How to get rid of the boss?

You can’t change the boss, change the way you feel about him. Work occupies the lion’s share of our lives and it’s very important to find the right approach in relationships with colleagues at work and, above all, with the boss. Here are a few options to say goodbye forever to a problem like a hated boss!

Option #1 Perhaps the most harmless option – is to print a photo of the boss, hang outside his reach, get darts or tomatoes and exercise in accuracy. Learn to live with him.

Option #2 Learn to live with him, as incurable disease, for example. In other words, just stop noticing him and continue enjoying life. Find something illegal.

Option 3 Find something illegal in the firm’s records and file it with the appropriate authorities. It is necessary to act at own risk, suddenly all there is already grasped and paid for years ahead your chief. Afraid?

No one said it’d be easy and safe. Only there’s a little nuance… where there’s a guarantee that even if the chief is removed, they’ll give him something more worthwhile??? Turn out to be a good family man.

Option 4 “If you can’t change the situation, change the attitude.” Try to look at your boss through the prism of positive qualities. I’m sure he’ll have a few virtues. He might well be a model family man or just a company guy. It’s just his job. So you have to control and double-check everything yourself. And then whoever you want is gonna get mad. You can change jobs.

Option 5 You can change jobs to find the perfect boss. But, firstly, you can never meet such a boss at all, and secondly, if he does, it is unlikely to want to hire you after a shift, say, over the past year, 100 jobs. To lead a big company.

Option 6 The nicest way to get rid of the boss is to be him. Here will come and head a large company after the previous boss retired or promoted and transferred somewhere far away, and opening a small business, but at least what business, the main thing that at the helm will be you! Just be careful, because you can stumble across your own photo, thrown tomatoes … Stop a little flirting, who knows …

Option 7 If you and the boss of the opposite sex skillfully use this… Try a little flirting, who knows what it might turn into. You can’t get rid of the boss, but I think it’ll change drastically.