How to lose 10 kg

When the body weight exceeds the medical norm by more than 10 kg, the problem is beyond the scope of the situation “a little fattened up during the holidays”. Depending on the height and peculiarities of addition, an additional ten kilograms adds 2-3 sizes of clothing. It is impossible not to notice such changes. Not only because the weight gain affects the joints and heart, but also because the usual trouser belt hurts the stomach.

To understand how to lose weight by 10 kg, first you need to find out the reasons for the weight gain. The shape often changes under the influence of sedentary lifestyle, stress, unbalanced nutrition and bad habits. However, the causes of changes can also be endocrine system diseases, tumors, chronic diseases of internal organs. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to consult with a doctor, to exclude medical reasons for weight gain. Particular attention should be paid in such cases:

You gained 10 kg in a short period: 1-2 months.

Weight gain is accompanied by increased fatigue, irritability, nervousness.

In addition to excess body weight, there are complaints of unusual rashes on the skin or its dryness, the appearance of hair where it was not before, in women – menstrual irregularities.

Overweight appeared immediately after a serious illness, infection or prescription drug therapy.

Why do we recommend excluding medical reasons for gaining weight? Because a weight gain of ten kilograms is due to taking medication or illness, none of the ways to lose weight will be effective. First, you need to eliminate the cause of the problem, and only then – the consequences. Fortunately, or unfortunately, but most often the cause of the excess weight is lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

How to Calculate Your Weight Rate

First, let’s find out if it’s necessary to lose weight. The thinning fashion has led to the fact that sometimes even people who have no more than two excess kilograms, or even more than one, dream to lose 10 kg, just the figure does not seem ideal. While the body weight is lower than the medical norm creates not less risks than the excess weight. In order not to hurt yourself in the pursuit of beauty, before losing weight calculate your body mass index. For this purpose, there is a simple formula:

BMI = body weight in kilograms ÷ (height in meters per square)

For example, the height of a girl is 168 cm, and her weight is 75 kg. To calculate the index of body weight, you need 75 kg divided by the root of 1.68 m. We get about 26.6 kg/m2. It turns out that the BMI – 26.6. The medical standard of BMI is within 18.5 and 24.99. That is, there are really excess kilograms. But does it mean that the girl is obese? Not at all: obesity is diagnosed when the BMI exceeds 30 kg/m2.

Let’s imagine that a girl wants to lose weight by 10 kg. The desired weight is 65 kg. If she reaches the goal, her BMI will change: 65 ÷ (1.68 × 1.68) = 23. That is, the body mass index will remain within the normal range, will not cross the boundary beyond which slimness turns into a weight deficit. But another situation is possible: a girl weighs 55 kg at 1.68 m height. Her BMI is 19.5, but under the influence of fashion, she wants to lose another 10 kg. With a weight of 45 kg, her BMI will be 15.9, which is much lower than normal. Values below 16 reflect a marked body weight deficiency, which creates many serious health risks, one of which is the omission of the kidney. Therefore, in this case, even if the figure seems far from ideal, it is better to improve it by other methods or lose no more than 2-3 kg.

Of course, the body mass index is not a very precise criterion, because it does not take into account the peculiarities of the constitution. For example, some people have heavier bones, while others have lighter ones. Accordingly, with one growth and BMI values, one person will look brittle, and the other will look full. This medical criterion should be carefully applied to professional athletes with developed muscles, because their weight gain is not due to fat, but due to muscle tissue. However, do not seek to achieve weight below the medical norm, as it may be even more dangerous to health than obesity.

Safe slimming rate

People tend to strive for quick results, so men and women often want to lose 10 kg per month. It is possible, but with reservations. The fact that it is harmful for our body to gain and lose weight quickly, so the rapid loss of body weight is associated with risks. The body needs time to get used to the changes. Do not underestimate the problems associated with too fast weight loss: it can be very, very difficult to cope with the consequences.

Doctors insist that a safe rate of weight loss is 0.5-2 kg per week. Do not try to lose weight faster! The least difficulty, which may appear as a result of the race for minus ten kg per month, – is the stretched skin: only a plastic surgeon can tighten it. It will be much harder to cure a metabolism that is broken because of this weight loss.

Accordingly, the minimum slimming time of 10 kg is 5 weeks. It can be slower, but faster it is extremely undesirable, and if necessary, you should reduce the body weight under the control of an endocrinologist. If you are overweight, it is never superfluous to consult with an endocrinologist, because BMI above normal may be both a cause and a consequence of health problems. For example, increasing body weight creates a risk of insulin resistance, and insulin resistance leads to weight gain. Yes, it is a vicious circle.

Insulin resistance is a condition when the tissues do not perceive insulin, and with a normal level of insulin and blood sugar, the body does not receive glucose. This causes a strong, overwhelming feeling of hunger, an increase in sugar levels and in the future may cause diabetes. Without laboratory tests it is impossible to diagnose this condition, but with the right therapy it is quickly corrected. And it may turn out that after seeing a doctor, you will not have to decide how to lose weight by 10 kg, because the weight will go without diets.

