How to make money fast, get rich on the Internet?

The world isn’t what it was twenty years ago. I don’t know, unfortunately or fortunately, many people think that it is “impossible” to make money quickly, to get rich on the Internet – but it is far from it!

For those who are looking for an answer to make money, get rich on the Internet, it’s a giant plus, for those who are getting poorer every day, it’s the fattest disadvantage. But in most cases, both of these extremes do not take into account such an important aspect as modern speed.

Horses were replaced by cars, planes and trains that has not only increased speed of moving, but also has increased speed of exchange of the information, and consequently, development of civilization as a whole. When the Internet, mobile phone and satellite communication appeared, the speed increased even more. In literally 20 years, the world has risen upside down.

Now investors do not need to be present at the exchange to buy or sell their shares, now they can do it with one click, sitting at home. Now you don’t have to build thousands of stalls around the country to sell lottery tickets, as it used to be, now you can sell them online or through a network of mobile ticket offices. Now you don’t have to go to a savings bank to pay for your phone or utility bills, you can do it through your mobile phone while lying on your sofa.

Speed has gone crazy. Where there used to be a field, now there are four-row roundabouts and motorways. Where the soda machines used to stand, now there are huge shopping malls, and for some reason it seems to me that speed has also affected aspects of our lives, such as our welfare. It is now possible to get rich very quickly if you know how to apply yourself in this whirlpool of change, and many people use it.

But there is another side to the coin: you can get rich very quickly and get poor for the same reasons. Many things are now done by computers or technology, a lot of professions are a thing of the past every day. In order to be in demand, you need to constantly improve and learn, because once you stop in your movement, you become simply unnecessary.

The real way to make money, to get rich on the Internet!

After a short reflection on the subject, the following becomes clear: the world is becoming faster and faster, and in order to be afloat, you need to be able to live at high speed. To live at a high speed is not to run like a smoker, not at all. Living at a high speed is something else.

Naturally, for those who want to get rich quickly, you will have to live not just at high speed, but at VERY high speed. The main thing is not to confuse it with running, hype, routine and other external attributes of the illusion of action. Living at high speed, that:

To make quick decisions and think fast.

Know how to filter a huge flow of incoming information

Know how to filter your actions: do only those actions that bring results

To force yourself to act in the chosen direction every day

Constantly learning and improving to see the NEW and Fast opportunities.

Using these principles, your chances of getting rich quickly will be maximized. New fast millionaires and fast billionaires appear around us every day, and most often these people have seen a new opportunity, caught a wave or stumbled across a gold mine, and it happened to them for a reason.

Seeing a new opportunity is no problem. There are new opportunities around us every day, which many people do not take advantage of for one simple reason: they do not know how to make decisions quickly. As a result, these opportunities are taken away by others, and for those who have thought for a long time, these opportunities no longer exist. Most people think they don’t see the opportunity, but in reality, they just don’t take it.

Being able to filter a huge flow of incoming information is easy if you understand what’s going on around you. If you’re letting everything in, you can’t see the speed.

Some people only earn a new car with a click of the mouse, others take this car on credit for 5 years. Some people do business, others go to work. Different actions, different results and different speed. Do what works best, and throw away what does not bring the desired results.

Those who are constantly learning and improving are always ahead. That’s understandable, I think.

So, how fast can you get rich?! The answer that requires writing a whole book, but for the first step is best this: increase your speed, that is, do the maximum number of necessary actions in a unit of time, throw away something that stupid eats your time.


Once again, it is impossible to prescribe an algorithm of instant enrichment in one article, if there is one at all, but the principles that you just have to follow must be outlined once again:

Learn to work with information, the easiest way to find a reliable source and get what you need in a ready form.

Be educated, read books.

Throw the TV away and use the Internet only.

Use the Paretto rule.

Ask yourself every day: “What have I done today to achieve my goal?”


Practical application in relation to time:

Win the lottery: one moment

Open an offline business: from six months to 10 years.

MLM-projects: from 3 to 10 years

Internet blogging: from 1 to 5 years

Online shop: from 2 months

Infobusiness: from 1 year

Exchanges, markets: from 3 years to infinity

Going to work: never

Copying money: never.