How to part with a girl so as not to torment the remorse?

It is unpleasant to hurt another person, but it is also stupid to meet someone you do not love. So you have to make a difficult decision to break up a relationship.

Every day hundreds of thousands of couples part in the world. Some of them manage to keep friendly relations, while others hate each other with a fierce hatred and literally “boil” in the memory of the former. Why does this happen? The thing is that it is necessary to part correctly.

Everyone can perceive bad news differently, so it is simply impossible to foresee the reaction of a girl. Especially impulsive ladies can fill you with tears and even curse – be ready for it. By the way, the girl’s reaction can determine how she really treated you. If you see joy and relief on her face, know that she has been deceiving you all this time, and therefore, you have nothing to regret!

What should you do first?

To properly break up with a girl, you need to imagine yourself in her place. If you have never been abandoned by a girl, congratulations – you are a real lucky man! But the vast majority of us had to experience the bitterness of parting. Remember how unpleasant it was for you and try not to do this to the girl you decided to leave. You don’t suffer from a mania to take revenge on all women for their past grievances, do you? I hope not.

Try to make a decision about breaking up with a girl on your sober head. No outbursts of emotions and alcohol. Answer your questions honestly: “Why did I start dating her?” and “What does not suit me?”. If there are much more arguments in favor of the second question, well, it’s time to break up the relationship.

Never leave a girl on the phone. First, it is not nice. Secondly, I give you a hundred percent guarantee that this way you will not get rid of the girl, she will write to you, call you, come home to explain everything to her. So in order to avoid additional problems, I advise you to always break up the relationship in person.

Do not offer her friendship. Friendship after a relationship is impossible! You can and will manage to keep a friendly relationship, but it will take time.

Before you leave the girl to rehearse. Pick up normal words and as many arguments as possible, only phrases like: “you’re just fat, that’s why we’re breaking up”, it’s better to keep.

If in the process of parting it was not possible to avoid hysteria and perhaps even a fight, try to calm the girl down. Your attempts were not successful? Run as far away from her as possible.

If you leave a girl because you have met a prettier beauty, by no means, do not talk about her. Otherwise, you will learn a lot of unpleasant new information about yourself.

How beautiful it is to break up with a girl?

In order not to hurt the girl as much as possible during the breakup, you should do everything to make this decision yourself. Then you certainly won’t worry. The only disadvantage of this scheme of breaking up is that the girls of the being are chatty, and she can easily tell everyone around you about your shortcomings. Doesn’t it scare you? Then you have to do something that will piss off even the most patient young lady.

To do this, you can forget about all the rules of decency. Do not answer her phone calls, invite her on a date, and then do not come to him, flirt with her with other girls – there are many options. If your relationship was much more serious (lived together and there was an acquaintance with your parents) you can use other techniques. For example, criticize her parents, especially her mother, throw garbage and socks around the apartment, and you can also “accidentally” spoil expensive things for her.

It will take time to learn how to break up with a girl correctly. Over time, you will gain experience and maybe learn to leave girls so that they will thank you for it (this is up skill). Make decisions on your sober head and remember, dating someone out of pity is stupid! Do not be afraid to make decisions.