How to make money quickly on the Internet for a beginner: Top 30 Ways

A laptop, Internet access, a little assiduity, diligence and a cup of coffee – that’s all you need to earn money online. Of course, the money itself will not drip on your account. But, if you know what to do and how to work hard, it is easy to provide yourself with enough capital for a normal existence. And today I want to tell you how to quickly earn a newcomer on the Internet, presenting to your court proven and really effective ways. What is interesting is that for many of the methods described, you will not even need the initial investment. So, if you want to earn money, but not be dependent on the office, this article is for you.

Working on the Internet: pros and cons

For starters, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of such work. This information will allow you to clearly understand what to expect, what risks exist and how to avoid them. And how to make money on the Internet beginner quickly – a little lower.

The pros of working on the Internet

  1. You create your own convenient schedule.

  1. You can work virtually anywhere – the main thing is to have access to the Internet.

  1. You do not need every day to get up and go to the office, spend time on the road and pushing in public transport, stand in traffic jams.

  1. You can pause at any time if you want to rest or spend time with your family.

  1. The level of your income is formed only by you and it is virtually unlimited.

The minuses of working on the Internet

  1. It will take some time until you gain experience, qualification.

  1. You need to determine the cost of your work yourself, depending on the chosen direction.

  1. You should understand that scammers are often found on the Internet. On their fishing rod are caught just newcomers. So, you need to learn how to determine them.

What else do you need to know those who want to understand how to make money on the Internet novice quickly.

I would like to highlight some more points that beginners need to know:

  1. Before you start working, you must have an electronic wallet and a bank account. The most frequent transfers of electronic money are made in systems Yandex.Money and Webmoney. Withdrawal of money from them is carried out on a bank card.

  1. Do not accept job offers that promise huge earnings, do not require from the potential employee special qualifications. And even more so if you initially need to make some amount of money, even if it is small. Such work is a deception.

  1. Constantly update the antivirus on your own computer. This will allow you to protect yourself from a possible attack of attackers on your electronic wallets.

  1. Do not hope for a high level of earnings if you do not have special knowledge or experience. This is almost unrealistic. Be prepared for what you will need to learn. If you have at least basic skills, learn all the details in the process. If there is no base, look for courses.

  1. But, starting independent work on the Internet, in the end you will be able (if you are determined and hardworking) to reach a level of earnings, which is obtained in the office will be almost unrealistic.

  1. Working on the Internet from home – is not a rest and not just sitting in front of a computer with a cup of tea or coffee. This is a full-fledged job, which should be taken seriously. So you need to pay attention to self-discipline. If at first it is difficult to control yourself, make a clear schedule and strictly adhere to it.

  1. Choose one direction and work in it. This is the only way to achieve success. If you constantly jump from one direction to another – nothing good will come out of it! You will only lose time, you will not earn anything, and you will be disappointed in earning on the Internet.

Which activities should be avoided?

And a little more of your attention before you tell me how to make a newcomer from scratch on the Internet. I consider it my duty to mention what types of earnings should be avoided:

online casinos;

sports betting and betting;

pyramid schemes.

These directions will not give you anything good. You will only lose money and time. Of course, the same games on bets can give you a good income, but only if you know football or hockey and you have a certain amount of money, which is not sorry to part with if you lose.

How fast can a newcomer make money online? 30 proven and effective methods to generate real income

And so, I finally get to how to make money online for a newcomer quickly, describing proven and really working methods. Familiarize yourself with all the methods presented – it will allow you to understand what is best for you to do in order to make money.

  1. Website development

A good way for a beginner to make money online quickly is to make sites to order. You do not need to have programming skills to do this. To make sites, enough to learn the platform WordPress – it allows you to create sites of any type:

business cards;



even Internet shops.

If you are not familiar with such platform, I invite you to practical completely free 4-day author’s training developed by me. In four days you will learn all the features of working with WordPress and create your first website under my responsive guidance. And also if you want an online store, then sign up for my course on creating and promoting online store from scratch.

The knowledge gained – an excellent base, which will allow you to develop in this direction and earn money on creating sites.

  1. Conducting a personal blog

The essence of this way to earn a newcomer from scratch on the Internet is similar to the one described above. Only here you create a site for yourself on a selected topic and write articles for him. After a few months of painstaking work, you can get a good income. Up to 500 dollars and more every month!

It all depends on your ability to work and the number of written materials. Articles should be:



with the right information for users.

Blog subject matter – any. Everything depends on your preferences and interests. For example, popular topics such as:


healthy lifestyle;

cookery, and many others.

