How to grow a beard in 90 days?

Grow a beard for the New Year and become a real Santa Claus for your children or nephews? Surprise your relatives, who you see only on New Year’s Eve, with your rich beard? Start on Monday, and by the end of December you’ll be able to do it.

If you decide to grow a beard quickly, the “grow a beard yourself” experiment is not your option. You need simple and effective measures to accelerate growth. Stock up on courage, prepare to repel attacks from smoothly-broken competitors and the whims of the second half on the thorny vegetation. You have made your decision, and nothing should get in your way.

Step 1. Before your beard grows, you have to shave…

Yeah, but not because after shaving your hair grows faster. That’s a myth, and we don’t need myths. A clean, perfectly smooth shave is just to get all of your beard hair to start growing from the same condition. From a clean slate. You can’t get a perfect shave? Go to the barber. You’ll need it more than once.

It’s the easiest way to grow a beard on vacation. Or “non-shaving.”

The first two weeks of growing are particularly difficult. And if you also have to look good at work, the temptation to give up everything will be stronger. That’s why many future beards began their journey during the holiday.

For those who overslept for a vacation on a hot beach, it was as if they had invented “Nebrits November”: the worldwide movement No Shave November against male cancers, in support of which men refuse to shave for a month. For many, this action has become an incentive for themselves and an excuse for others: “I don’t shave because I support a charity event.” True, the essence of the action is not only not to shave, but also to donate saved money to a special fund.

Instead of summer, the growth activists

It’s better to start growing a beard in summer: during warm times, the blood circulation in the skin is better, the hair grows faster and no scarves make it itch worse. But if summer is over, you can compensate for the lack of heat with special oils that speed up hair growth. Whether or not to use hormonal products such as minoxidil is entirely up to you. We are for natural growth with no side effects, so in our catalog only non-hormonal products.

Step 2: what nature has given

The decision is made, the oil activator is waiting in the bathroom. Now you have to get a grip on yourself and don’t touch your beard for a month. Yeah, it’s complicated. Hair will grow unevenly. Some are faster, some are slower. Some in bunches, some in impregnations. The beard will look sloppy. That’s okay. We need to show some willpower and keep growing.

The most unpleasant disadvantage is the itching. The beard will be itchy. What’s more, the hairs will grow so long they’ll start tickling and tingling. Especially in the neck area and under the nose. Wearing scarves and things with a collar can add to the unpleasant sensation. Start using scrub and beard oil from the first week of growth.

Face scrub – twice a week.

Yes, such an unobvious face care product as scrub or peeling will help to get rid of itching faster and accelerate hair growth.

A scrub exfoliates dead skin particles that clog up pores and allows hairs to break through more quickly.

Scrub prevents hair ingrowth: part of the hair after years of shaving becomes weak, they do not have the strength to break through the epithelium. Hair curls up and grows under the skin – that’s what ingrown hair is.

Scrub increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and helps the bulbs wake up faster in the inactive phase.

Beard butter– every night

In the initial stages of growing a beard, oil can be used daily: morning or evening, as you like. Beard oil is a special mixture of oils for skin and hair, often enriched with vitamins. The oil will soften hard hairs, moisturise the skin, and it will itch less. The oils in the mixture have been selected in such a way as to bring maximum benefit to the beard, but at the same time not to make it unpleasant greasy or clog pores on the skin. And vitamins, most often vitamin E, strengthen the beard and help it grow faster. Do not try to collect the oil yourself if you do not want to clog pores and get pimples.

After a month, you’ll see that you’ve actually been given by nature. Some people’s beards grow faster and thicker, others slower and less frequently, and some people barely grow at all.

Step 3: first beard cut

In about a month we’ll have to decide what to do with the beard next.

If it is possible to turn to an experienced barber, it is better to do it: he will tell you which beard will fit the shape of the skull and help to give shape to the first time. The next step is to keep the beard in good condition and cut it regularly.

If this is not possible, you will have to form and cut the beard yourself.

Decide on the shape of your beard

The easiest way to choose the shape of your beard is to see pictures of bearded celebrities. The good way is to look at photos of a person with or without a beard at the same time to see how similar you are. If you have the same skull shape and beard thickness, the beard will suit you.

Decide on the top line of your beard.

Basically, it is possible to leave a natural growth line, but if the beard grows very high, it is better to shave the top part of the beard.

Shave your neck to your chin line.

If you leave hair on your neck, your face will look bad.

Shorten facial hair with a trimmer.

The trimmer allows you to choose the right length of hair and not to shave too much. Of course, you can cut your beard and cut it with scissors, but it’s only convenient when your beard is long. With a short beard, you can easily cut back excess hair and it will be noticeable.

Step 4: courting and proud

After a month, the beard may not be as long as we would like it to be, but it looks well-groomed and it itches much less. But it doesn’t end there. On the contrary, this is where it starts.

  1. Daily in the morning – oil or beard balm

These products nourish the skin, strengthen the hair. The beard grows faster, looks better, and the balm also locks the hair so it won’t hurt.

  1. Two or three times a week, beard oil at night…

If you use beard balm in the morning, you should apply beard oil a couple of times a week in the evening before going to bed. You can use normal beard oil, you can use it for growth. Applying oil every night makes sense only if you are not satisfied with your growth rate and want to grow a beard faster.

  1. Brush your beard regularly

Even if it’s short. Combing not only untangles the hairs, but also increases the flow of blood to the hair follicles, and thus strengthens the beard.

  1. Daily cleaning the beard

This is forgotten even by experienced beards, and as a result the beard grows thorny, tangled, pimples and “dandruff of the beard” – nothing but peeling of the skin from improper care.

For daily care, use your usual washing gel.

Clean your beard once or twice a week with a beard shampoo. Yes, it is not the same as head shampoo.

  1. Eat right

The advice is banal, but the better the diet, the more nutrients come into the hair follicles and the better the beard grows.

  1. Doing sports

Exercise increases testosterone levels in the body. And the more testosterone, the longer and thicker the beard.

Daily beard care

A beard won’t always make you happy, especially at first. It can grow unevenly, hurry, stab and cause misunderstanding of the woman you love. If you are eager to go shaving, you must wait 24 hours. It is better to make this decision in the morning, on a fresh head, rather than under the influence of stress or alcohol.

And do not believe those who say that the thick and obedient beard they have from nature. Behind every enviable beard there are months and years of quality care. When you grow a magnificent salary beard, you will also say, “Yes, it’s genetics”.