How to meet girls and look for a girlfriend

In order not to spend your days and nights alone, you should find a girlfriend who will brighten up the harsh days of men with her presence and warmth. Where to find and how to meet beautiful girls?

Whether you’re looking close to home or have already climbed far away, but the opportunity to meet interesting women interested in you is always there.

1.Finding the right women

1.1 Internet. These days, online dating sites are a common way to meet people with similar interests. Find a site you like and create a profile. You can browse for women who are already registered and have similar interests to yours, or you can wait for women to find you. You should look neat and friendly in your profile picture. Also, you should be dressed, naked bodies-and no matter how worked up and well-groomed-that’s not something that should be on a site like this. Avoid lying. If you are older and in worse shape than you would like, there is no need to hide it. A woman who might go on a date with you will not be happy if she finds out in person that you lied to her. If you’ve been written to, respond immediately. You don’t want women to think you’re lazy or disinterested. Be open to anyone who is interested in you. If you put age or other restrictions on your wish list, you might miss out on women who don’t fit those conventional criteria, but who would be perfect for you. Putting such restrictions is too overbearing and unrealistic, and it can scare off many women of your type.

1.2 Ask around to your friends. Friends, both male and female, are good intermediaries when you want to meet someone. Friends will let you know of a single woman who wouldn’t mind going on a date, it could be their sister, or a colleague, or some acquaintance. Organize yourself, or have friends organize, a party or dinner where you could meet. Consider a blind date with this woman. Be sure to ask a friend or friend why they think you could get together with this woman. This will allow you to find topics of conversation even before the meeting.

1.3 Try a dating agency. If the idea of going online seems a little too demonstrative and impersonal to you, maybe you’d prefer a dating agency, where agents take care of all the compatibility and organization of dating. Many sites operate as both one and the other. So when you go to a site, pay attention to the details; you may be able to try both ways.

1.4 Think about women from work. It’s up to you whether or not office romances are taboo, in some cases company rules strictly forbid something like that. But if that’s not a problem, there are pros and cons to dating a coworker. On the plus side, many women from your job have similar interests, schedules, and are available around the same time. Moreover, you don’t have to scour bars and clubs to meet them. The biggest downside, however, is that a breakup can have a negative impact on work, office gossip can be very angry, and the costs of favoritism are common. All of these problems can be solved, so if you like someone at work, it’s probably worth a try.

Never pursue a woman. Don’t say or do anything that she might misunderstand. Be clear, open and considerate. Avoid profanity and ambiguous language. Reject the idea of having an affair or dating a woman going through a divorce. Let personal communication be personal. Don’t use a work email address to serenade her. Use a personal e-mail or speak directly. IT people at the firm can get anything out of work emails, so send only what you could safely share with the whole office. Before you try to start dating your boss, manager or supervisor, think hard. You could easily be accused of favoritism, and a mismatch of power at work could cause an imbalance in your personal relationships that would be to the detriment of both of you.

1.5 Go somewhere where singles spend time. There are many opportunities to meet a single woman in the city. Some examples: Clubs, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. In noisy clubs, be on your guard: opportunities to strike up a conversation are very limited, and it may happen that you first pick up a woman and then, after talking to her, find that you two are like day and night. Speed-dating Singles parties Themed or sporting events that end with a party or a get-together. Dinners, tastings (wine, chocolate, or whatever) Cruise or some other not-so-common activity for singles.

1.6 Attend courses or classes. If you have a passion for something, whether it’s cooking or sailing, you can meet similarly “obsessed” women by enrolling in appropriate classes. You’ll definitely have something to talk about:

Go to the gym. Not only will you reap the benefits of exercise, but the gyms are often full of… yes, you guessed it, women. If you happen to be one of the few (or even the only) men, you will be considered something special!

1.7 Don’t yawn. Life presents opportunities to meet women every day – don’t miss opportunities. For example, standing in line at the supermarket, talk to the woman you like behind you. On the way home in the transport, catch a woman’s eye, make some witty remark, and then introduce yourself. You can make conversation with a woman at the bus stop, at a self-service laundromat, while shopping (say “hello” to that pretty saleswoman), during a workout at the gym, when you are doing something in the garden and she walks by, at the library, at the CD store (you will already know what movies she prefers), at outdoor events and at sports or walks. Church and meetings of a local community group can also help you meet women with similar ideas and beliefs. If you go to these events regularly, opportunities are bound to come up.

2. Introduce Yourself Nicely

2.1 Take Care of Your Appearance. While it’s said that “a first impression is a first impression, rather than a second. It is always better to look good. You may not like it, but in the first moments of acquaintance you will be evaluated by an experienced eye and immediately categorized depending on what you are wearing, how well groomed you look and whether your shoes are polished. To make it easier to meet women, keep an eye on your appearance and dress stylishly, but according to your taste. When you want to meet someone, you should be well dressed. Clothes should be in good condition, unworn, ironed if necessary (not everything needs to be ironed, so trust your gut), no holes or stains.

Take care of your hair. In the morning do not be lazy to shave and comb your hair, and also go to the hairdresser at least every two months. Dirty work clothes should be left at home. Dirty, neglected clothes instills in you a sense of insecurity and certainly does not help to stand out from the crowd. Dirty clothes – always a signal to the opposite sex: “thanks, I’m not interested in anything now. Do not go overboard with cologne. She shouldn’t be able to smell you across the room.

2.2 Act. Be the kind of man that makes a woman feel good. Demonstrate good manners. Then chat with her about something. See a woman struggling to carry something? Offer to help! A suave stranger is sure to pique her interest. You can start a conversation in any situation. Tell her about the bus schedule, tell her about a good store around the corner, offer her change if she frantically rummages in her purse at the checkout. Do not expect anything in return, let her decide to reciprocate.