How to get money for maintaining your site? There are several ways, among which stand out:

contextual advertising;

banner ads;

teaser ads;

link sales;

selling space for articles;

participation in various partner programs, etc.

Option – a lot. The main thing – to want to work. But do not count on income for the first few months. Need the site to gain age, authority, advanced in search engines.

  1. Resale of things on various trading platforms

The next way to make money on the Internet novice quickly involves reselling different things on the trading floors and message boards. For example, look through your closet and mezzanine – there is surely a lot you do not need, but what will be interesting to other people.

Then offer your services to your neighbors, friends, acquaintances, selling their unnecessary things for a certain commission (from 20 to 70%) – you just ask your friends how much they want to get for a thing of money, and then set a price on it with your commission. After selling the money, you give it to the former owners of the product, and keep the commission. I am sure that your friends will be happy to part with the “junk”, receiving money for it, but not spending a minute on the sale.

So, your goods will attract the attention of potential buyers:

make a detailed description;

add beautiful, but real photos.

Some products can be pre-repaired or restored, which will significantly increase their value.

  1. Sale of goods from China

Continuing the theme of trade, I can’t get past that direction. It will require an initial investment from you, but not a large one. The essence of the method is as follows:

buying goods on the Ali-Express or Tao Bao;

setting up a social media group or selling branding;

selling the goods at the markup you need.

The level of evaluation can be from 50% and reach even 200%! Even with the sale of a small number of goods it is quite real to earn from $200 every month. The greatest demand is for jewelry, clothing, small electronics.

  1. Work on the freelance with texts

The next method to earn a newcomer from scratch on the Internet is to work with texts. There are many different directions, among which:

writing texts and articles for websites;

typesetting of text and translation of audio into printed text;

content management – publication of materials on sites through the administrative panel and their design.

It is quite real to reach an income of $ 300 per month. And get the money you can, as a separate article, and on a monthly basis. For example, for 1000 written symbols payment level is from 1 to 5 dollars. Or maybe even higher – depending on the quality of texts, their uniqueness and usefulness.

Look for such vacancies should be on the sites of freelance services.

On some sites, you need to pay the initial commission to have access to orders. On other sites, the commission is withdrawn later, when withdrawing money from your account on the exchange site.

  1. Translation from or into a foreign language

There are a number of sites for translators. By registering there, you will gain access to assignments. You need to do the translation:



books and other text materials.

Please note that this option is suitable only for those who know at least one foreign language well.

The most popular translation variants of English-Russian and Russian-English, but also other directions in recent years are becoming more and more popular.

By the way, it is not necessary to use services or exchanges for translators. Search the web sites of translation agencies, send them your resume. If they are interested in you, they will ask you to complete a test task. Did you manage? Okay! Now you will be regularly given tasks – send them by e-mail. In the same way you have to submit them. The main thing in this job is the accuracy of the translation and meeting deadlines.

  1. Writing term papers and diploma theses

Continuing the topic of how to quickly make money online for a newcomer, I will mark this way. The essence of it is to write to order for non-traditional students (or those who study by correspondence but do not have enough time):


control papers;

term papers;

diploma theses, etc.

Such tasks occasionally appear on the above sites freelance services, but still recommend looking for them on the profile, thematic resources.

Tip! You can also use the old proven way – post ads around schools.

The cost of such services depends on the type of work done. For example, for an essay on average pay from $8 to $10, for a coursework – from $20, and for a thesis – from $90!

  1. Tutoring

This method, how to earn a newcomer from scratch on the Internet, is suitable for those who have a pedagogical education or fundamental knowledge in a particular field. Tutoring is quite popular – it can be a course of school disciplines, as well as disciplines studied in higher education institutions. For example:

foreign language;


computer literacy;

and much more.

It all depends on your knowledge and skills. Look for potential students I recommend in social networks or posting information about their services on message boards.

The cost of services depends on specific types of knowledge and starts at $5 per hour. Training is provided through computer programs and communication applications. The most common option is using Skype.

  1. Training courses

The next direction, how to make money on the Internet for a newcomer quickly, is to continue the topic of education. This method is quite promising. It allows you to get a solid income. But preliminary it is necessary to conduct preparatory work:

to make a plan of training;

write down the lessons;

find clients and sell the courses created.

To promote your courses should use the mailing list. For example, such system as JustClick. Be sure to either your site or a group in social networks – they too must be promoted, attracting potential customers and motivate them to buy your product.

Tip! To increase the likelihood of selling courses will help conduct free webinars, where you will give introductory information, and at the end of the webinar to motivate students to buy the full course.

