How to meet a girl on the Internet?

So, after we have considered the 6 major mistakes in communicating with girls, we can begin to get acquainted. Let’s start with an easy one: getting to know a girl on the Internet.

I am often asked how to get acquainted with girls if you spend most of your time in the office or just in front of your computer?

The answer is obvious: get to know them on the Internet. I will teach you how to effectively seduce girls without getting off the couch.

How to meet a girl on the Internet?

Crazy pace of life, work, friends, gym, again work. How do you make time for everyone to meet a girl? Where to meet her, what to say, how to talk?

So much energy is spent on all this that many men just score for it and live a quiet bachelor life.

However, there is one proven way to make things easier – to meet a girl on the Internet. Quick acquaintance, which does not bind to anything. I bet you’re online all the time, spending a lot of time on all kinds of social networks, viral sites and just surfing, although at this time you would be able to get acquainted with someone 25 times.

How to do it nicely, neatly and in such a way that it does not look like a dumb roll, I will tell you in this article.

How do you meet a girl on the Internet?

9 tips on how to get to know a girl online:

Upload your photos.

Fill in the section “About yourself” discreetly.

Do not lie.

Do not use online dating templates.

Individual approach.

Pay attention to her photos.

Use additional features.

VIP account.

Be an interesting conversation partner.

  1. Upload your photos

It does not matter if you are thinking about how to meet a girl on a dating site or social networks. Always upload only your photos. They should be of good enough quality.

But you shouldn’t ask a photographer you know to photograph them as if you’ve just done a magazine cover.

Remember that one day you will have to meet in real life and her expectations will be overstated.

Also you don’t need to create 25 albums with stupid titles like “I”, “We’re in the wild”, “Andrew’s birthday” and so on. Let it be a few pictures, but cool. If you don’t have such pictures yet, then you should go to a nightclub. Professional photographers always work there. Then you just find your photo on the site and load it – you already have a new avatar!

  1. Confidently fill in the section “About yourself”

You don’t need to paint there all your biography or “funny” stories from the past. Remember that brevity is the sister of talent. Write as much about yourself as possible, short and interesting. It’ll be the first information a girl sees on your page. The original introduction begins with the first sentence.

Try to get her interested and hook up. Write a few brightly so that she has a desire to ask you questions and continue communication.

For example: “Oh all))), sex for money not to offer, it’s better not to get involved” – these are examples of what you can write in the column about yourself. Below is a screenshot of what is written in my questionnaire.

Understand, your seriousness is not important to anyone.

How do you meet a girl on the Internet?

  1. Don’t lie

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to tear that mask off.

No one’s gonna be surprised at your image of a tough guy or a pickup truck master. There’s enough heroes like that on the Internet already.

If you still want to know how to meet a girl on the Internet and hook her up, the answer is very simple: just be yourself. At least, it’s bribery. You do not have to make up some stories, play stupid roles and be in eternal tension. Believe me, it all feels even through the screen.

And that way you’ll be as relaxed and confident as possible. What else is there to write to a girl? The important thing is, don’t get all nerdy. Being yourself isn’t about being what you are with your parents or friends.

Remember, your goal is to get the girl interested, not to get another virtual friend.

  1. Don’t use online dating templates

How to meet a girl online and what to write? Certainly not “Hi, how are you?”, “Can I meet you?”, “Pretty girl, why are you still awake?” and other hellish nonsense.

All these phrases are 100 years old and you can’t even see your great grandmother. Girls always want new things. You don’t have to come up with some original way, try to intrigue her, get her interested. That’s what everyone does.

In order to stand out from all the other guys who send her all kinds of shit, all you have to do is write a normal, normal assertion phrase.

Here’s an example of what I’m writing: “Peek-a-boo, hello, and you’re a sweet girl. So you’re a sexy pexi, and what am I supposed to do with you? What’s up? How’s the evening going? Did you find a husband here?” I can comment on her character or sexiness from the photo, or just napalm. Below are a few examples of my old correspondence.

  1. Individual approach

Even if you’re dealing with ten girls at the same time, each of them should feel like you have one. Each of them has their own personality, hobbies, way of life. And that means that you have to look for a different approach to each of them.

