How to get rid of jealousy of the past of your girlfriend?

Most of us can’t accept the fact that before meeting us, the other half had a relationship with another person. You are disgusted to imagine your girlfriend in other people’s arms, as she kisses someone else. These questions about the past of your beloved constantly torment you, prevent you from living in the present. How to get rid of jealousy about the past of the girl (wife)?

At the very beginning of a relationship, lovers are in seventh heaven from happiness. Their feelings are overflowing, they do not see or hear anything around. It feels like there are only 2 people left on the whole planet, who are created for each other. At this moment I want to scream to the whole world:

“Stop, just a moment, you are beautiful!” (“Faust” Goethe).

But, the relationship with time develops and, sooner or later, the candy and bouquet period ends. The parties begin to gradually ask their lovers about what was happening in their lives before they met. This is a normal desire, because you want to spend your whole life with this person. To trust your soulmate, you need to know almost everything about her! And, even if the answers we get hurt, make us suffer, we don’t stop, and continue to ask about the past of our girlfriend.

When you learn the bitter truth, you begin to get angry, though you realize that you love this person and that he will never betray you in the future. But the constant jealousy for the girl’s past prevents you from living in the present. The most important thing in this case is to get out of the psychological trap. Such problems are very often encountered by people who build close (family) relationships. And all of them sooner or later find the strength to overcome the jealousy.

The fact that the person you love is always the “most-most” (the kindest, purest, most loyal, most intelligent, most loving). And this desire for the ideal and plays a bad joke. Man is not a perfect creature. And he tends to make mistakes. So, when you are once again jealous of your girlfriend’s past, look at yourself from the outside. Have you ever made the same mistakes? Maybe, in fact, you are also not perfect? Then why blame a person for what you tripped on in your time?

Jealousy after cheating

If your other half has ever cheated on you, then jealousy may get out of control. You begin to be jealous of her literally everything: the past, acquaintances, employees, passers-by. The fact is that after the betrayal in a relationship, the trust is lost. And without trust, living with a person becomes much harder.

Here you should weigh the pros and cons and think about the advisability of continuing your relationship. Most people, after cheating, are unlikely to forgive their other half. And how can you forget such a terrible act. Forgive – you can, forget – you can not!

How to get rid of jealousy for the past?

To get rid of jealousy to the past, you need to learn to value your other half. Your lighter feeling should not blow away the draught of doubts. No problem should not weaken your feelings for each other! And even if there are any misunderstandings, problems in life, try to solve them not only with your mind, but also with your heart.

Now you sit, reading this article, looking for an answer to your question: “How to get rid of jealousy for the past? How to forget all that your girlfriend had before you? How to forgive what she did?”. And now imagine that your half has gone somewhere, disappeared, or God forbid something happened to her? How do you feel? Exactly the same! Take care of your relationship and don’t mess with what happened in the past!