How to have a picnic: a step-by-step guide

As soon as the weather starts to get warm, people immediately think about a trip to the countryside. And not just for fun, but to eat all sorts of delicious things in the fresh air. Frankly speaking, I think that the love for picnics is inherent in Russian people somewhere at the level of genes. How else to explain the wild traffic jams at the exits from the city every weekend, and sacks of coals and boxes of portable braziers at the grocery stores? Did you know that organizing a picnic is not that easy? The list of concerns is not limited to the stupid purchase of meat and skewers. And if we are talking about romantic time with your girlfriend? Here the standard set of friends “shashlik-mashlyk and a case of vodka” will not do. Do you want to know how to have a picnic at its best? Then carefully read my article to the end.


Where to go on a picnic

What to take on a picnic

What to do on a picnic

Where to go on a picnic

Let’s begin with choosing the place for picnic. By the way, besides that you have to organize communication with all participants, so that nobody has any urgent business on the chosen date (though, judging by my experience, there will be somebody of that kind). This is what concerns the group trip. I also recommend to warn the girl in advance. In honor of such a romantic she will surely want to clean up. So, where to go on a picnic, so as not to miscalculate? I suggest a few time-tested options:

A park within the city limits

If you’re not particularly burning with the desire to go to hell, and in general the whole day to drive and stay sober (and most often it is, if you have decided to organize it yourself), then stop at a dislocation closer to you. On the one hand, there are a lot of advantages. For example, you can get on foot or by cab without going completely broke. There is civilization everywhere, the store is close at hand, and the availability of public toilets generally saves you from the main problem. On the other hand, there are some serious drawbacks.

Think this is the best option? Don’t rush to pack your backpack until you know all the disadvantages of a picnic in the park. You won’t get any privacy with your girlfriend here. There will be a lot of people around in any case. Make a fire and barbecue, as well as put a portable grill or barbecue is not allowed everywhere. There should be special places in the park intended for this sacred action. Otherwise, there is a risk of running into a hefty fine. In most public areas it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages. So forget about partying, fooling around, and drunken debauchery. And that’s not even mentioning the screaming and the kids running around all the time. Getting hit in the face with a ball is questionable fun, right?

The forest outside the city

It’s a favorite topic of kebab-baiters. Gather the company, load the trunk with everything you need, find a non-drinking driver (this may be a problem) and go straight out of town. There are quite a lot of advantages. No one will not really monitor your behavior and the number of ppm in your blood. If you choose the right place, there will be no prying eyes. If you want, you can have a pardon with your beloved. What’s the catch? The proximity of this very wildlife. Any close contact with it threatens a completely ruined picnic. Crawling ants, buzzing mosquitoes and flies, snakes (though not poisonous, but still very impressive ladies), all sorts of hedgehogs, squirrels and lizards certainly will not add you positive emotions. And there you can safely get stuck on a wheelbarrow. And instead of a friendly eating delicacies you and your friends face a whole day of this very hardcore. Add here a long way and a big chance to stay sober if you have to drive. It’s also frankly not very pleasant.

Renting a country house

An option for the majors, as I also call it. But in reality, such a pastime will be the most comfortable. So if you do not know how to arrange a picnic to the highest standard, just wow, start surfing the Internet in search of a suitable location dislocation. The pros of this event are substantial. First of all, the girls are sure to be absolutely delighted.

Secondly, the bathhouse and swimming pool will turn your humble picnic into a real hot party (especially if you “forget” to warn your girlfriends to bring swimsuits). All the amenities are at your service. Nobody will say a word about the long-awaited shashlik. Alcohol can be poured at least. If your girlfriend finds out that you are the organizer of all this luxury, then great sex is guaranteed. Cons? Without them, of course. First, just soberly assess your financial capabilities. This option will cost a pretty penny. Another disadvantage may be the picky neighbors, who do not particularly want to hear the drunken screams and women’s squeals over the fence. You can also do some serious damage to the owner’s property. And guess who’s going to cover all the damages?

A river or pond

Not a bad option, especially in hot weather. You can swim to your heart’s content. Many reservoirs are equipped with special recreation areas, where no one will bother you even to make a fire. This location is especially suitable for a picnic with a charming companion. If you choose a secluded spot, then there is a chance to get as a thank you cool sex in the open air. And here are the disadvantages. First of all, in most cases you have to get to any body of water and it’s often not the shortest way. Secondly, no one cancelled the wildlife, too. A girl may well be distracted from a session of love and passion suddenly biting the ass of an ant. Thirdly, to find a quiet place in the hot season is almost impossible. Read about the holiday near the children. And finally, let me remind you about the evening chill and the abundance of blood-sucking insects near the water.

