How to look beautiful? Top Interesting Tips for Men

Folk wisdom says: “Beauty is not the main thing.” Certainly, a person is valued by good and honest deeds, as well as sharp mind. However, to be tidy and clean has not hurt anyone yet. AiF-Chelyabinsk has prepared top tips on how easy it is to stay beautiful day by day.

Tips for men

1. Lately, more and more bearded and mustached men have been found on the streets. The fashion for facial vegetation has really come back. However, it’s not those grandfather’s hard reinforcements, which periodically get stuck in all kinds of snow after a hearty dinner. To be the first handsome man in the area, don’t be stingy to go to a good hairdresser. For example, Chop-Chop is very famous in Chelyabinsk. However, be a man and remember that women do not like it when guys spend more time at the mirror than they do. It’s already funny to watch another video of a sweet young man geling his hair.

2. You still think a manicure is a woman’s thing? We can assure you that your nibbled fingernails, quilting delicate women’s skin, are already boring everyone. Picking on the old cuticle, of course, no one will, but to give the nails healthy and tidy appearance by polishing all kinds of files men should be sure. Objections like “I stand behind the machine every day in the factory, I do not need nails” – do not accept.

3. Another misconception of the strong sex is that peelings, masks and creams are not for them. However, with our ecology, everyone needs daily skin care. To begin with, you can get at least a scrub, which will make your skin velvety and get rid of black spots.

4. Meet, as they say, on the clothes. It so happens that a little “wrinkled” to walk now in fashion. But a man in a perfectly ironed strict suit with a tie – still remains a dream of every lady preparing to date for a few hours. Therefore, dear gentlemen, the ability to iron in the modern world – a thing is still necessary. Especially an iron is not a high-tech thing for you.

5. Certainly, no girl will refuse to look at muscular guys like Channing Tatum in movies about dancing from TV screens. But muscles aren’t that important in life. Let’s say you are not Sylvester Stallone in his better years, but to be fit and a little sporty for the performance of your body is still important. And to please your beloved, you can sometimes indulge her carrying on your strong hands. The tradition of taking the bride out of the registry office, no one has ever cancelled. (To make the task easier, you can just give less sweets to your beloved).