How to grow a beautiful beard

Beard – what is it? The trend of the last season, just a way to warm up in winter? Men often wonder how to grow a beautiful beard? We have the answers to your questions! Undoubtedly, every man who dared to do this, follows its own criteria. Someone wants to look stylish and fashionable, but someone just decided not to freeze in winter. But in any case, you can grow a beard with the advice of our specialists.

How to grow a beard fast? In just 4 weeks! Having started growing a beard, you need to refrain from using razors and scissors for 4 weeks. It should be noted that only truly courageous people are capable of this. Do not expect everyone to be delighted with your decision. Be prepared for taunts from friends, colleagues, and family. Be sure to fight back and stand your ground. Be sure to go through all the processes of growing a beard correctly, you will give your appearance additional magnetism. So what do you need to do to grow a beautiful beard?

How to grow a beautiful beard – basic rules The first stage is not to touch the razor for 4 weeks. This applies even to those who are going to grow a small beard. The main mistake is to try to form a beard too early. Most people give up this idea exactly at the first stage. By the end of the 4th week you should already decide on the shape of the future beard and the neck line. Choose it for the shape of face and head. Often the wrong beard shape can be a huge mistake. Therefore, we advise you to consult a professional stylist. Often irritation occurs under the beard because of a lack of habit. But do not give up on this test, because it is only a temporary phenomenon. Wash your beard with special products for irritation. Be prepared that after growing the beard, it will take some extra time to care for it.

How to grow a beard was sorted out. And how to take care of it? Follow our simple tips and your beard will always be lush and attractive: Every time you wash your beard, rinse it with water; Take a shower or bath, wash your beard with head shampoo – it will give additional luster; Regularly cut or shave extra hairs from your cheeks and neck (depending on the chosen shape); Every day brush your beard in the direction of hair growth. For a beard, a comb with wide teeth is ideal; For extra volume, after washing, brush the beard against hair growth. And when it dries, smooth the beard in the right direction. Sigmund Freud (founder of the teachings of psychoanalysis) said – “I believe in bearded men and long-haired women” than set the hairdressing fashion for many centuries. One can say that a beard is a huge investment in its future. On a subconscious level, girls perceive a bearded man to be wiser, stronger and more courageous. Do not miss your chance, perhaps it is a beautiful beard that will help you find your happiness.