On your own dacha

So you can use your parents’ beloved six acres, which you used to want to roll in the asphalt. If you do not know how to arrange a picnic and where to stop for a snack, then feel free to go to the family farm. It’s free, cozy and basically you can create whatever you want.

I will also include in the list of disadvantages hypothetical neighbors who do not like noisy parties. The dacha can be in a deplorable condition, where it is a shame to invite old friends, not to mention a girl. Not everyone is a happy owner of a brick cottage with all the amenities. But the main disadvantage – it’s a risk to get screwed by the older generation, if your party will have consequences for the seedbeds, flower beds and the cottage itself. So a lot of drinking is not recommended not to wrinkle your face hot favorite mother’s gladioluses. So, with a place about decided. Weighing all the pros and cons, you took a strong-willed decision. But what to do next? The most interesting stage of preparation begins.

What to take on a picnic

A great topic, since most men in principle do not know that besides meat and vodka (sometimes the first point can be crossed out) need to pack anything at all. Nevertheless, the list comes out pretty decent:

Plaids and blankets

Don’t think hot weather is an excuse to limit yourself to a minimum of stuff. A good picnic is an event that has everything you need for everyone’s comfort. But what if it gets drastically colder or the outing drags on until late in the evening? Just imagine how cozy it would be to sit together with your girl under one shoulder near a fire and listen to the peaceful crackling of logs. Romance, that’s all. Also take care that you don’t have to put your heel right on the ground. So and not long to catch a cold, especially the female sex. This applies to a picnic, which will be held in nature. You can even bring folding camping chairs or soft mats. That way the insects won’t get to you either.

Warm clothing

This again is a reference to the changeable weather. Also, things with long sleeves will bail you out in case the mosquitoes and flies attack. You’re not going to go to the bathroom in plaid, are you? And a sweatshirt is a great way to walk through the woods in comfort. If you’re going on a picnic by the water, this ammunition is all the more necessary. It’s always windy and chilly in the evening.


A good picnic should also look appropriate. If you just land on the grass and eat from your knees, you’re unlikely to be called a good organizer and allowed to gather everyone in nature at least once more. Civilization, my friend, has not been abolished. By the way, I advise you to buy a water-repellent tablecloth beforehand. I’m sure drinks will spill on the fabric. But the white dressing tablecloth from mom’s nightstand, put it back, so you don’t end up discharged from the apartment.

Insect repellent

Don’t even bother going into nature without it. You in any case someone will want to bite you. This is especially important in the woods and near standing water. It is desirable to take protection in the form of a spray, as it is not always convenient to smear yourself with a cream. And all sorts of candles and smelly devices in the open air will be useless. So there is no reason to take them. Pay attention to the tube with the product. Choose something that will also protect against ticks.


You can’t do without it. If you have never puzzled over a picnic before, then let me remind you a few important points about the food. Take with you everything that is ready to be eaten. The meat should be marinated beforehand, vegetables should be chopped, salads should be mixed and dressed, and the sausage and cheese should be properly decorated. You can take them directly on plates, wrapped in clingfilm beforehand. Be sure to wash the fruit. I generally advise you to limit yourself to light portions of appetizers. Great are canapés, tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic, fruit, and various greens. It is advisable not to take in the heat of the day dairy products, salads with mayonnaise dressing (better replace your favorite seasoning with olive oil) and too spicy dishes. Avoid liquids that can spill on the ride (like soups).


I don’t need to remind you of that. But here, too, there are some fun tricks. Find out beforehand what kind of alcohol you prefer, so as not to offend anyone. Don’t forget teetotalers and sober drinkers. This includes juices, morsels, mineral water and other compotes. Do not abuse strong alcohol, so that none of the rest do not feel bad in the sun.

Drinking and technical water

The first will be needed to replenish the balance of fluids in the body. In hot weather alcohol can cause severe dehydration. What if someone gets sunstroke? Drinking beer is not a good idea. The second option will be needed to wash your hands, vegetables (if you didn’t do it at home beforehand), all sorts of wounds and cuts (various things happen), as well as to pour the remains of the fire and smoldering embers. We don’t want any fires.

