How to make up the right food

Many people aspire to lose weight in various ways. It is important to keep to a certain diet, so that the process is most effective. Good nutrition allows you to quickly lose extra pounds, but only if you stick to its principles. It is necessary to make the right menu, where the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is maintained.

What kind of food can be called the right one

Good nutrition (sometimes called healthy) implies the use of natural products that only benefit the body. The diet of a person who is going to eat according to this principle should include dishes that contain the right amount of nutrients. We are talking about the following components:






They must be counted to ensure the daily rate. It is also important to follow other rules that make the food right. Thus, the diet should not include fast food, semi-finished products, carbonated beverages and other hazards. It is also recommended to limit the amount of salt, to exclude fried food, to steam or cook, stew, bake. You should eat at the same time.

How to make a menu for the week

The peculiarity of good nutrition is that it does not imply compliance with the strict menu. It should be made taking into account the peculiarities of a person, his preferences in food. The main thing is to follow the basic principles of food combinations. We are talking about the following rules:

the breakfast should be rich in carbohydrates;

dinner must be rich in carbohydrates;

Each meal should include foods that contain fiber (vegetables, fruits, bran);

if you want to eat sweets, it should be done only in the morning;

it is important to distribute the calories correctly.

Usually, people who stick to the right meal will make a menu a week in advance, after which they will simply prepare the dishes according to it. Below is an example of a diet in which the necessary foods are already selected. Of course, you can make changes, if, for example, a person does not eat any type of food.


It is understood that the menu of correct meals for the day includes five meals. We are talking about breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner. On the first day of the week you can eat as follows:

For breakfast, prepare oatmeal porridge. It can be supplemented with some fruit. As a drink, it is recommended to use tea or coffee.

The second breakfast may include dried fruit and cottage cheese. You should not chase the skimmed sour milk product, considering it the most conducive to weight loss. This opinion is erroneous. Specialists recommend eating fatty cottage cheese, as it is better absorbed.

Monday lunch may consist of chests on meat broth and boiled chicken. Be sure to add fiber-rich vegetables. As a drink – compote.

At noon you can enjoy a fruit salad and unsweetened crackers.

For dinner you are offered to prepare an omelette, a vegetable salad and tea. With proper nutrition, you can forget about the rule that after 18.00 you can not eat. But the last meal should be no later than 2-3 hours before sleep.


The menu of the second day is prepared according to the same principles as on Monday. Breakfast should be rich in carbohydrates, but porridge should be cooked differently. Tuesday’s ration may look like this:

For breakfast, it is suggested to cook buckwheat porridge. It can be supplemented with vegetables and tea.

For the second breakfast you can eat yogurt and an apple.

Lunch always consists of the first and second course. On Tuesday, you can prepare buckwheat soup as the first dish, and fish cutlets and mashed potatoes as the second. As a drink – compote, cooked from dried fruits.

Midday includes cottage cheese, toast and cocoa.

For dinner you can eat boiled chicken fillet with vegetables and drink tea.


For breakfast you can eat not only porridge. For example, an omelette is a good option. This is what is offered to eat on the third day. In general, the menu on Wednesday can be composed as follows:

For breakfast, a skinny person eats an omelette, toast, salad with vegetables. Tea is chosen as a drink.

The second breakfast implies the consumption of yogurt and toast.

For lunch, you can prepare fish soup and boiled veal with a side dish of vegetables. The drink also should not be forgotten; its role can be played by natural juice.

For the afternoon you can safely eat yogurt and cottage cheese.

For dinner, it is recommended to prepare meat and supplement it with a side dish of rice. You should also serve a vegetable salad to this dish. Tea can be used as a drink.


One of the principles of good nutrition is diversity. You should not eat the same dishes every day. The menu is just made in such a way that the options are not repeated. This allows eating not only healthy, but also delicious. The monotonous food is annoying and not useful. Therefore, it is important to take care of the variety and to buy in advance the dishes to prepare the dishes from the menu. So, on Thursday, it is recommended to eat according to the following scheme:

For breakfast, you can boil rice porridge and season it with dried fruits. As a drink, drink coffee.

The second breakfast may include a banana and kefir.

For lunch, you can make soup with cereal. As a second course you should choose baked fish, supplemented with rice side dish. A salad, for example, vinaigrette, will be not superfluous. The drink is compote.

For a snack, experts advise to eat cottage cheese with sour cream and dried fruits.

An excellent option for dinner is baked meat with vegetables. You can supplement it with drinking yogurt.


Friday’s diet is not particularly different from all previous days, because it is prepared according to the same principles. The menu may look like this:

For breakfast, a person eats oatmeal porridge and fruit, drinks coffee.

For the second breakfast you can eat gallets, drinking them with juice.

As a first course for lunch you can prepare a vegetable soup. The second dish may be a goulash with a side dish of baked or boiled potatoes. Also at lunch must include a vegetable salad. Beverage – juice.

At noon it is recommended to eat fruit in the form of salad and yogurt.

Dinner – vegetable stew, ham, tea.

Holidays off

Some people believe that on weekends you can afford to deviate from the diet and eat harmful foods that were not in the diet on other days. This opinion is erroneous, because such an action can nullify the whole benefit of the previous menu. Of course, you can sometimes afford something not very useful, but in small quantities. Heavy food can be eaten on holidays, but not every weekend.

The menu for Saturday in the right meal mode may look like this:

Breakfast includes oatmeal porridge and baked apple. Tea should be used as a drink. It is important to understand that you should not put sugar in your tea. If you want to sweeten the drink, it is recommended to use honey.

The second breakfast is yogurt and banana.

For lunch, you can make chicken soup with vegetables. As a second course, experts recommend choosing fish. Salad – vinaigrette. Beverage – compote.

For afternoon you can eat yogurt and supplement it with nuts. Instead, you can choose dried fruits.

For dinner, ham and vegetable stew will be a great option. Tea is a drink.

On Sunday, you can treat yourself to a cheese casserole for breakfast. It should be filled with honey. You can also eat a toast by drinking tea. For the second breakfast you can choose yogurt and crackers. Lunch consists of borscht, chicken cutlets with buckwheat, and compote. As usual, the perfect option for a snack is cottage cheese with the addition of dried fruits. For dinner it is recommended to eat boiled veal and vegetable salad.

It is recommended to finish any day with a glass of fermented milk drink. Usually, people who adhere to a proper diet, choose kefir or ryazhenka.

It is clear that it is not necessary to stick to the diet described above. You can also make your own menu, based on the principles of healthy eating. The main thing is to follow the rules, choosing only natural products.