The following areas are consistently popular:

photo courses;



website promotion;

fashion and beauty (self-care);

and many others.

It is really real to make a lot of money selling training courses. Depending on its type, duration, the cost of the course ranges from 10 to 1000 dollars. And even more.

Obviously! You only need to teach what you are really good at!

  1. Earning on YouTube

Many of us watch interesting videos and clips on Youtube, but few people think about what you can make money on it, even if you can’t make videos yourself.

Of course, it is dangerous to use someone else’s content. You can be simply blocked. So you will have to spend time on changing it. For example, simply by resonating or slightly changing the video sequences and changing the parameters of the frame. Alternatively, you can review other people’s videos by editing them yourself.

After that, upload them to your Youtube channel and monetize it, but having concluded a corresponding contract not with Youtube itself, but with its partners. For example, these are the following networks:

Quiz Group;


and some others.

The contract with the partner network will allow you to avoid the ban, but it will still bring you money credited depending on the number of views of your videos.

  1. Maintaining your own video blog

But it’s best to make money on Youtube by creating a personal video blog. There are many bloggers out there who make a solid income by creating unique content. It can be dedicated:

the secrets of travel;

fashion and beauty;

sports events;


game reviews;


Revenue on the video blog comes from advertising, including those placed directly in the commercials themselves.

  1. Promotion of Instagram or other microblogs

It can be both providing services to other people and promoting your own microblog. For example, when you have over 500 subscribers, you can monetize your microblog.

It is important that your page is dedicated to a specific topic:

the secrets of travel;


reviews of games or new electronics;

and so on.

You can attract subscribers at the first stages through special services. I will not give you any specific advice here, but if you wish you can easily find proven and reliable resources.

The easiest way to earn on your account is to attract several thousand subscribers, and then just sell them. For example, it is quite real to get 200 dollars for it, if you read 1500 people.

Pay attention! Another good way to make a profit is to place affiliate links. That is, you place a link to a product or service, and then get a percentage if the person clicked on your link and made a purchase. I recommend looking for affiliate programs on profile services, and others.

In general, with the right approach and promoted account is quite realistic to get up to $ 1500 per month.

  1. Promotion of groups in social networks

Almost every self-respecting company has representation in social networks. It is used to attract new customers, communicate with existing customers, notify about promotions, offers, etc.

In addition, even a simple community that does not belong to any company is able to bring a constant income to its owner.

So, you have two ways to do it – either promote the community for others, or create your own project and promote it. The second option is preferable because you are providing long-term income for yourself. The more subscribers the community has, the higher the income from advertising will be.

The most advantageous topics for building a community are:

interesting and useful information on a particular topic;


interesting facts;

fan communities;



Please note! Earnings come not only from advertising, but also from the publication of custom posts. Also, when you reach a certain number of subscribers is quite real for a good amount to sell the community.

To make money from advertising, you need to attract at least 5000 subscribers. If the subscribers will be a few hundred thousand, then for one advertising post can safely ask at least 150 dollars. Of course, to reach this level is hard enough, but it is worth it!

  1. The Games

Now about how to quickly earn on the Internet a beginner without any initial investment. The essence of earnings – promotion account in online gaming and sale:

the account itself;

certain characters;

armor, equipment elements, etc.

For example, one character can bring from 50 to 2000 dollars, depending on the game and the level of “pumping”. Therefore, even without any skills and abilities, it is quite real to make money on online games.

There is a variety of gamer resources, which are trading characters, accounts.

However, this method is relatively dangerous. First, you need to play a few hours a day. Secondly, it is easy to turn into a gamer who does not want to hear more about anything – it can even lead to treatment for gaming addiction.

  1. Making up sites

That is, “pulling” the design on the site. The work is very promising, in demand. One project can bring from $ 100 and above – depending on the level of complexity, volume of the task, your skills and experience.

Of course, the make-up artist just does not become, by the wave of a magic wand, to be trained. But it is worth it, believe me.

  1. Design

All his manifestations. From advertising banner design to web design. That is, and printing, and layout of books, and the development of corporate identity, and the creation of logos, and much more.

For example, for a logo they pay from 15 to 150 dollars. For a site payment can exceed 1000 dollars. Therefore, the amount of earnings of 300 dollars a month is quite real even for a beginner. Of course, without specialized knowledge is not possible. It is necessary:

be a confident user of Photoshop and Illustrator;

you may need to know some other graphic programs and editors;

knowledge of typography, understanding of color schemes, etc.

You should search for a customer both on traditional freelance exchanges and on thematic platforms created especially for search of orders by designers.

