your face in the palms or fix your head with your hands. This pose is quite static, which will calm down the results of the disorders. When the body is fixed, rather than staggering from side to side, the helicopters will calm down a little.

6. Call for vomiting when you feel very bad

How quickly can you get rid of helicopters? One of the most effective and popular ways to get rid of intoxication is to induce vomiting. Use your fingers to cause nausea and vomiting. After getting rid of the remnants of alcohol in the stomach, it will be a little easier. This method cleans the body from excess alcohol. After vomiting, the helicopters usually fly away quickly enough.

7. Drink more water when intoxicated

You should immediately fill your stomach with water to dilute the toxic mixture that came in. Drink normal water or mineral, but always without gas. The water will replenish the water balance and dilute the alcohol concentration. Consumption of water will help with helicopters and will ease the morning hangover. If the water will cause vomiting, it is also normal.

Deep breath with your mouth If intoxicated heavily, it will be good to breathe deeply. This will increase the concentration of oxygen in the blood, which will improve the general condition during intoxication and helicopters. Breathe deeply and leisurely with your mouth.

8. Lie down to rest

How to get rid of the helicopters after drinking? Take a horizontal position so that the helicopters will retreat a little. You can lie down on a bed or other suitable surface. Alcohol may keep you awake, but that’s okay. Take the position of the embryo, lie down on your stomach or on your side. Do not lie on your back so as not to suffocate at night if you vomit. Gradually, the helicopters in your head will calm down, and you will be able to fall asleep.

9. Take a cool and sobering shower

Do not use a bath in which you can drown drunk. Wash under a cool but not cold or hot shower. Avoid extremes so as not to feel even worse. Do not take a shower standing up, if you have helicopters. Your head may get dizzy, but it is easier to get injured in the bathroom. How to remove the helicopters after the drunkenness? Sit down immediately in the bath and douse yourself with cool water. A cool shower will wake you up a little and help you sober up. Do not sit under the shower for a long time, so that you do not get sick or cold in the morning. Have a quick shower, and then go to bed.

10. Use the sobriety pills

The easiest tool in the first aid kit is activated charcoal. When poisoning, take one tablet of activated charcoal for 10 kilograms of weight. If you weigh 70 kg, then take 7 tablets, and if you weigh 100 kg. – 10 tablets. You can buy special hangover pills: anti-pohmelin, lemonthar, Alka-Prim, Zorex or others. Often, professional drunkards use glycine, eating it at once 5 pieces. Sobriety pills help to recover and clean up the helicopters hovering over your head. Any drunkenness or outing can lead you to this toxic condition. How to get rid of helicopters after alcohol? Do not go to parties and do not drink too boring, especially if you are young and active. But you can avoid helicopters, if you master the culture of drinking alcohol. Control the situation, do not overestimate your ability and do not exceed your norm.

Drink less to get more pleasure from drinking. If you have girls in the drinking company, you will have a chance for something more. You’ll look more presentable and good compared to your fucking buddies. Take advantage of opportunities while other competitors are drunk. How to get rid of helicopters after alcohol? Drink less. This advice works perfectly, and if you missed the arrival of the helicopters, then save the saving article. You will definitely need it when you google on the Internet: “How to get rid of helicopters when you are drunk. These rescue methods are like a portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS) that will knock down your helicopters and make you feel better. But it is better to stop drinking.