Show flexibility and imagination. Girls love attention just as much as we men do. So try to show her your interest in her as much as possible and not think out of the box. In the Internet, everything is much simpler: you do not get lost, do not change, and pick up the most accurate phrases to attract her.

How to meet a girl on a dating site

  1. Look at her picture

Usually girls love to be photographed: selfies, professional photo sessions with photographers, photos from clubs and restaurants.

But you must remember one important rule: most of these photos are not true. Now there are so many programs uploaded to each girl’s phone in order to beautifully edit the photos and yourself on them that it is better for you not to know about it.

So morally prepare yourself to see a slightly different girl when you meet her than in the photo.

And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about this!

how you’re gonna meet a girl online.

  1. Use additional functions

If in search of the answer to the question “How to get acquainted with a girl through the Internet?” you wandered into a dating site, one of the most proven methods is to raise your profile in search.

Almost every site has a service that will make you one of the most popular guys. You’ll immediately see the girls literally throw you new messages.

You want to communicate with a girl in the same language? Do you want to understand her? Do you want to conquer her?

from which you will learn:

  1. Reasons for your problems with the girl;
  2. the limiting beliefs that prevent you from conquering her;
  3. How to conquer a girl that you really like.

Also don’t forget about the opportunity to be on the news feed. It will attract more fans to you. And then, at your discretion, choose the best. Do your natural selection.

  1. VIP account

That’s what you think of this reception as trivial and nonsense right now. In fact, it works really well. It’ll help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of a girl writing to you.

It’s cheap, and it won’t keep you waiting. Girls love someone who stands out in some way. That’s why you can make yourself a VIP account.

And then it all depends on you and your ability to communicate online. And you’ll have much more functions and options with a VIP account.

  1. Be an interesting conversationalist

This is the last, but most important advice when meeting a woman on the Internet.

Let her know that she’ll be interested in you. That you’re so different from the crowd of babies who write to her on social networking sites.

But don’t spend too much time writing on the internet. It’s not like you really want to be different, right? Live chatting is much more interesting and tempting. Use Internet dating as a hook.

Then it will be a small thing: do not get confused the first time you meet and be as interesting interlocutor as on the Internet. And that’s not something that anyone can hide.

So, think about your image in advance, the topics you’ll be talking about. Pick a place for your meeting and how you can surprise and conquer her.

A few more interesting facts:

You can get her number for five messages

You have to realize the main thing: In fact, the Internet is no different from real life. The more you drag on with the meeting, the more chances that someone else will be braver and cheekier than you.

Many guys are very afraid of a personal meeting, because there will not be able to sit in the home stretch sweatpants and pretend to be macho year. You’ll have to act, look her in the eye. There won’t be time for 10 minutes to think about an interesting answer or google for information.

Actually, it’s very simple. You take her phone number; you call and make an appointment. That’s it! Don’t make up any more problems for yourself. And don’t act like a schoolboy. Don’t send her stupid virtual gifts. Take the number and do it.

5-10 phones a day is easy.

The main thrill is that you can meet 5 or 10 girls at the same time in one day.

You can choose, sharpen your flirting skills, evaluate her appearance. And it can be repeated every day until you find one or more girls, you’re really interested in.

How do you meet a girl on the Internet?

Plus, internet dating.

It’s easier to get a girl interested if you’re not in the topic. She can’t see your hiking, your gestures, your facial expressions. Just pictures, smileys and messages. Neurbalics are very important when you meet her.

That’s exactly what girls pay attention to. And that’s where you use your strengths right away.

3 minus dating on the Internet.

It’s harder to get a girl interested if you’re on the subject

Second, you can’t see her right away. Usually, when you actually meet a girl is much shorter, fuller and smokier. This is a standard set of beauty from the Internet. It’s also much easier for her to hide behind her social networking account. So do not build illusions and immediately be ready for different outcomes of your meeting.

The third down is you can’t hear her voices. There are guys for whom this is very important. So don’t drag it out and get her phone number right away.

Don’t pick up phrases to meet. This looks stupid.