  1. How to quickly earn a newcomer to the Internet: photostock

If you have a good camera and you like to take pictures, this way of earning a newcomer from scratch on the Internet will be very interesting for you. The essence of it is to sell photos on special websites – photostocks or photo banks.

Pay attention! They sell not only photos, but also illustrations, vector pictures, icons, patterns, video clips.

An interesting feature – your work can buy many times, it will constantly bring you income. If, certainly, it is made well and interesting to potential buyers.

Purchase photos and illustrations:

website owners;


publishers of books;

magazines and newspapers;


That is, all those who need legal and quality content. After all, it is in our country used to just download images from the search engine, and abroad each image is bought. There, for copyright infringement is severely punished. Therefore, no one takes risks and prefers to purchase legal content.

The most popular photo banks are:

Dreamstime com;

Shutterstock com;

AdobeStock com;

and some others.

Registering at the photostock will not cause any problems, but you need to provide scans (or photos) of your foreign passport or other document, depending on the flow requirements. Also connect your account in one of the international payment systems, which will withdraw your money.

Some runoffs have an exam – you will need to submit several papers to allow moderators to evaluate your abilities.

  1. How to make money online fast for a newcomer: photo processing

Do you know Photoshop thoroughly and have good taste? Then a job such as photo processing will suit you. Demanded photographers often don’t have enough time to retouch their photos – they have too busy schedules. That’s why they are ready to attract remote assistants capable of high-quality and beautiful processing of photos.

  1. How fast can a beginner make money on the Internet: video editing

The essence – as with the processing of photos, only need to mount video clips. Operators in the high season do not have time to conduct installation, so they are ready to share part of their earnings. Usually it takes a couple of days to edit a wedding video, and a full film – 10-14 days. The cost of work – up to 250 dollars.

Looking for such options for part-time work (video editing and photo processing) is on specialized resources. I will name a few –;; and some others.

  1. Domain resale

I continue my story about how to make money on the Internet for a beginner quickly and now I will focus on such a way as reselling domains. Of course, it is not as profitable as a few years ago, because all well-known companies have already created their sites, and all good domains are long gone.

However, it allows you to make a good profit. The essence of it is to register as many domain names – not just a set of words or symbols, but really meaningful names that in the near future may be in demand.

  1. How to make a fast-online novice: Administration

The essence of this method, how to earn a beginner on the Internet from scratch is as follows:

tracking the performance of the site;

moderating a comment;

adding new content;

making changes to the existing content.

Administration is necessary sites and forums. Jobs are available on freelance exchanges or job search sites.

Tip! Try searching on social networks using hashtags #job and #administrator and their variations.

Usually administrators are willing to pay $200 or more per month. As long as they’re full-time. There are also higher salaries. Be sure to specify your responsibilities and area of responsibility.

  1. Feedback from

If you don’t have any skills, a great way to earn money is to publish reviews. You’ll need a clear statement of your thoughts. And interesting, of course. The cost of one review starts at 10 cents. It all depends on the topic, the length of the review. But it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to write it.

By the way! Such a job will suit even schoolchildren.

You can write reviews on the following thematic resources:;;

and others.

Also, some companies, large sites hire remote workers to write positive feedback on their work, products and services. I recommend looking for such vacancies on freelance exchanges.

  1. How to quickly earn a newcomer on the Internet: comments, likes and clicks

Anyway, it’s about the same as the reviews. It’s special:

to leave comments under certain articles, posts;

to make notes – to put “likes”;

browse the pages;

subscribe to accounts;

take polls and much more.

Earnings are not so high, but if you do not have the skills, at first it will work.

  1. Installing applications

Smartphone owners can make money by installing mobile applications. The beauty of such work is that you can do it even on the way to work.

For this purpose, use the profile services:



You need to download the application and install it on your phone, perform some actions (specified in the condition). You pay up to 40 cents or even more to install one such application. You can easily earn $5 per day. And to increase your earnings, use different services – then you will receive a lot of “orders”.

This option is available today to virtually everyone, because almost everyone has a smartphone. Once you install the application and perform the specified actions, credit the payment to your account, the application can be removed.

Earned money from your account at the service is transferred to Webmoney, Qiwi wallets or just to a phone account.

  1. How to quickly earn a newcomer on the Internet: mediation

Participation in the sale of other people’s goods or services is implied. And getting commissions for that. In fact, it is a kind of partnership program. You attract clients, and the seller pays you a certain fee for it.

The amount of commission varies from 10 to 50%, depending on the type of goods or services.

  1. How fast can a newcomer make money on the Internet: needlework

The next direction, how to earn a newcomer to the Internet from scratch is making handmade goods:






embroideries, etc.