Grill or charcoal grill, skewers, grates and other meat paraphernalia

If there is a vegetarian among you, with all these devices he also will not go hungry. It’s a great place to roast mushrooms and vegetables. It will be good if you do not take on a picnic completely new equipment. It is not yet tested by the heat. In any case, pay attention that it had no films, stickers, and grease. Otherwise, all the products will be trivially spoiled during cooking.

Charcoal and lighter fluid

Breaking branches and chopping wood is not a good idea. Firstly, you will spend much more time on the fire (raw wood). Secondly, spare the nature. Such good stuff is in abundance in stores, and it costs very inexpensive. Be careful with the liquid, don’t let your eyebrows and hair fall. And be sure to let the embers burn through properly, so that they are red with a white border. They give a lot of heat and let the food burn.


Avoid breakable glass and china. Get plastic disposable forks, plates and glasses. The alternative is cardboard utensils. Don’t burn anything after you finish eating. Plastic doesn’t just burn, but releases very corrosive and poisonous substances. There’s a risk of inhalation and poisoning.

An awning, an umbrella, or a tent

You must have at least some kind of roof over your head. If the picnic will be held in a dacha or a rented farmhouse, there’s nothing to worry about. But imagine a downpour in a field, on the bank of a river or in the woods. It’s not very pleasant to refuse in such a situation without protection. Yes, and roast meat in such a case is certainly not possible.

Wipes (wet and dry)

Hygiene on a picnic has not been canceled yet. So you won’t have to find a place to wash your hands dirty with charcoal or soil, make sure you have these paraphernalia beforehand. Girls are sure to appreciate and thank you.

Garbage collection bags

Don’t be piglets, be sure to clean up after yourselves. Otherwise, very soon there will be no good places to rest in nature. Glass in the sun’s rays turns into a magnifying glass, capable of setting dry grass and leaves on fire. Plastic doesn’t decompose for thousands of years. Anyway, I don’t have to tell you how to behave outside your apartment (I hope).

Hiking gear and gadgets

Always stay in touch. You never know what might happen while on vacation. If you need to know how to have a picnic safely, the best thing to do is have a navigation device. Also, don’t forget a knife, a hand saw, an axe, a flashlight, and a roll of strong rope. Just in case.


If it’s really hot outside, take care beforehand not to fall down with sunstroke. Girls let them take with them scarves or hats. Friends are better to get hats. In the area of special risk is the head of kebab. This person must be the first to put on a hat. If any of you suddenly felt nausea, a severe pain in the temples, moving to the forehead and the back of the head, chills, then he must immediately get away into the shade and have a rest. Drink only clean cool water. It’s also a good idea to take a antipyretic in this situation, and go home in peace. Otherwise, the picnic will be hopelessly ruined.

First Aid Kit

It must contain wound care, blood stopers, bandages, bandages, painkillers, allergy pills, sunscreen ointments and sprays, antipyretics, heart medicine, migraine medicine and, of course, activated charcoal. Don’t even think about going on a picnic without it. So, I think you’ve got everything you need. But what about the picnic entertainment? You won’t be only drinking, after all. You’ve got to have some cultural fun, too.

What to do on a picnic

There are several good options to brighten up the picnic:

bring a guitar, take a board game (sold special for large groups or for fun with alcohol), put in your backpack or trunk racquets for badminton and shuttlecock; option for seniors – cards, checkers, dominoes and chess; games for children (if you plan to eat with family).

Just imagine how in the evening you all gather around the fire, make aromatic tea (well, that’s how I see it), wrap yourselves up in plaids in pairs, and listen to one guitar master. Romance and nothing but that. In my opinion – perfect for a holiday in nature with your other half. By the way, if the purpose of the picnic is love, then try to put away anthills, bushes and trees with cavities. And bring a softer bedding. One friend of mine always carried an air mattress in his trunk for such occasions. Great stuff, I’ll tell you. So, that’s the end of my advice. I hope you’ve learned all the instructions, and the guide has come to the place. Treat the organization of recreation in nature with due responsibility, so that then in a panic do not throw up their hands. Take care of the environment and do not leave coals unextinguished. Be sure to take into account the preferences of each picnic participant. I’m sure you will succeed. Good luck and have a good time!