How to make a girl laugh

An effective courting strategy that really works. If a girl finds you funny and funny, there is a much better chance that she will not resist you! Laugh! It’s a courting strategy that really works. If a girl finds you funny, then a much better chance that she will not resist your spell! In addition to smoothing out the differences between you, humor will help relieve tension on the first date, negate the negative feelings that “I’m not good enough”, and make you closer. To make a girl laugh, try to follow these tips:

1. Develop

1.1 Think positive. Positivity is closely related to a sense of humor. Be happy and positive about everything around you, it will conquer her again and again. If you can, become a source of support when she has some problems, of course she will reach out to you. Try to find positive things in everyday situations. So, you will make an impression of a good, friendly person with easy character, and girls like it. Think about people who emit vibes. If you are not yet able to communicate with people at ease, think about what you could use from what they do. You’ve got to be kidding me. If you want to be fun, then make jokes, sometimes tease her, but always be correct. Serious things can still wait. If you’re in a bad mood or upset about something, don’t show it, go through it yourself. If she gets the impression that you’re depressed about something, it’s not a good start to a relationship!

1.2 Learn to be funny. Do you have an innate sense of humor? Do you know how to make people laugh? If not, it’s time to learn how to do it. First you have to learn what can make you laugh. Remember everything you think can be funny and try it on yourself. Don’t try to be funny. Instead, try to see humor in different things and use it. When you do that, you really get funny and start laughing sincerely. It will feel your sincerity and your ability to see the world as a place full of joy. This is important!

1.3 Be natural. Being funny is an innate quality, as long as you have confidence in your sense of humor. Here are some tips to improve this side: Use your body language to convey humor. Your expression, body position, movement and voice tone will affect how funny you look. Feel free to manifest your ability to express something by making faces. Think of actors like Jim Kerry, or groups like Monty Python. Train to be funny. Observe the world around you and constantly try to think up a joke in your head about a situation. The more often you do it, the easier and more natural it will be for you to show humour in a stressful situation. After all, humor is easier and works better than a lot of jokes invented by other people. Be prepared for defeat, too. Even comedians have tough days. Be prepared for the fact that your jokes will sometimes only cause a grimaces on her face. Make a joke, laugh at the fact that your jokes delivery system has broken down. Don’t say, “I can’t joke.” That may be true, but it’s not funny. She’ll agree and think to herself: “I’m bored with him right now.”

1.4. Tell funny stories where the protagonist is you. When telling them, focus on how your qualities have helped you get out of such difficult situations, where others would have simply saved. Prove yourself as a guy who sometimes misses, but quickly gathers and continues to try until he reaches his goal. The ability to laugh at yourself and your shortcomings will show the girl that you are the guy who is able to withstand criticism and does not give up so quickly. Also, if she realizes that you are capable of making fun of yourself, it will be easier to make fun of her sweet weaknesses when you learn about them, and she will not think that you are criticizing her.

2. Focus on the girl

2.1 Respect her. By respecting the girl’s personality and qualities, you begin to earn her trust. When there is trust, then it is easier to communicate and make her laugh. All girls are different from each other and laugh at different things. What works with one is unlikely to work with the other. Take the time to find out what works best in your case. If it turns out that nothing is funny for a girl, it’s a signal that maybe you just aren’t right for each other. It could also mean that she’s on a bad luck streak and nothing makes her happy. Look at how she reacts to people around her. If she laughs at their jokes and doesn’t think your jokes are funny, step aside.

2.2 Listen to her. You have to listen to her to come up with something funny. Humorists watch everyone and everyone around them to understand people. They record their observations and then tell them to the public, expanding the side of life’s trials. If you listen carefully, you will know what she cares about, what she thinks, what she believes in. All these observations will help you understand what she’s laughing at. Listening, you will gather material to come up with something funny, and you will always have something to talk about. Just make sure that what you learned about her and are going to use in jokes isn’t sacred to her.

