How to invite a girl to have sex?

Do you want to find yourself under an attractive girl’s skirt? Learn how to make pretty girls want the same things you do. The best hints for an interesting time with a pleasant ending at your home. The methods of experienced seducers are in the past, it’s a new time and new techniques in seducing beautiful girls. We took the old experience and optimized it for the new realities of seducing modern girls.


How to attract a beautiful girl to your lady?

Be sure that the girl wants the same as you, do not think that if you want sex, she already wants it, maybe you have not made enough effort in her seduction. Watch how her behavior changes from your signs of attention. Without seeing a backlash to the advances, you run the risk of getting a stiff rejection and leaving the lady alone. Think of the girl first, not what you want. Think in advance in what ways or words you will be interested in her. How are you different from her other more attractive suitors? Let her know that you are the right person for her. Determine the type of girl, what kind of relationship she is set up for, quick, fun one-night stands or a long family relationship. This directly affects what actions you should take to seduce her. Maximum fun and intimate conversations, or a heartfelt, slow conversation about feelings and relationships.

In any case, you should cause the girl’s confidence, so that the road to sex will be as short as possible. Each of your phrases should evoke positive emotions, transfer it mentally to your fantasies. She should clearly imagine in her head what awaits her next in your relationship. Say how lucky you are to meet her, how beautiful she is, how stylish she dresses, nice to talk to her, smart, smells good, right way of thinking, ability to use makeup, how she is right about everything.


The process of seducing a girl
Touch her casually at every opportunity. The safest places to touch are the hand, shoulders and hair. Touch during your conversation on different sensual topics. Let the girl know with your soft hints that you expect sex, tell her how you will have a good evening together at your place. Gain momentum, from soft hints move on to more explicit topics. Naughty jokes, more touching, less distance, talk often about the place you want to bring the girl for sex. Try to convey a feeling of warmth, affection, reliability, caring for her through your words. Sex starts in her head and continues in your bed. When you have moved on to kissing with her, touch her intimate places in the process and move on as much as the girl will let you. Watch her reaction, if you notice that she doesn’t like it, take a step back and continue a little later, when she is more ready for your intimate touching.

Invite a girl for sex
If you are lucky, then already on the first night of acquaintance a girl can be in your bed. Most often this happens after meeting in a club, when the girl is relaxed from dancing and drinking. The main thing is not to spoil everything and continue her vacation already in bed with you.
In other cases, when the girl is not very relaxed you will need about three dates for your relationship to be tested by sex.
In order for a beauty to agree to come with you for sex, you need to tell a beautiful story about your home, there should be something interesting besides sex. For example, a cute pet, a nice dinner, your collection of something. The girl will understand that getting to you lady sex will definitely happen but it’s important for her to understand that that’s not your main purpose of the trip.

Appropriate options for inviting to sex
1. Let’s make a nice dinner together.
2. A friend from abroad brought me an unusual drink or treat.
3. Forgot the money in the house, come with me for company.
4. I live near here, do you want to see how I live?
5. I want to make repairs, can you give advice on how best to rearrange the furniture?
6. Do you like computer games, let’s fight in some game?
7. I keep a bottle of expensive wine for a special occasion, do you want us to open it?
8. I promise stargazing tonight, do you want to watch it together through my telescope?
9. Let’s buy some sweets and watch a movie at my house.
10. I forgot to feed my turtle today, shall we go and look at it and feed it at the same time?
11. I have a present for you at home, let me show it to you.
12. I have a big old album with pictures, do you want to look together?
13. I got my clothes dirty, let’s go to my place and I’ll change.
14. Shall we play board games together at my house?
15. Will you teach me how to use the washing machine?
16. My eyes are blurry, will you please show me home?
17. I’m obviously not dressed for the weather, I feel so awkward, let’s go to my place I’ll change?
18. I can paint your portrait at my place, shall we go?
19. Such a mess at my house, and tomorrow my relatives will come, I can not cope alone, help me please.
20. I bought a sushi kit, but never used it. Can you help me figure it out?
21. My flower on the windowsill is looking bad, I don’t know how to save it, can you help me figure out what’s wrong?
22. It’s cold or hot outside. Shall we go to my house to warm up or cool off under the air conditioner?

A girl may want sex as much as you do, but it’s hard for her to admit it. Lead her gently to the idea of sex, watch her reaction from your words and actions. Come up with a plan that might make her want to be at home with you to have passionate sex.