3. Your Manners

3.1 Look friendly, it’s great for getting to know people. This includes friendly gestures, a smile and an overall positive attitude. Like grooming, gestures have a big impact on whether or not someone will want to approach you. What’s more, your tone, speed and volume of speech also have an impact. Look and act confident. People immediately sense indecision, prepare mentally, and if necessary, fake confidence! Be positive – no one will want to listen to complaints the first time they talk to you. Even if you’re not doing well now, you don’t have to tell her that right away.

3.2 Look at the woman’s face, not her breasts. She may be stunningly beautiful, but if you stare at her breasts, she will turn around and walk away. You have to show interest in the person, listen to her carefully. Make eye contact from time to time, but don’t stare like a madman. Remember her name and address her by her first name, she will subconsciously feel more comfortable. Appreciate easy small talk. It may only be a few phrases, but it’s easier to get to know the person that way. Moreover, at this stage, it’s not what you say that matters, but how you do it: with warmth, friendliness, and showing interest.

3.3 Be Relaxed. Everyone gets nervous when meeting someone and wants more than just a light handshake. However, it’s important to overcome anxiety if possible by reminding yourself how interesting you are. Don’t treat the meeting like a job interview. It makes you too drawn out and treat it that way. If something doesn’t go according to plan, it won’t end well. Relax and treat it as a fun opportunity to meet someone without worrying about what it may or may not lead to. If you think you’d be good for this woman, she’ll feel it and be supportive. If you act like you’re not worthy of her, that’s probably how she’ll treat you. Be confident and focused on the moment, this will provide the right response.

3.4 Find some common ground. Find out what she’s really interested in and let her talk about it. Tell her you share her point of view, but don’t overdo it. It’s important to show diplomacy, and maybe gently disagree with some point of view.

For example: “Yes, I also like Van Gogh’s painting, but Monet’s is much simpler. In this way you are not just agreeing all the time, but also diplomatically expressing your own point of view. On first contact, don’t talk too much about yourself; you may seem too pushy and outgoing. Act like a single working man with a lively mind. Women are unusually sensitive about “personal space”: don’t get too close. A good example: if she sits in a chair, sit across from you, not next to you. If she leans toward you, hooray!

3.5 Know when to end the conversation. If you go on too long, make her seem desperate or up to something. If you’d like to see her again, say something like, “I’d like to talk more, but I have to get back to work. Let’s talk more at salsa on Tuesday.” Give her a chance to continue. Don’t exhaust the conversation – an awkward situation will arise, or she may lose interest. Don’t let her end the conversation or the date: if she wants to leave, say something yourself and end the meeting. She can stay longer if she gets a chance, and also go back and ask for her phone number. Of course, there are always exceptions. If you feel it works itself out and you like each other, let the conversation flow quietly. Sometimes that’s what will happen.

4. How to deal with rejection

4.1 You have to understand that rejection is inevitable. Some women won’t feel the spark and won’t be interested. Treat this with respect. You don’t have to force anyone, there will definitely be no warmth of communication. Don’t take rejection to heart, it’s just a step on the way to finding the one, the only one. Sometimes a woman will refuse you simply because at this point in her life she is not ready for any kind of relationship. Maybe she’s going through a bad divorce right now, maybe she has a career move looming on the horizon, or she needs time to recover from a breakup. If she’s worth it, give her the freedom she needs, stay friendly and be patient. If not, wish her luck and keep looking.

4.2 Listen to Your Heart. Rejection does not mean there is anything wrong with you. However, if you often encounter rejection, think about your appearance, your behavior with women, or even your whole approach. You may be doing something wrong, but it’s easy to correct. Tips Don’t assume that beautiful women are unavailable. They have the same needs and desires as everyone else. Don’t judge a man by his appearance. Read books on how to date women. “The Game” by Neal Strauss is probably the best one to recommend. You can read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. You will learn a lot about communicating with people in general. You don’t have to take everything you read for granted, but try some of the tips. If you have a dog, take advantage of this.

Go for walks with your dog, meet other dog people. Stay focused and tune in to the conversation. Be confident and keep your goal in mind. It’s important to women that you know how to have a good conversation and be friendly with other men. They want to see confidence without being intrusive, unfriendly or embittered. Be patient. It can take time to get together with the right woman. Borrow a cute nephew for a few hours and go to the mall together. Women like men looking after a wonderful baby. Women smile and express sympathy. It will be easy to start a conversation; note right away that you are with your nephew first.

Work on your career. Success in your professional life increases the number of women who are interested in you. If you use an iPhone or blackberry, download the ice breaker app. Warnings Don’t over analyze the situation. Make eye contact, say hello, and talk about some innocent topic as if she were one of your buddies. Don’t fall into a stupor of overthinking. Don’t push too hard. You need to be able to clearly determine if she is interested. If she touches you, takes your hand, starts shooting her eyes, laughing at your jokes, it’s a done deal. Don’t overdo it (like spending an hour figuring out what to talk about), just say the basic things she wants to know: age, what you do, education, where you’re from, your motives, whether you have kids. A new person in her life can be a challenge, let her get used to it.

Demonstrate conversational skills. You don’t have to use hackneyed pick-up tricks like the waitress bringing her a drink from you. Keep a cool head, and that kind of movie-like behavior doesn’t work in real life. Respect a woman as much as you respect yourself. Don’t try to blend in with the crowd and look like everyone else at the party. Be careful with phrases like, “and you’re okay.” This may or may not show interest. If a woman offers to dance, maybe she just needs a dance partner. If she takes you off the dance floor to talk, you’re game. If she said “I’ll be right back” and didn’t come back five minutes later, forget it.