And then – implementation through the Internet. For example, a thematic community is created in a social network. It will need a little promotion to attract potential buyers.

It is clear that this method is not suitable for everyone, but only for those who are able to create beautiful and useful objects.

  1. How to quickly earn a beginner on the Internet: homemade pastry or other culinary delights

The essence of this method is the same as in the manufacture of handmade goods. You just have to make all sorts of delicious things:




pickles, etc.

Including gift sets of sweets. They should be realized through social networks. With great activity and the ability to cook really good food, it is quite possible to earn up to $ 500 per month.

  1. Gifts and accessories for wedding ceremonies…

Another method of earning a newcomer to the Internet from scratch involves again making objects with your own hands. Only now it is necessary to make everything that, one way or another, will be needed for the wedding ceremony. It can be both original bouquets, and unusually designed glasses, wedding invitations and much more.

Pay attention! If you have good taste and excellent organizing skills, try yourself in a business form such as organizing a wedding. For 4-5 events it is quite real to earn up to 3000 dollars.

If you are serious, I recommend making your own website, which will offer its services and products.

  1. How to quickly earn on the Internet novice: cryptocurrency

It’s a relatively new, but quite promising way. Just imagine, once cryptovalut was worthless, and at the end of 2017 for one of the most popular cryptovalut could pay up to 17000 dollars!

You can argue as much as you like – it’s a new financial system or an ordinary pyramid, which will soon burst like a soap bubble. But those who dared to buy at least a few bitcoins for $100 on horseback today!

How do you make money on crypt currencies? Here are a few ways:


mining in pools with like-minded people;

trading on the difference in value;

selling the equipment needed for mining.

Of course, you can’t do without investments here, whichever option you choose. However, if you get into detail in this direction, you can quickly get rich.

  1. Traffic arbitrage

And finishing my story on how to make money on the Internet for a beginner quickly, I want to focus on such a direction as traffic arbitration. It appeared relatively recently, and for a long time was not so popular. Although some have managed to get rich on it quite well during this period.

What is traffic arbitrage? I will tell you more about it! So, it is the acquisition of traffic in one place for resale in another. For example, it is necessary to make “dumping” of the goods on partner programs. Does it sound confusing and not clear?

Okay, here’s a simple and clear example.

Let’s say the first actor is you’re a 24-year-old girl. You love fashion shows and you’re also crazy about perfume. At the same time, you are an active Internet user, spend a lot of time in social networks.

The second actor is a company engaged in perfume trade. And by the new spring season, it produces a fresh fragrance. Managers of this company hire arbitrators to take on the task of attracting potential buyers.

The arbitrators set up advertising in social networks, focusing on groups and communities dedicated to fashion and cosmetics, as well as the target audience – girls and young women who are interested in this topic. That is, advertising will be visible only to those representatives of the weakest half of humanity who are members of thematic groups and communities.

This is the essence of traffic arbitration. However, I have to warn you that it is not that simple. At the first stages, you may have to spend a certain amount of money on various experiments that will eventually allow you to understand how arbitration works best. And how to create an ideal bundle to attract clients:

an advertising network;

a headline;


Only after you will understand precisely, in what place and what exactly advertising should be used, you can earn the solid sums.

How to earn a newcomer from scratch on the Internet: what I will advise.

I’ve presented you with 30 ways to make quick money online for a rookie. Of course, there are many more such methods than 30, but I have deliberately focused only on proven and really effective ways of earning. In fact, they do not require initial investment.

Another good way to make money is SEO promotion of sites to order. The process is quite complicated, involving several stages. Only the correct execution of each of them will ensure a guaranteed result.

Many of them, unfortunately, depend on employers or customers – that is, whether you will be able to get the job or whether they are interested in your services. Since it is important not only to have certain skills or talents, but also to be able to win competition among other professionals in your profile.

Therefore, I strongly recommend choosing the areas where you depend only on yourself. One of these areas is to create your own blog. Filling it with new materials, gradually promoting and attracting new visitors, after about six months of active work you can earn good money from advertising – up to $ 350 per month.

And after a few months to reach a level of passive income that you will travel and occasionally write articles for your blog. This will be quite enough to meet your needs and live comfortably.

How do you make your blog and earn money on it? About this and much more, I will tell you in detail in my four-day, fully free online training.

During the training you will do it yourself, but under my supervision you will make a website and publish the first articles on it. After the training, you will have your own working blog and first visitors. You will understand – achieving success is easy! Sign up for the training right now! I promise – it will be interesting!