How to go from words to deeds?

You can plan, set goals, dream, promise and approve a lot. But did you notice how much is missing in the transition from words to real things? 99% of all that is planned or said remains only in the air. The reason for most people’s failure is that only a small number of people are able to move from words to deeds. But it is this small group of people that achieves what they want, self-realizes, succeeds and becomes happy. Let’s give you a riddle. Out of 1000 people 100 dreamed of becoming millionaires and successful people, and another 150 people also thought about it sometimes. How many of them have become successful millionaires? Think about it. Think about it again. Stop. Think about it again. Just the two of them. Why two? Because dreaming and doing are different things.

Why can’t you move from words to deeds? We promise to start a new life on Monday, and already in the evening we forget about our promise. We decide to go in for sports regularly and get in shape, but after a couple of trainings we give up classes. We promise not to eat unhealthy food, sleep and drink, but we break down very quickly. We plan to learn a foreign language, do self-education, get a new specialty, go to courses, but we drop out very soon. Do you know each other? It doesn’t matter how we set plans and goals. We promise to others, we give our word or we write on paper. After all, everything always ends the same way. Everything remains on words, in dreams or on paper, but it doesn’t come true. We are trying to move from promise to cause, but we are not long enough. Usually people throw in the first days, weeks or halfway through. People are weak in character. Every person has a lot of information around them that can help us. We have decent resources, raw data, an interesting perspective and good potential. But all of this is tritely based on the fact that we can’t go from words to deeds, and we can’t stay persistent in our actions.

What is the meaning of the words “move from words to deeds”? The most important thing in life. There are too many dreamers, trespassers, fantasists, weak and other people around. Exactly these people will form the backbone of losers in life, who will be cool only on words, but in reality nobody. Such people will envy and criticize those who know how to move from words to deeds. Losers will say: “lucky”, “they have a blame”, “successful circumstances”, “such people are dishonest. Why join the losers if it is better to be successful and happy? Rhetorical question. Why is it impossible to move from words to deeds? Laziness and indifference to yourself. Lack of real motivation. Weakness and pliability. Satisfaction with the small and lack of ambition. The habit of giving up after a couple of attempts. Cowardice and lack of self-confidence. What to do in this situation? Get rid of these shortcomings by cultivating the right habits, moods and character traits. Adjust your inner self to an inexorable victory, not to defeat.

How to start doing and achieving your goals? There is no need to put equality between words and actions. What is the secret of successful and successful people? In constant positive changes and actions. Successful people move from words to deeds every day. Regularity is the key to success and full self-realization in life. There is a popular Japanese technique “kaizen”. In Japanese, the word “kaizen” means “improvement”. What is this technique? The secret of kaizen is that philosophy means the continuous improvement of processes, thinking, habits, character and other aspects of life. It is continuous improvement that helps to move forward. How to move from empty words to business? Give yourself a positive habit every day. Start brushing your teeth twice a day: in the morning and before bed. Do a 3-5 minute charge in the morning. Have a full breakfast every morning. Lie down at the same time and get up early, paying at least 7-8 hours to sleep. Start running 2 times a week for 5 km at least. Enroll in the gym by visiting it twice a week. Learn a foreign language 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Visit new places, go to new friends and like-minded people. Try to do something new and unusual more often. Step out of the comfort zone, not sit still. Do something useful every day for at least 30-60 minutes.

Give yourself the right habits and things every day. In addition, get rid of bad habits that only hinder you and do not let you develop. You do a lot of things that do not allow you to self-realize, find free time and use the full potential of the body. Sit less in social networks, reducing their time to a minimum. Less often watch crappy serials, endless news, stupid programs, meaningless YouTube channels. Drop eating crappy food or eating irregularly. Stop being lazy, lying on the sofa or doing nonsense. Communicate less often with toxic people and those who pull you back. Getting rid of negative things will give you more free time, which you can use for more important things. Freeing up your energy will help you move from words to deeds by doing useful and necessary things.

How to move from words to deeds? Usually we do reading, browsing, analyzing, dreaming, chattering. It’s very easy to confuse ordinary intentions with real actions. Do positive things every day, but get rid of negative things. Do something useful today. Start today, not tomorrow, next week, in retirement or other life. If you will only read useful articles, get information, dream and talk, but do nothing, then everything is gone. All your potential will remain untapped and ruined, and your life is wasted.

Use a “kaizen” or “improvement” technique every day. You’ll be surprised where you can be in six months or a year. Success in 5 and 10 years will be cardinal if you start right now. It’s time to move from words to deeds. Today, or never…