How to go towards your goal: heading towards your dream

Everyone has dreams and goals, but often desired things remain pipe dreams. Many of us cannot achieve what we want, which we dream about at night or in moments of mental reflection. How to go to your goal, how to quickly achieve what you want and how to make your dreams come true? The secret to achieving any goal on time lies in a clear plan of action. What do you really want? You have dreams, many of which you consider unattainable and unrealizable. Some dreams are quite real, but difficult to realize in today’s environment. There are also small dreams that you don’t even want to take on and there is no desire. All this is similar to a standard situation, which was mentioned in a toast by one of the heroes of the film “Prisoner of the Caucasus,” drinking with Shurik: “My great-grandfather says: I have a desire to buy a house, but I have no opportunity. I have the opportunity to buy a goat, but I have no desire. So let’s drink to our desires to match our capabilities. ” In most cases, our capabilities are lagging behind our desires, which needs to be corrected immediately.

What do you dream about? Regardless of the goal, this plan will help you get what you want. But only if you complete all the points. How to properly go to your goal and how to make it a reality?

The content of the article

1.Choose your own dreams

2. Define dreams more specifically

3. Dream boldly

4. Find motivation for the goal

5. Write down the goal

6. Make a detailed plan to achieve the goal

7. Make a list of necessary skills and knowledge

8. Identify obstacles to the goal

9. Find like-minded people

10. Get rid of ballast and hindrances when you go to the goal

11. Do not wait for a chance, but create opportunities

12. Do not do nonsense

13. Believe in yourself while moving towards a dream

14. Do not expect freebies and miracles

15. Many people are at the worst conditions than you

16. Take an example from the strong, smart and stubborn

17. Never give up

18. Keep plans to yourself

19. Pull yourself out of the ditch

20. Set the most important priorities

21. Show determination

22. Take action, don’t brag

23. Prove to yourself

1.Choose Your Own Dreams

At the heart of finding your way to your dreams and goals is an assessment of your situation. Why do we fail to achieve our dreams? In part of the time, the dream will not always be adequate. Sometimes we choose a dream that is not really in our interests or desires. It has been forced upon us by parents, friends, acquaintances, or fashion. We have succumbed to other people’s beliefs, and so we make no effort at all. Make sure that this is exactly your dream. Is this exactly what you want? Is it your dream or someone else’s fancy? Nothing is sacrificed for your dream, but it has to be yours.

2. Define dreams more specifically

How realistic and feasible is the place? Sometimes we overestimate our potential and our capabilities. Become the richest person on the planet? For starters, become richer than 50% of the average person in your city. Become the most famous blogger on YouTube or TikTok? Start by gaining 10,000 subscribers and then more and more. Choose goals and dreams closer to reality, but aim for the next peaks.

3. Dream boldly

Often people dream about something small, insignificant and ordinary. It can be achieved quite easily, and we make it our life’s goal to mess around with it afterwards indefinitely. How do you go about achieving your goals and dreams? The goal should be such that it seems unreal and unattainable to others, but not to you. The goal must be such that you want to fight for it. It should be a real and significant target that inspires admiration. When others think you’re a little crazy, that’s great. Then the goal is really worthy and worthwhile.

4. Find motivation for a goal

When you can tell why you want it, then you can find motivation and strength for anything. You can’t achieve a goal that doesn’t carry excitement, desire, passion for you. You don’t need the motivation that so many people talk about nowadays. If you don’t have motivation, then you don’t want enough of anything.

5. Write down the goal in writing

A goal or dream that is not already written down on paper is not real. Write down in detail what you want to get. When you write down what you want, the goal will begin to loom concretely and more clearly. At that point, you’ll realize what you want to get at the end of this segment of the journey. You can additionally draw a wish map to be more aware of your intended goals and dreams.

6. Make a detailed plan to achieve your goal

Define your dreams in time and evaluation criteria. Goals should be tangible and measurable over time. What do you want to accomplish and in what time frame? Set intermediate points for yourself to achieve what you want. Where do you want to be in a week, a month, six months, a year, three years, or five years? To do this, make a short-, medium-, and long-term plan. How do you intend to measure your rate of progress toward your goal and what counts as success?

7. Make a list of necessary skills and knowledge

In most cases, it is difficult to solve a problem at the level where it occurred. Make a list of necessary skills and knowledge that will help you achieve your goals. You 100% need the knowledge to achieve whatever goal you choose to dream. You need to watch educational videos, read books, follow certain websites, get an education or complete online courses. Identify the knowledge you lack to achieve your desired goal. Now to study.

8. Identify obstacles to your goal

How do you go about your goal if you don’t know all the challenges ahead? You can do it, but it’s better to identify in advance the likely problems and potential future challenges. What challenges await on the road, how to overcome, how to prepare and how to save your resources? How to go forward with minimal losses so as not to squander time, effort, money and other resources?

