How to learn to kiss properly and become the best in this case

There are always kisses in everyone’s life, no matter what age they are. The first kiss is the kiss of a mother, with whom the basics of tenderness, love, trust and coziness are laid in human awareness. In the future, kisses are always there: we kiss our children, our parents, our loved ones, even our pets!

And how, because this is how a person can show the most true and genuine feelings. Except, of course, there are different kisses, and a kiss with a loved one is something special, sometimes even extreme and amazing.

Where does the need to kiss a person come from? The fact is that any romantic relationship involves the expression of love, affection, tenderness and passion, and in what, as not in a kiss, it is best expressed?

A kiss is a kind of communication on the genetic level, it is through saliva that testosterone is transmitted to the partner, which affects the emergence of attraction, including sexual.

The first kiss is the first intimate contact between partners, a step indicating full trust, which is expressed without words, let’s say, in sign language. When a man and woman kiss for the first time, it indicates that their acquaintance is ready to become even closer.

Therefore, it is very important, kissing with a partner for the first time, to show him all the care and affection. The moment should be intimate, but not defiant and screaming in any way, because it is necessary to show your soulmate that she can trust you.

The first kiss. What is he like?

Everything once happens for the first time, and a kiss is no exception. How to learn how to kiss a guy or girl correctly, because you want to impress, like your partner and show the seriousness of your intentions.

The very first and most important thing is to let your partner understand in what phase of communication you want to go, it is enough to hug a girl or guy, put your hands on your shoulders or neck, you can look closely in the eyes. You will understand by your partner whether he wants to continue or not. You don’t need words here, you can see everything from gestures, from fleeting glances and touching the hands.

It is a little easier for women in this situation, because they, according to traditional morals, do not have to take the first step, the entire responsibility lies on the shoulders of the man. However, quite a long time ago, the time has come when women can make the first step on their own.

The next important point is the odor factor. If a partner smells a bad odor, no matter where it comes from – from the mouth or another place, it certainly will not contribute to the development of further romantic relationships.

Therefore, it is important to watch for fresh breath, it is enough to brush your teeth, use chewing gum, and in extreme cases, chew a few branches of parsley. It is also worth noting the level of use of perfume, if you are not aware of the preferences of your partner, in order not to scare him away, it is better to use a brightly expressed odors minimally, or at first exclude them at all.

About techniques and pauses

If all went well, and the object of your adoration answered to your caresses, you can move on to the first and meek kiss. It is worth to understand, of course, there are different situations, but the first kiss should not be, overpowering and sucking everything around you.

It is enough to have a couple of gentle touches of the lips area, cheeks, dimples; at this moment, every person at an intuitive level feels what to do next. It is no secret that there is no exact answer to the question, what should be the perfect kiss. For everyone there are different facets of what is allowed, and everyone feels and understands the process of kissing in his own way, there are no common norms, and this is not surprising.

If, for example, you address to different peoples and cultures, you can note the diversity of traditions, everywhere there is something intimate and acceptable. By the way, there are peoples, where instead of kissing they rub their noses, and there are also those where the transmission of all feelings is carried out by shaking hands. This is how varied are the kisses!

And also – each person is able to learn how to kiss, it is not to learn to play guitar or climb a mountain peak, this process is learned quickly, the main thing is desire and, of course, feelings.

Speaking about them, the most beautiful and unforgettable kiss is a kiss full of feelings and emotions, if you really have them, then you won’t need any hints, hands and lips will do their job.

And still, because it is so terrible to kiss for the first time, fear of pushing away your partner, excessive nerves and stiffness is not the best assistant in this business. Tense lips, heavy movements – this is what exactly should not be during the kiss.

The whole process should be accompanied by lightness and airiness, let the romance into your heart and body, they will help you. If you can’t relax at all, you can calm yourself down by the fact that, most likely, your partner or partner is also not too sophisticated in this matter.

After all, if you think about it, you’re both young, it’s unlikely that at this age a girl or guy has such a huge experience that they can recognize the skill of their opponent.

The main thing in this case is practice, so practice and improve, only together you can understand what to bring pleasure to both and what not.

So, everything is good, the contact is established, the desire increases, but you need to keep yourself in control. No one knows what your partner thinks, so it is better to observe small pauses between kisses.

In the process, you can talk, whisper pleasant words, it will not interfere with the completion of the whole action, but on the contrary, it will be adjusted to a romantic way. It is quite possible that for the first date and first kisses two or three times is enough, it is better to leave everything else for later.

How to kiss properly?

This is how French kisses are called in the common people, or, simply put, a kiss with tongue. Going to this stage is possible only after the preliminary ordinary kisses, as this technique requires some practical skills, as well as understanding between a man and a woman.

Those who are the first to dare to go further, can start with an easy penetration of their tongue into the mouth of the partner. In the first few moments it is enough to gently caress the surface of the lips, trying to open them a little, but without diligence, the partner should respond to your contact and open his mouth. When you feel that everything is working out, you can caress not only the lips, but also the tongue, you become bolder, but do not overdo it, no one likes when someone else’s tongue ends up somewhere deep in your throat.

What should not be in a kiss?

The most important thing is, of course, breathing, but, what is also important is to make sure that the kiss is not too wet, abundant salivation will not please your partner, so you need to fight with the excess saliva.

Also sometimes the opposite sex does not like excessively sharp movements of the tongue, hands, it is not necessary to sniff and murmur sth. during the kiss.

The most important thing is not to forget about your partner, listen to him and, what is important to hear from this, you can feel the most unforgettable and inspiring feelings.