How to make your ex jealous, 3 most effective ways

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about three tricks that will make your ex jealous of you. You may ask: “Why do I need it? Why make her jealous?” Everything is simple. Jealousy is a very unpleasant feeling. And if you use it as a weapon, then it can make her regret breaking up with you and give you a second chance. Sometimes, jealous, the girls even begin to call and write to their ex-boyfriends themselves. And this will give you the opportunity to return attraction and romance to your relationship. Sounds pretty, right?

But be careful, because if you do not do everything right, then this may have the opposite effect. Here, in no case can you give yourself away. If you’re sleeping, then everything will end quickly and sadly. So, attempts to cause jealousy should look at ease and as natural as possible. So you have to try. This tactic is part of my Former Factor program and I call it hidden jealousy. After all, you must do what I will tell you today in secret from my ex. So, here is the first trick that will make her jealous. It consists in the fact that sometimes it’s enough just to put on a marafet.

No, I’m not saying that you need to run to a plastic surgeon or radically change your wardrobe. Just organize yourself a little quality shopping. Or sign up for the gym. Losing excess weight will never hurt. I don’t know, there, whiten your teeth, go to an expensive hairdresser … In general, something like that. And when the ex-girlfriend sees you, she will be shocked by how much you have changed. Simply put, you need to look as if after parting, your life has changed only for the better.

And these changes should be noticeable to others. If you do everything right, then your ex will probably start to be jealous of you. Now the second trick. The most effective way to feel her pricks of jealousy is to really start dating other girls. Date, date, and date again. This does not mean that you need to have a serious relationship.

But believe me, even if you do not want to meet with anyone, and want to become a monk in order to demonstrate the eternal fidelity of the former, in fact you still need to take this step. So you make her jealous and begin the return of your relationship. And the monastery, if anything, will not go anywhere and wait. The logic of an unpleasant feeling of jealousy is very simple. If your ex-girlfriend sees that you are passionate about something and someone interesting, then she will begin to be jealous. And the more you go on dates – the more she starts to think: “Hey, it’s me that I met with him.

Why am I not the No. 1 woman in his life?” So yes, go on dates with other girls. I do not say at all that it is necessary to sleep with the whole country. But you need to make it clear that you are a popular guy and other women are crazy about you. In psychology, we call this pre-selection. That is, popularity among the opposite sex automatically makes you more attractive in the eyes of girls. This is how our subconscious mind works.

So, go to the night club. Take friends, get out of your comfort zone and make new acquaintances. And do not let anyone or anything stop you or dissuade you from dating. And finally, the third trick. Use social networks to your advantage. It’s no secret that your ex goes to your VK page, for example. And if everything is not so bad that she put you on the black list, then boldly use social networks as a tool that will make her jealous.

Expose a photo where you ski or play bowling. Yes, anything. Take pictures with friends and other girls. In general, do everything you can to show that your world is full of happiness, fun and prosperity. And that you live a life where everything is very fun! But, as I said, be extremely careful. Yes, jealousy is a great way to return your ex to your warm embrace, but if you are careless, only aggravate the situation with parting. And yes, if you need a plan on how to get the relationship back.