2.3 Laugh with her. Laughter infects, so it won’t be hard to do. If you laugh with her, it will lift you up in her eyes. If you find her cheerful and her jokes, happiness and laughter are connected with you, it will show her that you are special and try to match her rhythm and sense of humor. Just like you want her to appreciate your sense of humor, she instinctively likes what you find and her jokes funny. Imitate her style of humor. If it’s risky, for example, then stick to your style. Do it as much as you can, and don’t forget the naturalness. If your humour is by nature funny and kind, then using black humour will seem unnecessary. Of course, follow her example only when you are absolutely confident in her style of humor. Find out what kind of humorists or movies she likes. Watch them together and laugh. You can also introduce her to your preferences when she’s pretty sure you’re a cool guy. Once you know her comedy preferences, try quoting lines from a show like this. This will show her that you like her humour and it will add to your attractiveness!

3. Call Laughter

3.1 Remember the spice. They’ll help the newcomer find the right words at the right time. They will help you laugh, but don’t confuse spice with a beaten phrase and never abuse it. You can find many spices on the Internet, but below are examples of how you can use these jokes: Never frown, because someone may fall in love with your smile. If she’s a little depressed, it’ll cheer her up and she’ll know what you like when she smiles. When you reach the end of the rope, tie the knot and hold on. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) If something upset her in life, this phrase will show that you care for her and make her laugh. The knee is the device for finding furniture in your room. It helps to make her laugh if she hits. I used to be hesitant. Now I’m not sure. It can be used when one of you is having trouble making a decision.

3.2 Fool around. There are a few things that can help you make her laugh. Of course, it all depends on how well you know this girl and if she appreciates “fooling around”; and remember that the best joke is when you can make fun of yourself: Feel her like a cat and meow her. Ask to be stroked. Mourn the face. Go to the photo booth together, make funny faces and take a picture. When you look at the photo later, you’ll laugh for sure! Answer her stupid questions without emotion. For example, if she asks “Do you go out often?”, answer something like this: “Not always, I usually spend all my time living my life, imagining that I have it” (laugh). Remember to smile sincerely when you give this answer, and be prepared that this kind of answer may not produce the desired action if she thinks you’re laughing at her. Pretend to be mute. When you answer a question, look at her as if you don’t know the answer and have a hard time trying to understand what she has asked you. But keep playing this game for as long as it’s funny. Parody some funny moments from comic performances, like John Cleese or Rowan Atkinson, if it’s not dangerous. Parody their voices, facial expressions or movements. Ask her to let you do something really stupid, then do it. Flirt with her while you’re fooling around.

3.3 Tickle her. If you know her well enough, try tickling her. A tickle will help break down the barriers to laughter. It’s hard not to laugh when you’re tickled. It’s important that she doesn’t mind tickling. It’s unlikely you’ll get a reward if she hates being tickled and you don’t stop. Try this: Ask her if she’s ticklish on her feet. Regardless of her answer, ask her if you can check this out. If she lets you, take off her shoes and tickle her leg. Go higher. If she’s laughing and happy, then everything’s fine. Stop if you notice that she doesn’t like the tickle and let her tickle you.

3.4. Do something funny together. Interesting activities with thrills can make you laugh. It’s up to you to decide what works best for your girlfriend, but there are options such as bike riding or scooter riding, city tours, sliding, visiting the city park, catching waves on the beach, or even jumping together with a rope from a bridge if you like to take risks. If it is something new and exciting, it will make her laugh.

3.5 Find something that will make her laugh when you’re not with her. Send her nice, yet witty emails. The tips below will help make her laugh and also serve as a conversation topic when you meet her again: Find a site with lots of funny pictures of cute, fluffy animals such as kittens sitting in their shoes, piglets wearing boots, pandas, cat and dog friendships, etc. Send her some of these pictures to cheer her up. Send her jokes about things you know that will make her laugh. Look for jokes like that on the Internet! Send her some pictures of yours. Share links to sites you like with her.

