How to look stylish and spectacular at the beach?

A man who considers himself stylish should not forget about fashion, even while on vacation. And since the basis of the closet at this time for most lucky men is beachwear, today we will talk about fashion trends and combinations.

Shoes for the beach

When choosing this component of the image, focus on its practicality, comfort and lightness. Do not forget about the sand and salt water everywhere. Therefore, your shoes should be ready to face the aggressive environment. The leaders of resort fashion can rightly be called: Vietnamese – if it’s considered bad form to wear them in the city, then at the sea they will be a real godsend. The variety of colors will allow choosing slippers for every taste and wallet. Sandals – this year designers tend to retro-style. The only deviation from tradition will be the color of shoes – not only the traditional black or brown, but also blue, beige, white, etc. Topsiders – they are simply designed for sailing, because they were originally created for yacht owners who spend a lot of time by the water. Not only are they lightweight and comfortable, but they will also create an elegant and aesthetically beautiful look thanks to their unique lacing. Rubber bathing shoes – for rocky beaches or sea urchin habitats will be indispensable. You can safely swim in it even without fear of damaging your limbs.


Depending on the overall look, choose the right headwear. Protect you from sunstroke and complement the beach set: Straw hat – choose an accessory made of natural breathable materials. It can be a trilby with a contrasting ribbon or a wide-brimmed model in white. Baseball cap – a masthead 2018 with strict lines and a certain angularity. As for the color scheme, the designers did not limit themselves: monochrome options and unusual bright combinations are welcome. Panama is a practical thing, that easily fits into the pocket when folded. Trending are hats with patches, paisley prints or simple solid colors.

Choosing a swimsuit

This year fashion designers decided to abandon the excessive openness and gave preference to swimming shorts. As for colors, the favorite is still camouflage. If there is a desire to boast with a relief figure, then pay attention to swim trunks with a wide contrast belt. Do not write off the beach shorts reaching almost to the knees. This summer they can be as bright as possible, so look for a catchy variant. For those who have not had time to polish the body for the summer season, there is an opportunity to hide flaws with shorts in a warm pastel palette, called “surfers”.


This comfortable and practical part of the closet has long gained fans among men of all ages. A variety of prints and colors will satisfy the interests of any fashionista. The neckline may be different: rounded or V-shaped, open or high. Be sure to study the material – it must be elastic, freely permeable to air and allowing the body to breathe.


They will not only protect your eyes from the bright sunlight and help create a complete image. This season the aviator sunglasses haven’t lost their popularity. If you like mirror glasses, then feel free to choose an accessory with them, as they look attractive and unusual. Those who lead an active lifestyle will like sports models to emphasize determination and vigor. Models with round lenses and colored glasses will emphasize the fashionable look.

Beach fashion for men is no less important than urban fashion. Choose stylish clothes in which you feel comfortable and then your vacation will be unforgettable!