9. Find like-minded people

If you want to get to your goal faster, find fellow travelers. Going to the gym together, learning programming, making videos for your blog, studying or doing something else is much better. With like-minded people it’s always easier to achieve your desired goal, unlike the company of people where you are not understood. With like-minded people, it’s easier when you’re boiling in the same juice and going for the same goal.

10. Get rid of ballast and hindrances as you pursue your goal

It’s hard to move quickly if you’re being held back or stonewalled. Get rid of people in your environment who don’t believe in you, get in the way or criticize you unconstructively. Don’t listen to naysayers, envious people, critics, whiners and weaklings. They only get in your way, which means you’re out of your way with them. Don’t be afraid if someone hates you. You won’t be all good, no matter how hard you try.

11. Don’t wait for a chance, but create opportunities

You can wait a long time for your chance, but never wait for it. Good chances are rare to hope for. Don’t wait for the rare chance, but create the opportunity. Create situations, prerequisites and probabilities that you can then fulfill. Make as many opportunities as you can, and they are sure to shoot.

12. Don’t do nonsense

If you do nothing, you can be more effective than someone who is doing something wrong. Avoid things that don’t get you closer to your goals, but only get you further away, get in the way and take away your energy. Sometimes it’s better to stop and think, so you don’t get into too much trouble. The lame wayfarer will reach his goal faster than the rider who gallops in the wrong direction.

13. Believe in yourself as you move toward your dreams

As long as you are alive, anything is possible, even the impossible. It’s important to believe in yourself, your strength and your potential. Usually we immediately devalue ourselves, thinking we’re not smart enough, energetic enough, strong enough, promising enough and cool enough. But how are you worse than those who have already achieved similar results or achieved similar dreams? How do you go about reaching your goal and achieving it faster? First, believe in yourself.

14. Don’t wait for freebies and miracles

Nothing is given for free, and there is no direct road to freebies. Stay realistic in any endeavor. Remember that any goal requires strength and time to reach the goal. Allow yourself to learn from mistakes, find new approaches and do not wait for freebies. For any goal you must put in the maximum effort. All freeloaders get screwed or wait forever for a miracle, when you need regular hard work and persistence.

15. A lot of people in worse conditions than you

We are used to complaining that we lack something like the powers that be. But if you honestly look around, there are a lot of people around who have a tougher and more difficult situation than you do. Take advantage of what you have. Play the cards that fate has dealt you, and don’t complain. You either play or you give up.

16. Take the example of the strong, the smart, and the stubborn

You’re not the first to set a similar goal and bar. You’re not the first to storm out, which means there’s someone to look up to. If someone has succeeded, it means it’s real. You, too, can do it, if you use the experience and skills accumulated by others. Take an example from the strong, clever and stubborn.

17. Never give up

You’ll never know how close you are to your goal until you reach it. New opportunities and chances arise every day, and even unattainable yesterday goals, already today becomes a reality. Keep your hands up and keep moving forward, no matter what happens.

18. Keep your plans to yourself

Keep your thoughts, plans, and ideas to yourself. Often we tell all the things we should have kept secret from outsiders. Don’t blab, don’t spread, and don’t spread yourself thin. The less a person knows, the better chance you have of making your dreams come true. You have more enemies and detractors than you realize.

19. Pull yourself out of the ditch

We often fall and find ourselves in the ditch of life. You can lie in a ditch for a long time, but you can climb out of it and move on. Many stumble and find themselves in a ditch, but not many get out of it. Many resign themselves to the miserable state of affairs and get used to the cesspool. How do you get to your goal? Get out of where you’re not comfortable and move on.

20. Identify the most important priorities

The Pareto Principle says that 80% of the result is produced by 20% of the actions, and the remaining 20% of the result is produced by 80% of the actions. Identify the most important priorities that will really move you toward your goal, not just bind you hand and foot with hustle and bustle. Do the things that will have the maximum effect first, and forget about the rest.

21. Show determination

The biggest problem in moving toward your dreams is not the difficulty, but the lack of determination. In life, sometimes you need to take a risk, dare and try. Without determination, you can’t expect to win if you only think about not losing. Show determination and don’t be afraid to take risks, after carefully evaluating the situation. Risk is a noble thing.

22. Act, Not Brag

Often people brag a lot, talk about their plans and talk a lot. These people only have enough energy for that, but not the actions themselves. I’ve noticed how much people get lost from words to actions. Let your actions and accomplishments speak for you. Leave the talkers to the losers.

23. Prove to yourself

Go and prove to the world that you are worthy to get that goal or dream. No one can stop you unless you give up on yourself. Prove it to yourself. That’s what you’ve always wanted.

How do you get to your goal? There will be no freebies. Break through to your dreams and goals, not wait for a miracle. Desired achieve only those who put maximum effort to it.