What to do before slimming down to 10 kg

Calculate the actual and optimal body mass index and make sure that you really need to lose 10 kg of weight.

Consult a good therapist and endocrinologist to make sure that weight gain is not related to health problems.

Have a diary of sleep, nutrition, bad habits and physical activity.

You will have to adjust your lifestyle, and first you need to find out the actual situation. Often, people think that they eat a little, move enough, and sleep deprivation is an exception to the rule. Do not rely on feelings and impressions, note the number of hours of sleep, meal time and menu, frequency of physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption. So after a month you get a clear picture of how to balance your diet and improve your lifestyle to lose weight easily and effectively.

Why can’t you lose 10 kg in 7 days?

The network has a lot of tips on how to lose weight in a week without sport. As a rule, advisors offer miracle diets, promising that with their help you will get into your favorite dress or jeans in 7 days. However, it is important to understand that this is a deception or self-deception, because even if you stop eating completely, it is physically impossible to lose 10 kg in a week. If somehow you manage to do this, urgently seek medical help: there is an acute illness or pathology that destroys the body.

What will happen if you try to lose 10 kg in a week? To begin with, it should be said that the first of the body “leaves” not the fatty tissue, but the liquid. It can be as much as 3 kg of weight. Dehydration is explained by the “miraculous” effect of some diets: due to the loss of fluid, the figure on the scales is reduced by 2-3 kg, and it seems that the diet restriction works. However, this is an illusion. On a rigid diet, you will see such signs of exhaustion:


dizziness and fainting;

nervousness and irritability;

constant fatigue and rapid fatigue;

exacerbation of chronic diseases;

digestive and stool disorders.

If you try to “tighten” the harsh diet for a month, of course you will lose weight. But the stomach, liver, and kidneys will also be disturbed, the nervous system will be affected, possibly the heart and blood vessels. Let’s assume that with the strictest diet you will lose 10 kg faster than in a month. This is a huge stress for the body, to which it will respond in the future …. And if before the diet you weighed, for example, 75 kg, six months after the termination of a diet the scales will show 85-90 kg.

Another mistake, which is often made in the pursuit of a thin waist, is overtraining. This is a state when the body does not have time to recover from physical activity, so its resources begin to be depleted. Overtraining is familiar to many people who are engaged in running, swimming, strength training. It is a condition when the body sleepiness after exercise, high heart rate during activity and lack of sports progress, as well as low immunity.

The easiest way to train yourself is to train a lot and have little rest. This is often done by people who want to lose weight. It is also possible to be exhausted at home; it is not necessary to go to the gym. For this purpose, you can exercise every day without changing your activity and without pausing. This way you can really lose weight by 10 kg, it is possible that even in a month. But you won’t be able to keep the result. Constant exhaustion is dangerous for life, and as soon as the body recovers, it will react to long-term stress.

Now that you know how not to do, it’s time to tell you how to lose 10 kg correctly.

Why sleep is important

A full rest is a prerequisite for a healthy weight loss. Modern lifestyle does not always allow you to sleep for 8 hours every day, but if you want to lose 10 kg of weight in a month or two, it is critical to sleep at least 6 hours. Ideally – 8 hours every night. Sleeping time also matters: you should not lie down on the same day when you wake up.

Non-sleeping slows down your metabolism, increases the feeling of hunger, and exhausts the body’s resources. In addition, you should move, do physical activity, and before and after it you should rest well. Otherwise, it will be no use.

How to train properly

The recipe for losing 10 kg is simple: use more energy than you consume with food. Choose the physical activity you like (or at least seem least unpleasant) and train at least 3 times a week. The main thing is not a type of exercise, but regularity and alternation of activity with rest. You lose weight not when you train, but when you rest!

Running 3 km three times a week is better than running 20 km once a month. To lose weight by 10 kg, you need to make the load an organic part of life. Run if you do not like the gyms. Swim if you do not like running. Walk for an hour on foot, do your homework – choose the type of exercises that you can do long and regularly.

Balanced diet for slimming by 10 kg

To normalize your weight you need not a depleting diet, but a proper, healthy diet. Some foods will have to be refused completely or reduced to a minimum in the menu. The black list includes alcohol, carbonated drinks, sweet drinks such as “Coke”, pastry, sweets, mayonnaise, sausage and sausages. The basis of daily nutrition should be cereals, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean poultry meat.

It is important that the menu is varied, and the daily calorie count is less than the amount of energy that you spend on movement. The easiest way to lose 10 kg without dieting is to use the service of ready meal delivery from LetBeFit. We offer a delicious, varied, and useful menu for the week with calorie dosages. You don’t have to count them yourself, our cooks will do it. At the same time, thanks to appetizing dishes and original recipes, you won’t be tempted to go to McDonald’s for a hamburger in the evening.