4. Keep your balance

4.1 Laughter shouldn’t hang in the air. It is very important to move from laughter to conversation. You just told a joke, she laughed from the heart… and then silence. Silence will negate all the good that humour has brought to the conversation. You always have to have something about a reserve. Like if you just broke a joke and she laughed, at least be ready to say something like, “So, what do you like about your work?” Keep in mind that you don’t have to make jokes all the time. If you go too far with jokes, it’s boring and not fun at all. If you’re not careful, she won’t think you’re a fun guy, just some fool.

4.2 Avoid bitter sarcasm that will lower you in her eyes. Do not use jokes that border on insults, they may be offensive or even rude. Avoid telling ethnic jokes or those that discriminate on the basis of gender. These topics are quite complicated at the best of times, and especially do not touch them until you get to know your girlfriend well enough! Do not make fun of women, her friends or her family. And of course, no jokes about weight or appearance. Don’t joke about her. It doesn’t matter how funny and harmless you think such jokes are. Besides, don’t make fun of her under any circumstances, unless you want to see her again. Avoid making bad jokes about people, even in the form of jokes. Not only because it’s not funny to humiliate people, but also because she may think you will someday switch to her. If you don’t know her well, avoid jokes with sarcasm and black humour. When you get to know her, you will already know how she reacts to such humour. When you want to give something away, don’t forget one statement by Agnes Replier that “humor brings insight and tolerance, irony brings in deep and less friendly understanding”. If there is any doubt, it is better to be friendly than overly smart.

4.3 Relax. Laughter appears spontaneously from funny situations and tries to show the best. And at the same time, there are times when laughter is not at all funny. Trust your instincts, they will tell you when not to try to make her laugh, for example, when something serious or sad happens. In the intention to “make a girl laugh”, the main thing is desire. It is impossible to make someone do something if they don’t want to, unless you force them to. But it is unlikely that you will do so if you want to get laughing as a result! If she thinks you’re funny, that’s fine, if not, you’ll probably just have to rethink your tactics and impose restrictions. Try not to fool around too much. Trying to be fun when you’re not having fun at all may just tire you out and discourage any desire to spend time with this girl. Do not try too hard! Laughter will come by itself if you are both relaxed and enjoy each other’s company.


Even if you are not going to date a girl, many of these tips can still be useful in communicating with sisters, colleagues, friends, etc. However, you will have to remove the flirting! Have in stock a few brand-name phrases that she can easily remember and repeat. Sometimes be brave in your humor. It may surprise her. Wait a second and think of something funny. Or think about whether your joke will actually be funny! Making a good impression is a complicated and risky thing to do. The only way to impress her is with your humor. But don’t let her know what you’re trying to do. Be careful when you choose funny phrases. Many of them are already beaten and every internet user knows them. If you’re going to use some funny phrase, make sure it’s new and appropriate. For inspiration, use the news and current events. Watch a few stand-up shows to learn how to adjust time. Fix anything funny that you can then use to communicate with her. If the joke fails and it looks at you like you’re an idiot, the main thing is to stay calm, smile, try to translate the conversation on a different subject or break off another joke! She will forgive you. Say something like, “Didn’t you like that joke? Listen to this one!” Don’t listen to too heavy or sad music. You’d better listen to relaxing music. The more exciting and inspiring it is, the better. Music affects moods, behavior and thoughts.


Don’t say anything funny about it! Don’t say anything offensive! And while it may be funny for some people, for most people it isn’t. If you’ve been seeing a girl for some time, don’t joke about getting married. She might think you’re saying it seriously. If you make jokes around her all the time, she might not take you seriously. Sometimes show her a serious side, too. Never make fun of your joke before anyone else. Before you laugh at any hobby, find out what her favorite pastime is. Otherwise, you can just laugh at the activity of her life. Don’t show her that you’re trying your best. Otherwise, she might think you lack confidence. If you’re just starting out with a girl, don’t joke about sex.