How to have fun on the weekend?


Home entertainment that can be combined with going out of the house

Weekend Entertainment Outside the Home

Weekends are a great time to bring chaos into the routine of regular life and have fun. On the weekend, you can afford those pleasures that you don’t have time for during the weekdays. It is the best time to have fun. And the main obstacle is not the amount of time and money, but limited imagination and laziness.

We will present a selection of ideas for entertainment, which does not require special knowledge and preparation. If you want to organize an excursion, a holiday in the form of a quest or a team game, turn to professionals. They know exactly how to make the weekend pass with benefit, and you can have fun and get a lot of unforgettable impressions. On our service you can find a lot of options for the weekend.

Activities at home that can be combined with going out of the house

A weekend at home can be a great way to have fun alone, with family or with friends.

Play board games. Bingo is an option. For excitement add money bets. It is not necessary to take large sums, 10 kopecks per card is enough. To add spice to the game, play for wishes. You can have fun with computer games, especially if you play online with friends from around the world.

Live a few hours of your day off with your eyes closed. If you have the company, you can have fun in a similar way and on the street, where you can hardly do without a companion. You can blindfold not your eyes, but, for example, your ears. Or you can try to live a day with one hand, preferably not with your main hand, i.e. a right-handed person ties the right hand and a left-handed person ties the left hand. Believe me, after this entertainment, the world will shine with new colors and you will gain invaluable experience.

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows all weekend. It’s better to do it in the company, then even old movies will reveal new details. If you don’t want to watch at home, go to the movie theater. You can choose a movie you like and book tickets without leaving home. Tickets for the movie cost from 200 rubles, but there are plenty of promotions and discounts, such as families with children.

Devote a weekend crafts. Women can have fun making soap, candles, jewelry, paintings, etc. Fortunately, to buy kits for self-creation is not difficult. Men can also find entertainment on their day off: to fix a faucet, clean a drain, etc. The most creative can do burning or woodcarving, origami. You can visit an exhibition of handicrafts or folk art. This trip will be doubly useful: cultural rest and find ideas for their own creativity. Prices at such exhibitions quite democratic (about 300-500 rubles), moreover, children and families are often given discounts.

Take up sports at last. It is not necessary to start a new life from Monday, you can also with the weekend. Make a list of exercises you like, play some fun music and go ahead. You can include a recording of a class on the Internet and start your exercise life together with an online coach. For stunning results, it is better to go to a fitness center. Usually the first class is free. On it, you will be able to talk to experienced trainers and choose the best exercise program.

Fitness center subscriptions only seem expensive. The number of services that are offered for the cost of a subscription pays back the investment many times over. Usually a subscription includes not only a gym, but also a sauna, swimming pool, individual consultations by a nutritionist and fitness coach. It is more profitable to pay once 30 000 rubles for a year than to buy these services one time. If it is more convenient for you to pay monthly, fitness centers offer this possibility, but the cost is better to clarify in the sports club.

Take an online trip. You need the Internet and a device with which to access it. Then use online maps and travel sites to go anywhere in the world. You can really go away for the whole weekend on a little trip. All you have to do is visit a couple of neighboring cities that you have never been to before. Travel agencies can help you find interesting locations so that these cities have places to go and things to see. Journey one or two days can cost about 10 000 rubles for the family. The price depends on the number of days off and the entertainment you want to visit.

Devote the whole day just for yourself: take a bath, drink coffee, do self-massage, masks. Great fun on the day off – to be a zucchini, which lies in a bed, and he does not need anything. Only a flight of fancy, wild imagination and laziness. Maximum pleasure from the weekend can be obtained by visiting a spa, massage parlor or beauty salon. Spending 1000-5000 rubles on your favorite (beloved), you can not only improve your mood, but also improve your self-esteem.

As you can see, the number and variety of weekend activities is limited only by your desire. If you are not a homebody, then the scope of entertainment will be limited only by your wallet.

Weekend Entertainment Outside the Home

You can have a much more effective and healthy weekend away from home. The whole world is open to you.

Go on a quest. This is a great way to tickle your nerves and test your IQ level. The variety of quests can surprise even an avid fan of puzzles and detectives. Did you know that there are haunted quests that cause shivers all over your body? Would you dare? Do not be afraid, there are light versions, without a strong psychological impact. And the team of 2-6 players will cost only 2500 rubles (the price depends on the “horror”).

Parachute jump or, as an option, a bungee jump. Believe me, if the bungee jump over the highway, not over the water, the feeling is much “more pleasant. A bungee jump performed in tandem with an instructor will cost about 15,000 rubles on the Weekend offer. The price depends on the number of participants, your professionalism and desire to capture everything on the camera. Bungee jumping (without an instructor) is only about 1500 rubles per person, but the sensations in a million. Believe me, this weekend you will never forget.

Risk and adrenaline are not your friends? That’s okay. The main thing – get out of the house at the weekend and entertainment will not make you wait. After all, you can tickle your nerves, get a little adrenaline and relax in very comfortable conditions.

Visit a paintball game. By the way, there are options for the game: hydroball, laser tag, blastertag, and strikeball. This unique game of the new generation, which allow you to wear a vest, take blasters and go into a space maze, where you can compete with friends. Price of the question: from 500 rubles per person (uniforms are included). A charge of bright positive emotions guaranteed, and the risk is zero.

Go to the swimming pool or visit a water park. Such institutions offer a lot of additional services: from sauna, massage and peeling with Garra-ruf fish to room rentals and photo shoots. In this case the whole day on “all inclusive” will cost you only a couple of thousand rubles, but you will get ten times more impressions.

Order a photo session. Professional photos are a modern trend. Such photos can be put in a family photo album and are not ashamed to place on the Internet. And if you get on the action, you can buy a half an hour photo session for only 500 rubles, whereas the standard price tag starts from 2500 rubles.

You can also come up with and implement other ideas for entertainment. Our service will help you with that. Just go to the events section – there are many options for how you can spend your time. Tickets for any event can be purchased online. And without overpaying, because we don’t make surcharges. No matter what city you’re in – R.TIGER will help you have a good time in any corner of our vast country.