How to look taller: choose the right clothes

It is said about men that height is a very important part of their physical attractiveness. Of course, being short is not so pleasant… But this problem can be solved by correctly shaping your image.

First of all, you need to develop the correct posture and gait. Start by forcing yourself to straighten your shoulders. This will immediately produce a noticeable change in your height – you will look more confident.

Of course, even if you develop a perfect posture, your height will not increase from 170 cm to 190 cm, but you will seem about 5-10 centimeters higher, or even more – with the right clothes.

Here are six tips for those who want to appear taller.

Wear clothes that fit

Speaking of form-fitting clothes, we don’t encourage you to opt for tight silhouettes. Many men prefer loose fitting clothes because they are so much more comfortable to wear. As a result, these men miss out on a larger size. Never wear something that is big for you: you will appear even shorter, because all the lines of your figure will be hidden, and the look will seem shapeless.

Choose monochrome colors

Trying to look taller, you should choose bright, noticeable colors. Wearing clothes of several shades of the same color, you will learn a clever trick of visually stretching your silhouette, because from outside your body will not be perceived as parts. For example, pants and shoes of the same color will give the impression of longer legs. As for belts, it is necessary to fit them correctly into your clothes, so contrasting colors should be avoided.

Emphasize dark colors

The choice of dark colors such as black, blue and deep gray is not just slimming, but also gives the appearance a touch of dominance and power. In today’s society, people subconsciously trust and respect dominant people who exude power and competence. Combined with a good physique and correct posture, such a person seems taller. This is a simple psychological effect that you may well take advantage of.

Pay attention to your hairstyle

Some men opt for aggressive hairstyles, not only because it’s fashionable, but also because of the extra centimeters they add to their height. Flattened sides and a bobbed top make you look taller, even when looked at from the side and straight in the face. In addition, this is the hottest fashion trend in hairdressing this year! Open any issue of a fashion magazine and you will surely see photos of several styles of men’s hairstyles that actively take advantage of this rule. Consider all of these hairstyles and choose the one that best suits you.

Wear clothes with vertical stripes

When you want to look taller than you really are, you can use the following trick. Patterns on fabric such as thin stripes, dark or white, or herringbone pattern, give the figure the effect of visual elongation, which is what you are counting on. So choose pants and jackets with a similar pattern and experiment with other kinds of stripes to find what suits you best. However, do not mix them, because different stripes will create a confusing effect, and even make you visually even lower!

Pick the right length jackets

A coat or jacket should end where your buttocks meet your legs. An ill-fitting jacket of the wrong length is not just a stylistic puncture, but also a verdict on your height.

Some men can be recommended to complement the jacket with shoulder pads. They make your shoulders seem wider and create a V-shaped torso silhouette, which will definitely help you look taller and sportier.

Do you want to be taller?

If you’re happy with yourself and exude self-confidence, you’ll already look taller. And if that’s not enough for you, just follow our tips!